The Disappearance of Clea Hall

15m | May 13, 2024

Instagram: @still_unsolvedpod

On the evening of May 9th, 1994, a young woman was dropped off at her after-school job, just minutes from her home. Then, she vanished. Now, almost thirty years later, the case remains filled with unanswered questions and odd occurrences on the very street from which she presumably vanished. Reports about unsettling clues in a home, and a tip that prompted a search 18 years after her disappearance have not led to any arrests.

The case remains unsolved and quite cold, despite the swirling suspicions around one individual who may hold, and perhaps has always held, the key to unraveling the mystery. Those closest to this individual might be harboring secrets since that fateful summer. But will they ever let those secrets out? This is the case of Clea Hall.

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