• homebirthing for DADS

    Stevie Saranga tells the story of his positive homebirthing experience

    1h 7m | Apr 13, 2023
  • Robin Hood, the Green Man and the ancient Indian epic 'Ramayana' - is there a connection?

    Stevie Saranga presents his theory of an ancient cultural connection between east and west.

    Stevie talks about his childhood hero Robin Hood, and his explorations in druidry and neo-paganism in Edinburgh in the 2000s.

    When Stevie moved into the monastery it

    Upon moving into the ashram, Stevie, as an apprentice monk, was under strict orders to study only beginners books, but together with a friend he sneaked into a secret room in the monastery and found fifteen 90 minute tapes telling the story of Lord Ramachandra. He listened to these tapes whilst he was working in the monastery gardens, and whilst he was

    1h 48m | Apr 13, 2023
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