Cooking with Wild Game featuring Stacy Lyn Harris

Season 6 | Episode 5
31m | Mar 5, 2024

Today we are sharing a conversation with Stacy Lyn Harris. She is host of The Sporting Chef on Outdoor TV, an Alabama native and mother of 7!! Stacy Lyn married a hunter and quickly figured out that she needed to learn how to cook all the wild game that was coming into the house! Her and her family live a really unique life in Alabama where they truly live off the land. She combines her grandmother’s “from scratch, fresh from the garden” cooking approach and her modern sensibilities of needing “fast, approachable meals,” interweaving hospitality tips for entertaining and her personal stories of Southern living.

Find Stacy Lyn Harris and her upcoming cookbook Love Language of the South: A Celebration of the Food, Hospitality, and the Stories of My Southern Home available March 5, 2024

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