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Steadfast Life

Steadfast Life is a weekly Podcast with Leigh and Kiarah Hondy who take you on a journey through their married life - in an honest, unfiltered and raw way. What does it mean to have Biblical marriage? What does a God-honouring family look like? How do we raise our children? How should we live in this ever changing, fast-paced and darkening world? Each episode will explore a topic and look at what The Word says about it, and how Leigh and Kiarah have experienced it in their own lives. Join us for encouragement, Biblical wisdom and a lot of fun!


Our Vision for Our Marriage
Show Details40min 38s
Boundaries Around Media and Entertainment
Show Details23min 35s
His Needs, Her Needs (Sex, Affection, Conversation and more..)
Show Details33min 37s
Resolving Conflict In Our Marriage
Show Details22min 22s