Making Room For Success in 2023

26m | Jan 2, 2023

Welcoming the new year comes with looking at the past successes/failures while charging towards the future. Most will start the year with goals surrounding health and fitness so in this episode I talk about how to smash those out of the park in 2023.

We cover in the episode...

  • How this one thing will increase the likelihood of your success and how to create the energy and space in your life for your personal goals and health/fitness goals.
  • Creating specific goals in the new year for your health.
  • What is "The Compound Effect" and how does it move you closer to your goals?
  • Weight-loss tips, the fundamentals you NEED to know!
  • Patient interview with AMAZING success treating an essential tremor and how his life has changed since seeing us in the clinic.
  • My tips on how to live a better life in 2023.

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