Golf Performance Expert- Dr. Jake Berman

50m | Sep 1, 2023

Hey Form and Functioners this episode is an extraordinary one that I know you are going to love especially if you are a golfer, know a golfer, or have ever thought about picking up the sport. For this episode, we have the privilege of being joined by business owner, author, and golf physical therapist Jake Berman. Dr. Jake Berman started out as a Physical Therapist, opening Berman Physical Therapy in 2015, and started specializing in helping golfers with back pain. Over the years Dr. Berman started to see a correlation between strength and mobility of specific muscles and joints and how that directly related to reported improvements in distance and consistency, specifically with the driver!

In our conversation, we talk about some of the more common injuries you see in golfers, when NOT to get golf lessons, why you get what you pay for in physical therapy, and so much more. Hope you like it! 

Dr. Jake Berman can be found at: 

Berman Golf YouTube

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