Health First vs Sickness First with Dr. Derrick Hines

1h 0m | Nov 21, 2022

This episode we welcome to the podcast Derrick Hines, Physical therapist and business owner of Acadiana Pain and Performance Rehab in Lafayette, Louisiana. 

Dr. Derrick Hines is not only a pioneer for cutting edge medicine but also the host of health podcast, The Pain and Performance Podcast and the author of “Hero”, a playbook to speed up healing and improve your health to live a life pain free and level up your performance. He has helped  more than 10,000 people get out of pain and improve their health. In this episode we talk about how to navigate this confusing healthcare system and what works and what doesn’t when it comes to medical interventions. This will be an absolute must listen to if you want to learn about how to regenerate your body, live better, and most importantly pain free

We touch on:

  • Why do we advertise pharmaceuticals on mainstream media?
  • What does it mean to practice hands-on medicine in this day and age?
  • How to address health first instead of addressing sickness first?
  • Regenerative and functional therapies like: Cryotherapy, Photomodulation, hyperbaric, sauna, PEMF, laser therapy, GHK copper peptide, BPC-157 peptides and so much more…

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