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Stay Hydrated.

Random thoughts of a random Costarrican kid + People of Reddit (PoR) interviews with people I find on Reddit! Enjoy! Now that you're reading this... quick reminder that how life is right now won't last forever so remember to be in the moment and squeeze all the happiness you can from those brief beautiful moments!!


Dave Koch on Drug Addiction Recovery #55
Show Details1hr 18min
Diego Guevara Coaching #54
Show Details1hr 6min
#52: Toxic Masculinity Ft. Trevor f/ ManTools Podcast
Show Details54min 16s
#51: How to write Horror ft. Alice B Sullivan
Show Details45min 24s
#50: ft. Jonesy (+ How to be happy?) | Stay Hydrated Podcast
Show Details1hr 10min
#49; Adapting to LGBTQ+ as a parent ft David f: RoosterBat Podcast
Show Details1hr 11min
#48; What is Stoicism? ft. Anderson Silver
Show Details1hr 2min