State of Fear Podcast

Every State has its share of strangeness. Each episode will uncover the scary, unusual, and disturbing stories that have occurred throughout the history of these United States. From Aliens to Werewolves to Cannibals to Serial Killers; these tales will peak your curiosity and send chills down your spine!

State of Fear: where the things that go bump in the night, are in your backyard!


Episode 8 - Delaware: First and Only Serial Killer
Show Details58min 33s
Episode 7 - Connecticut: Hannah Cranna-Wicked Witch of Monroe
Show Details38min 20s
Episode 6 - Colorado: Alferd Packer; Cannibal
Show Details37min 43s
Episode 5 - California: The Cecil Hotel Legacy
Show Details44min 18s
Episode 4 - Arkansas: Arkansas' Worst Mass Murderer
Show Details41min 20s
Episode 3 - Arizona: The Travis Walton Abduction
Show Details50min 10s
Episode 2 - Alaska: Japan Flight JAL 1628 UFO Sighting
Show Details49min 11s
Episode 1 - Alabama: Alabama White Thang
Show Details34min 45s
State of Fear Trailer
Show Details40s