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State of Fear Podcast

Every Friday, State of Fear goes from state to state to uncover unusual or horrifying stories that tend to fly under the radar of other podcasts. Everything from cryptids to ghosts to demons to serial killers, if it's underreported we cover it.

Is your morbid curiosity piqued? Follow us anywhere you get your podcasts to hear all the lesser-known, but just as frightening, tales of murderers, demonic possessions, and silver-suited chicken eaters you never knew existed.

State of Fear Podcast, where terror is homegrown

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Graphic by Hunter Landrum


Episode 70 - Missouri: Zombie Road/James Edward Robinson
Show Details39min 19s
Episode 69 - Minnesota: Lake Pepin Serpent/Weepy Voiced Killer
Show Details46min 28s
Episode 68 - Mississippi: Natchez Trace/Pascagoula Alien Abductions
Show Details45min 17s
Episode 67 - Wyoming: Big Nose George/Cokeville Hostage Miracle
Show Details40min 44s
Episode 66 - Ohio: Helltown and Ohio MonsterMash
Show Details34min
Episode 65 - Maryland: The Goatman/Phantom of O'Donnell Heights
Show Details29min 25s
Episode 64 - Indiana: Puk Wud Jie/Self Decapitation of James Moon
Show Details33min 37s
Episode 63 - Illinois: Devil Baby of Hull House/Glimmer Man
Show Details26min 47s
Episode 62 - Pennsylvania: Bus to Nowhere/1973 Bigfoot-UFO Invasion
Show Details50min 51s
Episode 61 - New Mexico: Dulce Secret Base/David Parker Ray The Toybox Killer
Show Details1hr 2min
Episode 60 - California: Turnbull Canyon Hauntings/Satanic Cult in Sonoma County
Show Details49min 2s
Episode 59 - Alabama: McKamey Manor/The Chiles-Whitted UFO Encounter
Show Details37min 45s
Episode 58 - North Dakota: Miniwashitu/Gorman UFO Dogfight
Show Details33min 58s
Special Announcement!
Show Details45s
Episode 57 - Michigan: Hell's Gate/Dennis DePue
Show Details34min 45s
Episode 56 - Wisconsin: Paradise Road/Richard Macek aka The Mad Biter
Show Details34min 57s
Episode 55 - New Hampshire: Legend of Chocorua/Coos County Wood Devils
Show Details35min 4s
Episode 54 - New York: Hell's Gate Bridge/Haunting in Brooklyn
Show Details33min 52s
Episode 53 - Maine: Ghost on Catherine Hill/Palmyra Werewolf Attack
Show Details24min 17s
Episode 52 - Washington: 13 Steps to Hell/The Jake Bird Hex
Show Details21min 39s
Episode 51 - Wyoming: The Wild Abduction of Carl Higdon
Show Details57min 40s
Episode 50 - Wisconsin: Biscuits, Blue Beams and Bosak Bovine Creature
Show Details46min 23s
Episode 49 - West Virginia: Clay Massacre and Little Shawnee Amusement Park
Show Details53min 45s
Episode 48 - Washington: Murder of Bruce Kim
Show Details1hr 3min
Passport 5 - Nepal: Khyah
Show Details4min 38s
Passport 4 - Russia: Baba Yaga
Show Details7min 29s
Episode 47 - Virginia: 2020 Year of the UFO
Show Details1hr 9min
Passport Episode 3 - Vampires in Egypt
Show Details5min 32s
Episode 46 - Vermont: Bennington Triangle Disappearances
Show Details53min 53s
Passport Episode 2 - Scandinavia: The Gulon
Show Details4min 54s
Passport Episode 1 - Scotland: Devil in the Binns
Show Details5min 23s
Stop Light Stories 14 - Black Box Bigfoot
Show Details1min 50s
Stop Light Stories 13 - Desert Camping
Show Details1min 50s
Stop Light Stories 12 - Unexpected Journey
Show Details2min 49s
Beyond the Terrestrial State of Fear - The Bob Lazar Debate
Show Details1hr 21min
Stop Light Stories 11 - The Two Umbertos
Show Details1min 54s
Episode 45 - Utah: The Haunted Town of Layton and the Curse of Hobbs Reservoir
Show Details57min 45s
Stop Light Stories 10 - Mysterious Sphere
Show Details1min 42s
Episode 44 - Texas: The Myth of Tainted Candy and Ronald Clark O'Bryan
Show Details33min 1s
Episode 43 - Tennessee: White Bluffs Screamer/Werewolf Springs
Show Details37min 20s
Stop Light Stories 9 - Crystal Ball Bigfoot
Show Details2min 48s
Stop Light Stories 8 - Double Dose of Death
Show Details1min 26s
Stop Light Stories 7 - Rock Solid Treehouse
Show Details2min 14s
Stop Light Stories 6 - Militiamen Vs. Reptile
Show Details2min 31s
Episode 42 - South Dakota: The Duct Tape Killer
Show Details57min 57s
Stop Light Stories 5 - A Tale of Two Ships
Show Details2min 28s
Stop Light Stories 4 - Texas Sized Revenge
Show Details1min 13s
Stop Light Stories 3 - A Hole Lot Weirder
Show Details1min 38s
Stop Light Stories 2 - Ghost Car of Surrey
Show Details1min 9s
Stop Light Stories 1 - The Synchronistic Deaths of Richard Parker
Show Details2min 37s
Episode 41 - South Carolina: The Third Eye Man
Show Details39min 3s
Episode 40 - Rhode Island: The Legend of Fingernail Freddy
Show Details40min 39s
SOF Special - Review of Episode 1 of On The Trail of Hauntings
Show Details13min 1s
Episode 39 - Pennsylvania: The Spontaneous Human Combustion of Dr. John Irving Bentley
Show Details1hr 12min
Episode 38 - Oregon: Richard Marple and The Witch of Lafayette
Show Details53min 45s
Episode 37 - Oklahoma: Abominable Chicken Man
Show Details53min 35s
Episode 36 - Ohio: Chased by Bigfoot
Show Details1hr 12min
Episode 35 - North Dakota: Eugene Butler aka The Midnight Rider
Show Details57min 9s
Episode 34 - North Carolina: Blue Ridge Encounters
Show Details47min 6s
Episode 33 - New York: The Strange Disappearance of Tom Messick
Show Details52min 43s
Episode 32 - New Mexico: Alamogordo Abductions
Show Details41min 34s
Rest Stop Special - The Mandela Effect
Show Details14min 43s
Special Episode: State of Fear Crossover with Emily from Drink Drunk Dead Part 2
Show Details51min 11s
Special Episode: State of Fear Crossover with Emily from Drink Drunk Dead Part 1
Show Details1hr 21min
Episode 31 - New Jersey: The Greatest Mass UFO Sighting Never Told
Show Details59min 46s
Episode 30 - New Hampshire: Devil Monkey Sightings
Show Details38min 22s
Episode 29 - Nevada: Yellow Jacket Silver Mine Fire and Hauntings
Show Details46min 58s
Episode 28 - Nebraska: Mystery Airship Crash of 1884
Show Details36min 2s
Episode 27 - Montana: Night of the Grizzly Killings
Show Details49min 41s
Episode 26 - Missouri: The Massage Maniac - Part 2
Show Details1hr 13min
Special Episode: Where is Ashley Morin?
Show Details34min 10s
Episode 25 - Missouri: The Massage Maniac - Robert J. Gross Part 1
Show Details1hr 8min
Episode 24 - Mississippi: Mercritis Outbreak
Show Details32min 50s
Episode 23 - Minnesota: Ice Man and Ice Woman
Show Details45min 24s
Episode 22 - Michigan: Invasion of the Smurf People
Show Details29min 42s
Episode 21 - Massachusetts: Bridgewater Triangle
Show Details41min 46s
Episode 20 - Maryland: Edgewood Experiments
Show Details37min 43s
Episode 19 - Maine: Maine Ridge Monster
Show Details51min 15s
Episode 18 - Louisiana: The Rougarou and the DeRidder Roadkill
Show Details48min 55s
Episode 17 - Kentucky: Mantell UFO Crash of 1948
Show Details1hr 8min
Episode 16 - Kansas: The Entire Town of Atchison
Show Details41min 12s
Episode 15 - Iowa: The Exorcism of Emma Schmidt
Show Details39min 3s
Episode 14 - Indiana: Brock Family Demonic Haunting
Show Details1hr 2min
Episode 13 - Illinois: Mud Monster/Enfield Horror
Show Details2hr 12min
Episode 12 - Idaho: The Snake River Killer
Show Details55min 28s
Episode 11 - Hawaii: The NightMarchers
Show Details36min 49s
Episode 10 - Georgia: Missing 411
Show Details1hr 3min
Episode 9 - Florida: Robert the Doll
Show Details48min 37s
Episode 8 - Delaware: First and Only Serial Killer
Show Details58min 36s
Episode 7 - Connecticut: Hannah Cranna-Wicked Witch of Monroe
Show Details39min 2s
Episode 6 - Colorado: Alferd Packer; Cannibal
Show Details34min
Episode 5 - California: The Cecil Hotel Legacy
Show Details45min 33s
Episode 4 - Arkansas: Arkansas' Worst Mass Murderer
Show Details42min 43s
Episode 3 - Arizona: The Travis Walton Abduction
Show Details53min 46s
Episode 2 - Alaska: Japan Flight JAL 1628 UFO Sighting
Show Details49min 5s
Episode 1 - Alabama: Alabama White Thang
Show Details38min 11s
State of Fear Trailer
Show Details3min 50s