• High Quality Analytical And Consulting Services For Agricultural And Biomedical Industries
    Today on State Of Cannabis Dave is Joined by Lori Glauser the Co-Founder, Chief Operations Officer, and Director. EVIO Labs is the leading national provider of accredited cannabis testing, providing high quality analytical and consulting services for agricultural and biomedical industries in North America. EVIO Labs is dedicated to providing clients with superior customer service, reliable results, and world-class expertise. No matter which lab in the EVIO Labs network you choose, you will receive the same high level of accuracy, customer service, and professionalism. Ms. Glauser is responsible for the strategic growth and day to day operations of EVIO Labs. Along with CEO Will Waldrop, Signal Bay and EVIO Labs grew from a startup advisory firm in 2014 to 5 labs during the first two years of operation and are on track to open 18 labs by the end of 2018. Lori also leads the Advisory Services division which has provided services for dozens of startup companies that are now licensed to operate in the cannabis industry. Lori is also the founding chair of Women Grow – Las Vegas served on FOCUS standards committee, co-author of Medical Marijuana Desk Reference, and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences. Lori founded Signal Bay and EVIO Labs on a foundation of 25 years’ experience in engineering, management consulting, and startups. Her expertise lies in business planning and operations, business process design, financial forecasting, risk, customer experience, and regulatory and policy. Previously, Ms. Glauser was a management consultant focusing on the energy industry with leading firms including Ernst & Young, IBM, Financial Times Group, and SNL Financial. She also launched two bay-area tech startups. Lori has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Hampshire and an MBA from the University of Alabama.
    33m | Jul 3, 2018
  • Elevating the Science Behind Cannabis
    Elevating the Science Behind Cannabis with Charles McElroy, the founder of Goldleaf, a science-forward printing company for cannabis growers, patients, and enthusiasts.
    34m | Jun 19, 2018
  • Navigating Compliance With New Regulatory Requirements In The Cannabis Industry
    Today on State Of Cannabis we are joined by Perry N. Salzhauer, J.D. LL.M. & Bradley Blommer, J.D. of Green Light Law Group Perry is a corporate and environmental attorney who brings over a decade of experience providing strategic and compliance guidance and legal advice to public and private entities. Perry received his J.D. from Vanderbilt University Law School in Nashville, TN, and an LL.M. in Environmental and Natural Resources Law from Lewis & Clark Law School here in Portland, OR. He began his legal career in 2002 with the Corporate Securities and Transactions group at Sidley Austin LLP in Washington D.C. and first moved to Oregon in 2005. He has since served as both outside and in-house counsel to a variety of companies, investors, and government agencies throughout the United States, and has already helped launch several marijuana industry companies and projects. As an attorney, advisor, and manager, Perry specializes in streamlining operational, compliance, and management processes to create efficiencies which increase productivity and revenue. In addition to his experience and expertise in all aspects of marijuana-related matters, Perry’s years of experience providing guidance to clients with respect to business processes, SEC, and environmental compliance, makes him uniquely qualified in the emerging cannabis space where navigating compliance with new regulatory requirements, many of which remain to be implemented, looms large as a barrier to entry and ultimate success. Brad Blommer is a litigation and real estate attorney with over 17 years experience. He began his legal career as judicial law clerk to a trial court judge and practiced in Washington D.C. and Maryland for seven years, which included numerous bench and jury trials and appellate arguments in the D.C. Court of Appeals and in the Circuit Court of Appeals (DC Circuit) before now Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court John G. Roberts, Jr. Brad fell in love with Portland on a trip with friends and moved to Oregon in 2005. With significant experience in all areas of trial practice, real estate transactions and disputes, foreclosure law, and creditor’s rights, along with a detailed understanding of the current marijuana laws, Brad provides legal advice and counseling from a diverse perspective. Additionally, having founded and run a real estate investment company in Oregon, Brad has significant real world business experience to better serve his clients.
    35m | May 22, 2018
  • Cloudponics GroBox In-home Growing System
    Dave Inman speaks with Nicolas Ruiz, the CPO, and founder of Cloudponics about the Cloudponics GroBox In-home Growing System.

    Cloudponics GroBox
    32m | May 3, 2018
  • Cannabis Deals And Specials with Leafbuyer
    Today on State of Cannabis Dave is joined by Leafbuyer founders, Kurt Rossner and Mark Breen. Leafbuyer is the deals and dispensary database of Leafbuyer Technologies, Inc. Founded in 2012 by a group of technology and industry veterans, Leafbuyer is the #1 online resource for cannabis deals and specials. We aim to provide valuable information for the savvy cannabis consumer looking to make a purchase. Leafbuyer Technologies, Inc. continues to expand into every legal state. They strive to be the ultimate cannabis resource, providing consumers and businesses alike with the resources they need to thrive in the cannabis industry. They have been called the "Priceline of pot" by thestreet.com and "...an industry game changer..." by NBC News. Leafbuyer has launched development of a large-scale platform based on blockchain technology. This development is aimed at increasing the value of the Leafbuyer network for both its dispensary partners and consumers who use Leafbuyer.com. Blockchain is a secure environment used to decentralize and distribute a public ledger, which is inherently resistant to tampering with transaction records and minimizing fraud. The technology will enable Leafbuyer to capitalize on its rapidly expanding web traffic. A feature of the new technology will allow users to register and participate in “Special Deals” only offered to them through the New Program.leafbuyer
    Leafbuyer Technologies, Inc. continues to expand into every legal state. They strive to be the ultimate cannabis resource, providing consumers and businesses alike with the resources they need to thrive in the cannabis industry. They have been called the "Priceline of pot" by thestreet.com and "...an industry game changer..." by NBC News.
    32m | May 3, 2018
  • The First Connected Convection Vaporizer With Personal Dosing Application
    Today on State of Cannabis Dave Inman is joined by GoFires's Joe Hodas and Peter Calfee. GoFire, a digital healthcare company based in Denver, CO, has designed the first connected convection vaporizer with personal dosing application that allows patients to create a consistent result, removing the fear of taking too much or being out of control. GoFire's proprietary micro-dosing technology enables precise control of plant-based concentrates in metered increments. That proprietary technology, along with the support of an anonymous community-driven data platform, allows GoFire to deliver a safe, reliable ecosystem that can unlock the true potential of plant-based- medicine, helping patients, physicians, and researchers better understand its medicinal benefits and impact on health and wellbeing.
    33m | Apr 10, 2018
  • Finding Ways To Be Greener And Eco-Friendly
    Today on State Of Cannabis Dave Inman is joined by Chad Currin the CEO of BioSoil Farm. Chad hails from a long line of farmers, specifically, tobacco farmers. For many years, Chad was a stay-at-home dad yet as his children got older and more self-sufficient, he started getting increasingly interested in environmentalism, gardening, and finding ways to be “greener” and eco-friendly. He started finding ways to use food scraps and leftovers to farm more efficiently. BioSoil Farm is an all-year-round operative indoor farm that specializes in converting high-quality finished compost into premium “worm castings” (aka worm casting), and they also manufacture a line of solid and liquid soil-feeding systems that are based on healthy nutrients extracted from plant sources.
    34m | Mar 27, 2018
  • Medicine Man: The Costco Of Marijuana
    Today on State of Cannabis our host is joined by Andy Williams from Medicine Man Technologies. Andy Williams is the Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of Medicine Man Technologies and CEO of Medicine Man in Colorado. He is veteran of the US Army, and served three years as a Cavalry Scout in the 3rd Infantry Division. He went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Southern Colorado in Pueblo, CO. Andy has worked in a wide range of manufacturing industries as an industrial engineer, and in leadership positions. He is a lifelong entrepreneur. In 2009 the Ogden letter was published stating the Department of Justice would not utilize their resources to prosecute those individuals following state marijuana laws. That was the call to a new opportunity in the marijuana industry for Andy and his brother, Pete Williams. In December of 2009 they launched Medicine Man with the concept of being the Costco of marijuana. Six years later Medicine Man is now a $17 million a year corporation and has branched out to assist start-up marijuana companies and grow facilities across the country with their consulting company, Medicine Man Technologies. They are known as industry leaders throughout the United States.
    34m | Mar 13, 2018
  • Curing Is A Necessity Not Just An Option For A Grower
    Today on the State Of Cannabis our host talks to Cole Ducey. Cole grew up in San Diego, CA and began cultivating cannabis on a small production level when in college in the San Fernando Valley. In order to produce the most top-shelf flower, Cole quickly realized that curing was not just a simple option left up to each respective grower, but actually a necessity for the product as a whole and one that could tremendously benefit and/or detriment the end product and bottom-line for the cultivator. The issue was that curing proved to be a very arduous and inexact process which was very easy to mess up, resulting in molded or over-dried flower. More than five years later, Cole had founded a CNC Machine shop which afforded him the opportunity to design and develop the Auto Cure device which he had wished he would have had during his growing days. Auto Cure, LLC. is now a production facility here in San Diego working alongside strategic partners within the industry.
    32m | Jan 23, 2018
  • Creating Content Which Help People Do Their Job Better
    Today on State of Cannabis we are Joined by Cassandra Farrington the CEO and CO-Founder of Marijuana Business Daily. Business to business content media executive, entrepreneur, and operations guru focused on creating content and information services which help people do their job better. Currently, she heads up the team at Marijuana Business Daily, the leading B2B information and events resource for the legal cannabis industry. Cassandra's team has built the Marijuana Business Conference & Expo into the country's fastest-growing trade show according to Trade Show Executive magazine, and our journalism has been cited everywhere from NPR to Harvard Business Review to Inc. Magazine. In previous roles, worked as a project lead at Citi North America Operations and Technology division on technology, real estate, and logistics initiatives.
    32m | Oct 31, 2017
  • How Strainwise Consulting Is Pushing The Boundaries Of The Cannabis Industry
    Today on the State of Cannabis we are joined by Sean Eubanks from Strainwaise Consulting. Vice President of Business Development, Sean Eubanks is a creative and inventive thinker who sees in the cannabis industry a boundary that can be pushed forward and onward. Sean has many years of brand development, sales, and management expertise that has made him not afraid to work outside his comfort zone. He possesses superb communication skills and is someone who can build up rapport easily, discover clients’ real needs, find out exactly what they need, and then present them with a wide range of services and solutions that fit their needs. Disciplined in business and personal life, Sean has a track record of achieving and exceeding the standards of performance set out for any scale projects. Sean lends his business leadership to Strainwise by building relationships with clients who are seeking expertise in the marijuana industry and guiding them to success.
    32m | Oct 10, 2017
  • High-End Storage Products And Accessories In The Lifestyle Market
    Today on State Of Cannabis Dave Is Joined by Cannador founder, Zane Witzel. He is the founder and manager of a startup company called Cannador, that manufactures and sells high-end storage products and accessories in the lifestyle market. Cannador is a premium storage brand specializing in functional and sustainable design with a focus on maintaining quality and taste for the discerning connoisseur. They speak about the uniquely designed marijuana storage box for short and long-term storage, Cannador preserves your top shelf by controlling humidity at the perfect ratio to maintain freshness and taste. Clear glass jars and clear plastic containers let in UV light, which damages the trichomes that contain cannabinoids. A dark and controlled humid environment is ideal, but it cannot be too humid.
    32m | Sep 26, 2017
  • Improved Plant and Commodity Health
    Today on State of Cannabis, Dave is Joined by Soil Balance CEO Peter Seevedra. Soil Balance is a tool which gives growers the ability to cultivate within the art of sustainability. By simply adding a comprehensive community of “life” to the soil and roots of plants, growing becomes proactive work in place of a reactive one. Soil Balance gives growers improved plant and commodity health, yields and most important, exponentially high nutrient density and overall quality enhancement. oil Balance Probiotics have been developed to possess true industry staying power and give our growers fast and real results, naturally. While also allowing our users to redefine quality standards like never before. Soil Balance is a breakthrough, 100% organic technology and has been meticulously formulated, university tested and refined for over 20 years to address the industries most pressing issues.
    33m | Sep 15, 2017
  • Cannabis Accelerators and investing in Cannabis and Canna-tech Startups
    Today on State of Cannabis our guest sis Gateway Founder Ben Larson is the godfather of cannabis tech. For the passed two year, Ben and his partner are spearheading toward more widespread legitimization of the green economy. The companies they are mentoring are creating solutions in CPGs, hardware and software. Ben Larson, one of the founders of cannabis industry incubator Gateway in San Francisco, spoke at Valley in Berlin, a one day conference in Germany bringing together interesting Silicon Valley speakers with startups, founders, investors, mentors & politicians from around the world, on March 10th. Ben, who worked two years at The Founder Institute, helped launch over 20 startups by leading semesters in San Francisco and Silicon Valley in the four month program. Ben began the talk (posted below) with a discussion of Charlotte Figi, the child for whom high-CBD strain Charlotte’s Web was named, and then a close friend of his, Nigel, who suffers from an invasive brain cancer that causes seizures, setting the tone for his inspiration in launching his incubator last year. Gateway will soon announce its first class. The company caters to both direct cannabis companies as well as ancillary companies and offers co-working space in its Oakland office.
    31m | Sep 5, 2017
  • Bringing Quality of Living to Life
    Today on State of Cannabis we are joined by two amazing guests. Disability Advocate Creed Leffler and CEO Bear Syavong. Creed is a person with a disability who spreads awareness about government waivers regarding disabilities. He plans to lessen the gap between people with and without disabilities. Bear Syavong is Alternative Vibes CEO. Alternative Vibes is dedicated to bringing quality of living to life by helping families find peace and harmony through our services, education, and giving back to the community. Whether you are looking for a more natural way of living, or simply looking for preventative options, we are here to help guide you in a path towards achieving your goals.
    33m | Aug 15, 2017
  • Protection of Large Cannabis Grow Operations, To Transportation of Cannabis Products
    Today on State of Cannabis we're joined by Ray Murphy from Forged K9. Forged K9 is now the nation’s premier – and only – provider of highly trained canines for protection for the cannabis industry. From protection of large cannabis grow operations, to transportation of cannabis products, or dispensary security, Forged K9 dogs become their handler’s eyes and ears, as well as a trusted and beloved member of the family. The addition of a protection dog to a cannabis business security plan offers a distinct advantages. A protection dog cannot be used against you, unlike a firearm, or bypassed like an alarm system. Forged K9 security dogs eliminate the element of human error. This investment offers business owners peace of mind throughout the life of the dog and is a cost effective way to augment any security plan. Protection Dogs are also considered less than lethal force, negating the liability that happens when dealing with firearms in the cannabis industry.
    30m | Jul 19, 2017
  • Fine Food and The Positive Medicinal Effects of Cannabis
    Today on State of Cannabis we're joined by Oren Cohen the Founder and CEO Terpene Experts. Oren Cohen is a classically trained chef and accomplished E-Liquid formulator turned expert terpene flavorist. His deep passions for fine food and the positive medicinal effects of cannabis have merged to allow him to create one of the most unique businesses in the cannabis industry- bespoke concentrate terpene profiling. Through the utilization of food-grade terpenes, Mr. Cohen’s proprietary process and attention to subtle nuances helps the Terpene Experts team to precisely recreate cannabis strain profiles and even create new terpene spectrums. This allows concentrate manufacturers as well as dispensaries and collectives, to offer both tried and true strains produced naturally as well as afford them the ability to create their own unique brand-able strains enabling them to differentiate from their competition.
    32m | Jul 7, 2017
  • Phenotypes, Sativas, CBD and THC
    Phenotypes, Sativas, CBD and THC and all things involved with the growing of cannabis as Dave Inman welcomes back Max Montrose from Trichome Institute.
    33m | Mar 7, 2017
  • Inside the Trichome Institute
    Max Montrose runs the Trichome Institute , specializing in setting the highest standards of education and certification in the cannabis industry. Dave Inman asks Max all about it.
    35m | Jan 18, 2017
  • The Commercialization of Cannabis
    David Paleschuck, the VP, Licensing & Brand Partnerships at DOPE Magazine talks to us about his new book, Branding Bud: The Commercialization of Cannabis.
    34m | Jan 4, 2017
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