</startup>: Vaundry

This is a bi-weekly journey of myself while working on Vaundry.

I am going to share the following on each episode.

  1. what I did 2 weeks ago
  2. what I am working on currently
  3. what I am thinking of doing

Each section, I am going to highlight what I have learned and experienced so that it might be useful for other founders who are starting out.

Vaundry started in 2016, we have failed in many areas and also learned a lot. We were growing too fast but did not have the money for it. We made some awesome relationships on the way and we are humbled to met them all. Along the way, we celebrated the small wins and enjoyed the process of starting and building a company.

We are currently in the mid-way of that journey since we have pivoted to a different model - so basically a restart!

This is my story.