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Start Your Wellness Business by Wellpreneur

Are you a new wellness entrepreneur looking to start your business? In this special podcast series, Wellpreneur founder Amanda Cook will walk you through the 7 key steps to start a successful wellness business. Since 2013, Wellpreneur has helped wellness entrepreneurs like health coaches, yoga teachers, personal trainers, herbalists, naturopaths, nutritional therapists and other holistic practitioners to start and grow their own successful businesses. Cut through the overwhelm and learn the step-by-step process to create and launch your own health and wellness business!

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Hosted by Amanda Cook, founder of Wellpreneur.

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Step 7: Bring your wellness business to life with branding, website and all the pretty things!
Show Details6min 27s
Step 6: Create your wellness business growth plan (time to learn some marketing!)
Show Details7min 45s
Step 5: Make your first offer (be brave and sell something, eek!)
Show Details6min 24s
Step 4: Setup your new wellness business!
Show Details9min 29s
Step 3: What problem do you solve?
Show Details6min 20s
Step 2: Who's your ideal client?
Show Details4min 46s
Step 1: You as a Wellness Entrepreneur
Show Details7min 40s
START HERE: Let's Start Your Wellness Business!
Show Details4min 6s