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Star Wars: Meanderings & Ramblings

Do we need another Star Wars podcast? Nope! But here's one anyway.Hosted by Kiri, Star Wars is her hobby, passion and obsession. In this podcast, you'll here her ramblings focused mostly on the movies and TV shows. This is a solo podcast, with occasional guests to talk about Star Wars. This is an opinion based show, which means all thoughts are her own. If you disagree and want your voice heard, head to or find her at @thevirtualjedi on Instagram.


Episode VIII: In Which We Discuss Luke Skywalker in TLJ
Show Details16min 48s
Episode VII: In Which We Have a Conversation with Michael Miller About Ahsoka and Death
Show Details52min 25s
Episode VI: In Which We Review the Obi-Wan Kenobi D+ Series
Show Details25min 35s
Episode V: In Which We Discuss Live Action Darth Vader
Show Details16min 36s
Episode IV: In Which We Talk About the First Two Episodes of Obi-Wan Kenobi
Show Details23min 42s
Episode III: In Which We Celebrate Real Star Wars Day
Show Details14min 19s
Episode II: In Which We Talk About Yoda
Show Details21min 36s
Episode I: MY Star Wars
Show Details10min 48s