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SPS Podcast

Scissor Paper Stone (SPS) Podcast is all about casual ‘lepak’ conversation. Spend your evening drive home from work or just any kind of evening you’re having with these girls; Ayra, Uma, Ash, and Valene. They can and will discuss and talk about anything and everything under the sun! Ayra, Uma, Ash and Valene will dish about every little thing that mushrooms in daily, real-life situations; common interests; gossips; music; TV shows; food; fashion; social media; relationships; women’s health; men; …etcetera. You are going to want to stick around with these girls. You may like them. They are funny, smart (in their own way), and entertaining. You will surely enjoy their company. SPS Podcast is sure to make you intrigued, nostalgic, comfortable, supported, and best of all; Laugh! Because; happiness and good times are meant to be shared.



This podcast has no episodes yet! Check back soon.