Spreading the Word of God

We are a Christian Podcast who plays sermons and Christian related material putting the Master Jesus Christ first and are first and foremost dedicated to the preaching and teaching and spreading of the Word of God.


Everlasting Life
Show Details18min 50s
What Must I Do To Be Saved
Show Details22min 36s
God Loves You
Show Details16min 3s
The Bubble That Bursts
Show Details20min 34s
Billy Graham The Value of a Soul
Show Details33min 23s
Technology, Faith and Human Shortcomings
Show Details26min 21s
Billy Graham Angels
Show Details32min
Billy Graham Will Our World End
Show Details36min 52s
Billy Graham Sex, Power And Materialism
Show Details32min 43s
Billy Graham's 1957 New York Crusade Sermon at Yankee Stadium
Show Details50min 33s