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Welcome to the podcast home of Jon Lewis' website. On each episode host T.J. Rives and Jon (aka "Paulsen") tackle the most interesting topics in U.S. Sports Media, including what everyone is (or isn't) watching in the ratings.

Get all the latest news and insight on everything from ESPN, to the over the air networks like: NBC, CBS, FOX and ABC. Critiquing of the shows, the personalities and production of it all is found right here.

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Full Ep: NFL Playoffs Blowouts affect ratings? And, NBA items too! 1 18 22
Show Details41min 35s
Clip: CBS' Charles Davis on Working Wildcard NE at BUF game w/Ian Eagle, etc.! 1 14 22
Show Details4min 14s
Full Ep: CFB Playoff Title Game Ratings, NFL Playoffs Begin, etc.! 1 12 22
Show Details36min 17s
Full Ep: College Football Playoff, NFL concluding, & "A-Rod-cast?" 1 5 22
Show Details49min 10s
Full Ep: Passing of NFL TV Personality John Madden 12 29 21
Show Details26min 20s
Full Ep: Army-Navy Ratings, NFL Crazy Finishes, F1, MLS & Heisman! 12 14 21
Show Details50min 33s
Full Ep: College Football Playoff Heisman Trophy NBA Flex Scheduling and "Die Hard" 12 8 21
Show Details41min 49s
Full Ep: Cowboys-Raiders Scores for CBS, CFB Dominates Saturday TV, etc.! 11 30 21
Show Details48min 57s
Full Ep: NFL Ratings Soar, Ohio-State Michigan on Fox, Lebron "Lightning Rod" etc! 11 23 21
Show Details45min 50s
Full Ep: Al Michaels-Peyton Manning to MNF? Dickie V returns + some Soccer too! 11 17 21
Show Details31min 39s
Full Ep: Aaron Rodgers Controversy/Coverage, Ratings for College Football etc.! 11 10 21
Show Details53min 48s
Full Ep: World Series Ratings/History Perspective, NFL on FOX, etc.! 11 2 21
Show Details41min 10s
Full Ep: Tom Brady on "Manning-cast", World Series Ratings analysis, etc.! 10 26 21
Show Details43min 39s
Full Ep: NBA Begins, MLB Playoffs/Ratings Bonanza etc.!! 10 19 21
Show Details34min 37s
Full Ep: NHL Re-debuts on ESPN, CFB vs. MLB Playoffs, Gruden controversy etc! 10 13 21
Show Details35min 47s
Full Ep: MLB Final Reg Season Day, Brady delivers for NBC, etc.! 10 5 21
Show Details52min 30s
Full Ep: ESPN "Manning-cast" Soars, Notre Dame Football, WNBA, etc.! 9 28 21
Show Details34min 47s
Full Ep: Strong NFL Ratings, More On "Manning-casts," ESPN/NBA, etc 9 21 21
Show Details57min
Full Ep: NFL is Back, "Mannings-cast" on ESPN2, & MLB Playoffs talk! 9 14 21
Show Details37min 4s
Full Ep: College Football Scores in Early Ratings and NFL is Back! 9 7 21
Show Details38min 1s
Full Ep: Rachel Nichols out at ESPN, MNF new Manning show & more! 8 31 21
Show Details45min 24s
Full Ep: Bob Costas To Turner? ESPN Changes & more! 8 25 21
Show Details45min 43s
Full Ep: Fox Baseball "Field Of Dreams" & more! 8 17 21
Show Details50min 54s
Full Ep: NBC Olympics ratings disaster, ESPN NBA studio reboot, Barstool and MLB, etc.! 8 10 21
Show Details43min 57s
Full Ep: Olympics, NBA on ESPN & more! 8 2 21
Show Details59min 17s