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Spoiler Alert by Fan Service Apparel

Spoilers abound! Hear the details you might have missed from your favorite shows and movies as we give our hot takes on the latest and greatest fan-favorite properties. Whether it's Marvel, DC, Disney, Universal, and everything in between, we'll talk Easter eggs and pose questions that will excite the true fan in all of us. Hosted by Fan Service Apparel founders (and married couple) Jené & Nick Hernandez.


S2 E3 - The Gray Man & Love & Thunder
Show Details39min 36s
S2 E2 - Umbrella Academy, Ms. Marvel, and gearing up for Halloween
Show Details39min 33s
S2 E1 - We're back! Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ms Marvel, and Carousel of Progress
Show Details29min 43s
20 - The Book of The Mandalorian
Show Details32min 42s
19 - The Boring Book of Boba Fett & We DO Talk About Bruno
Show Details33min 17s
18 - Hawkeye finale & did Black Widow get the short end of the MCU stick?
Show Details14min 18s
17 - Is Bob Chapek the "lightning rod?"
Show Details14min 19s
16 - Hawkeye episode 4 and Nick finds out what fan fiction actually is
Show Details21min 40s
15 - Hawkeye, episode 3, who's the real bad guy? Recap, easter eggs, and predictions
Show Details28min 54s
14 - Hawkeye episode 1 & the importance of collectibles, feat. special guest Kyle Leon Henderson
Show Details37min 23s
13 - Disney Plus Day and All the New, Interesting Shows Announced
Show Details31min 23s
12 - Why Marvel Won't Let The MCU Die/Eternals, Expanded MCU, Disney Genie+
Show Details31min 10s
11 - The Top Fandom Halloween Costumes of 2021
Show Details29min 52s
10 - How Baby Yoda shook up the merch machine, plus The Muppets!
Show Details32min 57s
9 - Fútbol is life! Ted Lasso: a show that's more about iPhones than sports
Show Details31min 59s
8 - Marvel's What If...? season finale and how it changes the future of the MCU
Show Details30min 4s
7 - Marvel's What If...? seventh & eighth episodes, Marvel Multiverse, and Muppets
Show Details27min 41s
6 - Marvel's What If...? sixth episode/Tony Stark/WDW 50th anniversary
Show Details30min 7s
5 - Marvel's What If...? fifth episode/Comic-Con/Shang-Chi
Show Details29min 11s
4 - Marvel's What If...? fourth episode/Dr. Strange/Halloween is coming!
Show Details29min 43s
3 - Marvel's What If...? third episode/New Spider-Man trailer/Magic Key
Show Details28min 4s
2 - Marvel's "What If...?" second episode/Latest news for Disney parks
Show Details30min 59s
Ep 1 - Marvel's "What If...?" first episode/Welcome to the Pod!
Show Details25min 49s