The Self-Produced Musician Podcast

This one goes out to all the basement musicians who are digging their heels in to make the best possible music they can. This is for everyone who has ever had the nerve to consider leaving their day job to chase their dreams of being a musician.

Making music from scratch might seem easy, but as many of you know, it’s far from it. This podcast is a community for those people to grow together and to learn together how to be the best DIY music makers we all can be. Topics discussed are educational in nature and centered around how to get your music career started, how to grow it and monetize it, and how to do all of these things completely on your own as an independent artist.

Your host, MVvasell, is a lifelong musician and multi-instrumentalist as well as a career educator. His expertise has driven him through countless bands and projects, into the world of production, and beyond to the role of a music entrepreneur.

Tune in regularly to catch all of those golden fact nuggets that will cut short your ascension to stardom, or even just get you writing music in the first place.

Get better together with The Self-Produced Musician Podcast!