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Spirituality and self-love in the modern world ™️

Get in on the forbidden fruit by adding this podcast to your collection. Listeners not only get a peek at what life was like for these reality stars, but they get an earful of juicy stories and titillating secrets that you won't find anywhere else.In this podcast, I invite reality stars to discuss the contrast between what viewers experience and their raw take on themselves.

PS: I have an accent because I'm half chinese and half indian!

Watch video clips on this interview on Youtube! Click here to check it out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1iGNhVGww_VTc1GQT1I7ig

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#83 Netflix's Love Is Blind Kelly Chase
Show Details50min 39s
#82 Model, Tiktok & Instagram Influencer Brandy Gordon
Show Details57min 18s
#81 Bravo's Kirsten Jordan of Million Dollar Listing New York
Show Details22min 8s
#80 The Circle's Catfish Jack Atkins aka Emily : I chose to be a catfish so I can get on the show
Show Details1hr 15min
#79 Netflix Indian Matchmaking's Aparna Shewakramani
Show Details50min 1s
#78: The Real Housewives of Dallas D'andra Simmons: I was asked to help cast for Dallas Housewives.
Show Details45min 11s
#77 [EXCLUSIVE] HBO Max The Big Shot with Bethenny's Wendy Cartagena:I'm glad I didn't win
Show Details1hr 10min
#76 Bravo's Below Deck Sailing Yacht Jenna MacGillivray: During filming I had major anxiety
Show Details47min 49s
[Exclusive] #75 Marrying Millions's Erica Moser: I was 18 and he was 61 when we dated
Show Details59min 34s
#74 [EXCLUSIVE] Netflix's Too Hot Too Handle's Christina Carmela: I'll break more rules if I end up staying!
Show Details58min 6s
#72 Landon Clements from the original Southern Charm : I didn't like how I was portrayed on the show.
Show Details51min 13s
#71 Rhylee Gerber from Below Deck: I get dick pics and titty pics from Bravo Housewives!
Show Details56min 19s
#70 Ciara Duggan from Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Yes I experienced paranormal encounters on boats before
Show Details51min 19s
#69 Actress Clementine Lea from Just Be: I dislike clout chasers, I started Youtube at 8 yrs old.
Show Details47min 32s
#68 Danielle Kirby from Toddlers and Tiaras: I'm Bi-polar
Show Details1hr 2min
#67 DJ Nicole Rose Stillings from Big Shot with Bethenny: My dad left me for a period of time too.
Show Details43min 20s
#66 Max The Celeb Talk Guy
Show Details46min 15s
BONUS: Anastasia Surmava from Below Deck Mediterranean
Show Details31min 5s
#65 TLC's 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days - Mary Wallace interview
Show Details38min 51s
#64 Interview with Rachel Walters from Before the 90 Days Fiance
Show Details42min 53s
#63 Alli Dore from Below Deck Sailing Yacht spilled the beans!
Show Details1hr 8min
#62 They called them the most hated couple of 90 Day Fiance : Leida & Eric Interview |
Show Details57min 38s
#61 Behind the Scenes of Reality TV! Cast Interview with Abi from Below Deck Season 7
Show Details1hr 11min
#60 Life after depression: How does it look like?
Show Details24min 11s
#59 Dust carry energy that makes you feel bad
Show Details36min 9s
#58 Use this shortcut in life to be happy
Show Details21min 50s
#57 Full moon ritual, can it really help you?
Show Details20min 30s
#56 Can you manifest with new moon ritual?
Show Details15min 42s
#55 You can be pregnant with spirit babies!
Show Details24min 46s
#54 Everything about DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL.
Show Details10min 59s
#53 How Happiness Changes Over Age
Show Details22min 11s
#52 Why do twin flames run away?
Show Details20min 23s
#51 How Soulmates and Twin Flames Are Created
Show Details20min 15s
#50 Can you - and should you - try to change narcissists?
Show Details17min 55s
Show Details25min 14s
Show Details14min 41s
#47 Can you speak the truth? Really?
Show Details15min 52s
Show Details14min 10s
#45 Are you afraid of Mercury Retrograde?
Show Details14min 52s
#44 Water has emotions too!
Show Details14min 40s
#43 Can you - and should you - try to change narcissists?
Show Details11min 46s
#42 Love, lust and addiction
Show Details14min 44s
#41 Unlearn your life lessons
Show Details11min 19s
#40 Change is Easier Said Than Done
Show Details15min 44s
#39 Chakra chakra and more chakra
Show Details21min 22s
#38 7 spiritual centers in your body
Show Details22min 9s
#36 What's reincarnation got to do with it?
Show Details21min 2s
#35 Where are your guides in this pandemic?
Show Details18min 50s
#37 Get to know yourself through numerology
Show Details14min 6s
#34 What Love is Not
Show Details9min 56s
#33 Reorganizing my Home to Feel Better : Feng Shui
Show Details20min 25s
#32 Part 2: Karma is NOT a bitch
Show Details28min 26s
#31 What is a spirit guide part 2
Show Details13min 47s
#30 Karma is NOT a bitch
Show Details14min 31s
#29 Have you felt emotionally numb before?
Show Details15min 22s
#28 Who are your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels
Show Details18min 2s
#27 What is a spirit guide?
Show Details19min 27s
#26 The moon and its influence on a woman’s body
Show Details16min 6s
#25 WHY you should not JUMP from one relationship to another.
Show Details17min 37s
# 24 Astral Projection -The Beginner's Guide
Show Details13min
# 23 Lucid Dreaming: What If You COULD Control Your Dreams
Show Details16min 23s
#22 Do's and don't of Dream Journaling
Show Details18min 30s
#21 Do Personalities Visit Your Dreams?
Show Details19min 57s
#20 Reasons to pay attention to your dreams
Show Details10min 22s
#19 How to talk to your unconscious the right way
Show Details22min 36s
#18 Are you irrational – or is that just your unconscious?
Show Details17min 37s
#17 Everyone gets sad sometimes. And that’s okay!
Show Details16min
#16 Intuition and fear – how to tell the difference
Show Details12min 14s
#15 Are You Underestimating Your Intuition?
Show Details12min 21s
#14 2019 Life Lessons for You & Me
Show Details21min 17s
#13 How to stop your past messing with your future
Show Details22min 23s
#12 How to turn Your Biggest Emotional Trigger into Strength
Show Details13min 13s
#11 How to Set (Healthy) Boundaries
Show Details11min 35s
#10 What NOT to do When You Run into Your Ex
Show Details11min 48s
#09 Why do we hide from our own emotions?
Show Details8min 58s
#08 How to stop ruminating thoughts
Show Details13min 41s
#07 How to deal with emotional triggers?
Show Details16min 4s
#06 Can You Become Happier by Making Others Happy?
Show Details14min 12s
#05 Tips on feeling sad
Show Details16min 21s
#04 Looking for happiness in meditation
Show Details11min 2s
#03: animals are the best mental, emotional and spiritual healers.
Show Details17min 12s
#02: What are body memories?
Show Details13min 27s
#01: Why Don’t We Love Ourselves? (And What You Can Do About it!)
Show Details11min 46s