Spiritual Wanderlust

Contemplation. Embodiment. Mysticism. Mischief. Join former nun and neuroscience aficionado Kelly Deutsch as she interviews contemplative teachers, embodiment experts, psychologists, and mystics about the untamed frontiers of interior life. Each episode is jam packed with life-changing stories, spiritual practices, and powerful insight to support your journey toward wholeness and divine intimacy.


How do you pray contemplative prayer? (Including demo!) | The Seeker’s Guide to Mysticism, Part 4
Show Details7min 21s
Contemplation vs. Meditation in under 3 minutes | The Seeker’s Guide to Mysticism, Part 3
Show Details3min 2s
How do I Become a Mystic? | The Seeker’s Guide to Mysticism, Part 2
Show Details12min 28s
What is Mysticism? | The Seeker’s Guide to Mysticism, Part 1
Show Details11min 59s
Using the Body for Inner Healing: EFT with Mitch Gainey
Show Details1hr 15min
Dreamwork as Spiritual Practice - with Fr. Daniel Renaud
Show Details1hr 2min
The Contemplative’s Guide to Nervous System Care (and being an HSP)
Show Details44min 45s
Theology of the Body with Christopher West
Show Details1hr 3min
My Homeless Anam Cara - with Clark Massey
Show Details47min 58s
The Joy of Silence - with Bruce Davis
Show Details43min 33s
A Demonstration of IFS session for Healing Anxiety - with Emily Kerpelman
Show Details51min 23s
My Favorite Tool for Inner Work: IFS and Shadow Work with Emily Kerpelman
Show Details1hr
Transforming suffering in our bodies: embodiment, pain, and activism with Mark Kutolowski
Show Details1hr 12min
An opera singer, sculptor, and painter on the spirituality that moves them - with Laura, Kate & Kelly
Show Details1hr 7min
Mystical togetherness - with Luke Healy
Show Details57min 56s
Sacred Moments of Vulnerability - with James Finley
Show Details56min 24s
Why we need feminine energy to be whole - with Amy Piatt
Show Details43min 25s