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Spiritual Awakenings

Spiritual Awakenings features personal insights into individual spiritual awakenings and the resulting transformation in the lives of scientists and academics. Scholars share the experience of their own spiritual journey, including a description of their spiritually transforming experience(s), which culminated in both an internal shift in their worldview and an outer shift in their lived lives.

They also discuss the challenges to their credibility in academia and the scientific field, if and when they shared these experiences publicly, obliging them to live a ‘divided life’ between the personal and the professional. Listeners will appreciate their deep inner wisdom and connection not only with humanity, but also with the earth and the cosmos.


Openings and Promptings by Edward F. Kelly
Show Details12min 1s
A Few Stops on a Path with Heart by Bo Ahrenfelt
Show Details10min 39s
A Day in April by Hardin Tibbs
Show Details9min 43s
A Spiritual Awakening and Turning-Point in 1965 by Nicholas Hagger
Show Details13min 13s
Spiritual Awakenings 5: Marilyn Monk
Show Details9min 56s
Spiritual Awakenings 4: Amit Goswami
Show Details10min 42s
Spiritual Awakenings 3 Marjorie Woollacott - I'm Home.
Show Details12min 27s
Spiritual Awakenings 1: Awake Presence by Athena Potari
Show Details22min 52s
Spiritual Awakenings - Introduction
Show Details16min 36s