• #4 - Matteo Caglioti

    Matteo Caglioti is an Associate Software Developer and Recent Graduate of Brock University.

    1h 37m | Aug 6, 2022
  • #3 - Ahmed El Sayed

    Ahmed El Sayed is a Kuwait-born McMaster Student and an aspiring Civil Engineer.

    1h 52m | Jul 6, 2022
  • #2 - Elvin Edamana

    Elvin Edamana is a Canadian Army Communication Specialist, Brock University student and aspiring photographer.

    1h 23m | Jun 29, 2022
  • #1 - Your hosts: Jacob and Aamir

    Welcome everyone to what may become the best thing you've heard all day. Maybe not but we hope you at least enjoyed it. In this pilot we introduce ourselves, talk about our plan with the show, and of course explain our amazing title.

    38m | Jun 20, 2022
Spinning Hamsters