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Spilling Our Tea

Erin Gallagher, Founder and owner of Southern Hemp Tea Co. reveals the gut-wrenching truth about anxiety while demystifying the stigma around CBD and Hemp wellness. Bad days are upon us and if you feel you are running low on hope, this podcast will share and expose education on how CBD works and the positive impact it has on society. The tea's are fabulous, yet talking about mental wellness with no filter is more powerful than anything else out there. Each guest offers a new vulnerable perspective that most people will relate to indefinitely. This is meant to raise awareness and open discuss how others are getting by in 2021 and coping with anxiety.


Episode 5: Erin Gallagher
Show Details27min 25s
Episode 4: Cortni McPherson
Show Details38min 54s
Episode 3 Guest: Ethan Hoover
Show Details41min 21s
Episode 2: Dan Michie
Show Details41min 52s
Welcome Intro! Erin Gallagher Owner and Founder
Show Details28min 28s