Spieckerman Speaks Retail

With Retail Trajectories helping professional navigate the most critical retail challenges, to Voice of Retail Next interviews, top retail influencer Carol Spieckerman leads timely discussions for today's retail professionals. Presented by MarketScale.


Why Retail Suppliers Should Stop Stalking the “Usual Suspects”
Show Details14min 1s
 How Retail Suppliers Can Slay the “Slow No”
Show Details16min 5s
Making Sense of Seismic Supply Chain Shifts
Show Details41min 37s
How to Solve Retail’s Convenience Conundrum
Show Details15min 23s
Why Retail’s Private Brand Party is Just Getting Started
Show Details15min 59s
Preparing Brick and Mortar for a Great Reopening
Show Details26min 24s
Why Buying, Building and Bridging Will Rescue Retail
Show Details20min 55s
A New Retail Podcast
Show Details29min 11s