Spewing Crap Podcast

This is the place where I spew all my BS to my listener(s), share my views on life as an awkward teenage piece of shit with Autism, tell "interesting" stories that happened to me and discuss trending & not so trending topics such as Politics, News, Stand Up Comedy, Sports, Film and TV. So basically a Made in China version of Bill Burr's MMP.


#06 - My B-Day, Vacation Bible Camp, Pajamas When You Get Robbed
Show Details21min 24s
#05 - My Ping Pong Career
Show Details11min 57s
#04 - Aspies Getting Girls, I Can Read?, Riding a Bike and Daniel From my Soccer House League is a Dirty Dog
Show Details13min 18s
#03 - Getting in Trouble @School and Why SEX ED is Useless
Show Details11min
#02 - Children Films are like Pornos, Dangers of over complementing your gf, Zoo Keeper movie review
Show Details14min 26s
#01 - Going to School During COVID-19 pandemic, Conspiracy Theories, Bill Cosby and 6ix9ine working out in JAIL
Show Details18min 10s
PENIS RING a REVELUTIONARY Product to stop Cheating
Show Details2min 25s