Spam Folder Podcast

Hi and welcome to the Spam Folder! We're a group of 3-5 friends that get together at least once a week online and have fun conversations. We discuss current events, fun/dumb hypotheticals, and recall interesting moments in our lives.


SFP #11: We like to Move It Move It in bed
Show Details1hr 21min
SFP #10: Wyatt was once a famous rapper
Show Details1hr 1min
SFP #9: Watching Tyler almost become Shawn White
Show Details1hr 15min
SFP #8: The Great Cookie Debate
Show Details54min 55s
SFP #7: Thawing Micah out from the Texas Freeze
Show Details1hr 17min
SFP #6: Love and War
Show Details1hr 4min
SFP #5: Deleting our browser history with Ethan
Show Details1hr 12min
SFP #4: Getting food poisoning with Reynaldo
Show Details1hr 12min
SFP #3: Axel's kinky Star Wars room
Show Details1hr 29min
SFP #2: Comparing stimulus check sizes
Show Details1hr 18min
Spam Folder Podcast #1: The Pilot Episode
Show Details1hr 15min