How To Invest In SPACs?

1h 0m | Sep 3, 2021

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Episode Summary:

On today's episode of the SPACs Attack Chris and Mitch talk about how to find a winner SPAC.

SPACs September Calendar:

  • 9/9 SFTW merger vote with BlackSky
  • 9/9 RICE merger vote with Aria Energy, Archaea Energy
  • 9/10 QELL merger vote with Lilium
  • 9/14 PACE merger vote with Nerdy
  • 9/14 ACIC merger vote with Archer
  • 9/14 SRNG merger vote with Ginkgo Bioworks
  • 9/15 ROT merger vote with Sarcos Robotics
  • 9/15 DEH merger vote with Viacarious Surgical
  • 9/16 CTAC merger vote with KORE
  • 9/22 LATN merger vote with Procaps Group
  • 9/22 AMHC merger vote with Jasper Therapeutics
  • 9/28 DMYI merger vote with IonQ
  • 9/28 MAAC merger vote with Roivant Sciences


  • 9/8 GENI Genius Sports

Mitch Hoch


Chris Katje


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