TOP SPACs To Watch This Week

58m | Oct 4, 2021

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On Today's SPACs Attack Chris & Money Mitch dive deep into Ev industry. They will go into Ev, Lidar, & battery stock.


Mitch Hoch


Chris Katje


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Unedited Transcript

What's going on my spec traders out there. Yes, it's a tough day in the market, but we're here. We got Chris. What in the house hit that life. Let's get the specs. Tech started access to actionable news and market research. With all the information you need to invest smarter and profit faster. Start your free trial

What's going on out there. I know that you guys must be checking your pulse right now with this type of market. We're going to talk about checking your pulse in a company that got an FDA. Guys stay tuned. We've got a great show for you. We'll talk about some top specs and of course we'll bring on the brains.

The show. His name is Chris catchy. Some know him as Chris pedia. Some might know him as the guy from the roadmap, the NFT king over here. What's going on? Hey, match. What's going on? Yeah. Hope you had a great weekend. Back, right. We haven't had a show since Monday it smacks attack is back. It looks like some people in the chat missed us, so we're happy to be back.

Uh, but yeah, uh, market's not looking, not too hot, but, uh, we definitely, we got some news to cover and we can get into some stocks to watch maybe on a red day, like. Hey, like always is going to be ups and downs in the specs. We're going to be talking about it. And Chris, I think we need to do another one of these man, another nother specs underneath 10.

Think we might need to do another of those shows. If you guys don't remember, this was one of our most popular shows and look back at that. It's always fun to look back at our old shows, see how we were looking at specs and definitely we'll take a look at that. Four then let's go ahead and get into some headlines.

Chris, before we get into headlines today, I do want to talk about an event coming up. Now, one thing that we do want to know is that, Hey guys, we always want to talk about these asset classes that are probably untouched and at least unmastered. And I think one of those unmastered areas really is cannabis.

Why. 'cause there's still just so many questions. Whether it be one of the regulations is going to come down. How did the taxes come into play the banking system? So many questions yet unanswered, and you guys can find out so many of these answers at the one. Okay. Yeah. Love that promo, that cannabis conference is going to be great.

I know I saw clever leaves among the companies presenting. They of course went public bias back. So if you want more information on cannabis companies, make sure you check out the Benzinga cannabis conference. Let's dive into some headlines, and then we're going to spend some time looking at our watch list in detail, and also looking at some stocks to watch for the by October.

Yes. Tober fall is here. And then if we have time, of course, we'd love to get to some ticker time. So if you guys have checkers, please hold them right now. But we'll be calling on those in a little bit. Let's start the day with some analyst ratings. We of course had lots of analysts ratings last week, too, that we didn't get to, but I want to start out with the fresh ones from today.

So up first we have beauty health skin, S K I N one of the better performing spam. Oh, and company initiating coverage with an outperform rating and a price target of $32. This again has been a high flyer. $26. Um, but you know, it looks like more room to run. 52 week high of 28, 62. You've got Cowen and company saying that they still don't have huge name brand awareness.

And there is room for more opportunities to keep an eye out. S K I N. Then one of our, uh, followers from a time ago in a gainer late last week on their news was ride Lordstown motors are ID. So RBC capital is maintaining an underperform, but raising the price target to $5. So ride of course had news last week that selling their Lordstown plant in Ohio to Foxconn, they are going to rent it from Foxconn.

And also we're going to see Fisker rent part of that space too. So to us backs to watch on this Foxconn factory new. Um, but yeah, R I D E keep an eye out the analysts note here. I'm just wondering at this point is, you know, what, where does the price target before this? Because if the raise was till five, I mean, was the prior price target?

Do we know what the prior price target was? Chris? I don't, you know, that was my question too. It's kind of like, Hey, I think shares are going to underperform, but maybe they're not going to underperformed by as much as I, you know, and again, I, I think that factory news, right, it's slightly bullish for the company.

Right. They're going to get that cash infusion right. By selling that fact. But now they're going to turn around and have an added expense right before they own the factory. Now they're going to lease the factory. So they're going to lease and pay rent and Foxconn is going to be able to use that building, you know, for other vehicles, they're partnering with Fisker, which Fisker, of course, isn't doing a pickup truck right now.

You know, they're focused on cars and SUV's. But Mitch, what happens, uh, when Fisker wants to do a pickup truck and Foxconn has, you know, two companies making pickup trucks in the same facility, competing against each other. I mean, that could be a story to watch in a couple of years, I still just don't know about Lordstown motors, you know, on a long-term basis.

If they can get this truck to market and compete, they may still need more money. And I don't know, what's left to sell it. Yeah. You know, one of the things I would say is when we talk about rod, we've got to keep in mind, we have another company that is going to be going public. Right. Chris coming out soon, Vivian coming soon with a, with a truck, huge, that huge on the market.

Right. And so that's my biggest thing, Chris, that I've been watching. And I think there's going to be definitely some of these that get to. Forefront and start competing with some of these major truck producers. Right. And so ride is going to have to compete with what is it going to have to compete with a, the Tesla truck B the Riviera truck and see the Ford lightning?

Yeah, I can tell you right now, those are not the three that I want to compete. No. I mean that pickup truck market is huge, right. And Ford has dominated the F-150 the top selling, not just truck, the top selling vehicle in the U S right. And now they're going to make an electric version of it. I don't think I'd want to compete with any of those three, either Mitch.

Um, but Lordstown, you know, it seems like they still want to keep on that plan. So we, we wish them the best and we will follow along with the story here, but. $5 price, target and underperform rating, not the greatest thing for them to hear this morning. Our other analysts note, we have Astro space, a S T R bank of America, beginning coverage with an underperformed rating.

They're calling out limited upside and development risk. So they said, well, Astra plans to target the growing small satellite launch market. We believe the lack of proven performance will weigh on the share price. And they said that there several paces behind rocket lab and Virgin orbit to competitors.

So they're giving a price target of $9 here on Astro space. I do like Astro space. There's several, uh, you know, space stocks out there. This among them, we're trading at 7 84 down 7% today, you know, on the analyst. One stock out there that is trading higher today. We have Jasper therapeutics, J S P R. So the shares are trading higher after it was announced that Amgen a leading pharmaceutical company owns 2.7 million shares of the company.

So remember, Jasper was the one that had high redemption and shares took off right on that low float trades. So we tried. All the way over $15 last week before crashing down under $10, then we saw another big move up. And now today up 15% on that news from Amgen. Remember this is a low float. So there is the possibility that this one could run today, but as always be careful out there with these low flow high redemption place, then we have tattooed chef TTC AF so.

I talked earlier this year, right? They were getting added to target stores. They have good relationships with us. Sam's club, Costco and other retailers, the news out today that they now have their products in public supermarkets. I of course don't know the Publix brand as well here in Michigan, but I'm guessing Mitch, since you used to live in Florida, I'm guessing, you know, Publix.

Cause when I went to Disney world, I know we went and got our groceries at Publix and it's a big deal down there. What do you know about Publix? How big of a deal. This is, this is how you know that I know about Publix. All I got to say is those public tenders subs. Oh man, those are good. If there's anything I miss about Publix, Chris is going to Publix and getting me a tenders up.

They just, you know, just chicken tenders stuff, but man, The classic at Publix, can't go wrong then. And I mean, if you guys know Publix, I would compare it to Kroger's because it's very, at that level. Now, one thing that I would. Stand out and Publix is that you're going to get the higher quality item. We're not talking kind of that, that budget grocery store, we're talking to high end grocery store with the high end products.

But Hey, one thing about Publix that they do well is customer service. A lot of people talk about Publix and their customer service. We'll see if it continues tattoo. Jeff, we'll see if it comes back. I mean, let's take a look really quickly daily. Uh, has it just hanging out today? We'll see if we can get back above.

Mitch. I love that call out that they sell, you know, not as cheap of products, right? They're not a discount grocery. They're more of a, a not higher end, but a little bit higher price point. Uh, you know, I liked that because that's where I want tattooed chef's products to be at, right. Is a place where people are willing to spend that extra money.

I mean, if you're tattooed chef you're plant-based food. You are a little bit higher price than some of the food options out there. So, uh, I think that's a great deal for them. So we'll keep an eye out on tattooed chef and another high flyer of recent, uh, a R Q Q a. So our key quantity. Shares are up 6% today, the company announced that their founders voluntarily extended the lockup.

So what that means is that the founder shares will not be able to be sold as quick as normal. This is a kind of a bullish sign from the company that the founder. Staying put, not selling those shares. You see that chart. I mean, this was a high flyer, right? Formerly a D F N S I believe, um, you know, it took off and then it cooled off.

But as people see the story, I think we're going to see more interest in it. It does have quantum in the name. This is a cloud play. SAS play. Um, so it's in several of those high growth areas. So keep an eye out on a R Q Q, then offer pad O P a D. Those shares are trading down. The company announced an offering last week.

So shares are down 14%. We're down to seven 30 right now. Um, this is something that mentioned I have actually talked about. What happens when these companies get high redemption at spec merger vote date, they probably are going to raise more money as we go forward. Right? If you announced a SPAC merger deal and you were counting on $500 million of cash and you only get $250 million in cash, you probably want to raise that other money.

So you can complete. Your projections, your plan, right? Without that money, you may not be able to hit on everything that you've said. So I do like OPA D um, it's in the same space as open doors, Zillow, these online real estate plan. But down today on that mixed shelf offering, it does like, look like we will get earnings from OfferPad later this month.

So that could be a catalyst. We could see those housing numbers come into place to keep an eye out OPA. And then we got news on a big one, right? Uh Pollstar which recently, uh, announced a SPAC merger with GGP I or spec. So they announced the opening of their New York city retail space. This is their 20th sales market.

So they plan to have 35 locations in the U S by the end of 2022. Right now, 20 locations. Pollstar Manhattan. They say it is in a great location in New York. They also have locations in LA, San Francisco, Boston, Dallas, Detroit, and many other top cities in the U S uh, you know, we talk all the time about these Eby companies and going.

Direct to consumer route, they need brand awareness and they need to get their vehicles out in front of people for test drives and to see the car up close. So I think this helps with that. So definitely, uh, liking GGP, I, and Pollstar here. And then as much sad at the top of the show, we did get news out from a former spec, getting a letter from the FDA.

So this is our. Well w LT, this is the company that makes the smart sock monitors for babies. We've talked about them several times. We had them on the show earlier this year. So on October 1st, the company received a warning letter from the FDA in that warning letter, it says that the outlet smart sock product, um, is a medical device that requires pre-market clearance.

Um, the FDA and I'll let, has not received FDA approval. So the warning letter required company ceased commercial distribution of the smart sock. So again, it doesn't require, it says it recommends that they stopped selling the sock. Um, so the stock is used for measuring blood oxygen levels. Post. And other items.

So this warning letter again, saying, Hey, please stop selling the SOC Benzinga has reached out to Al let to get more comments from the company to find out if they play a nonstop selling the smart sock, if they're able to sell it without certain designation. And what their plan is going forward. If they do plan on getting FDA clearance shares are down 22% today.

I mean, this is big news. This is a speck now trading under $5. And this FDA clearance letter is a really big deal and could be a, a big negative for them, uh, depending on what they decide to do going forward. And we do have one deal announced this morning. This was a small one in the biotech space. So Moonlight immune, no therapeutic.

Going public with helix acquisition that ticker H L X a. So they are a clinical stage biotech company focused on creating next level therapy, inflammatory skin and joint disorders company valued at $620 million, $115 million pipe on the deal. And then we do have three merger votes this week. As we look at our October calendar.

And I will have the complete October spec merger calendar out on the Benzinga site later today on or you can look at my Twitter and I will share it when that is published. Today's merger vote is L S H Q life site acquisition to work with science 37. That's a life sciences company valued at over a billion dollars.

Shares are at 9 78 already passed the redemption phase. This one could see heavy redemption, and then we have tomorrow for it, a C with Arbor robotics. That's the 4d imaging radar company. And then also S T w O with E S S tech, which is a long range battery company. Um, their batteries used to support renewables and stable.

The electric grid. Um, this is an interesting one that I have actually looked at more recently. There's at nine 50 today. Um, again, all three of these could see heavy redemption. They are past that redemption deadline, but keep an eye out. Um, we'll see, uh, what kind of movements we get later this week?

That's what I've got for headlines MEChA. Any thoughts on the outlet news? So O w L T you know, we, we. Company. So we are still waiting to hear back. They got that warning letter, which right now is just, you know, asking them to stop selling the sock. So it doesn't, you know, definitively say, Hey. You can't sell the sock, although I pretty much think that's what they mean.

Um, what do you think though, do you think they could be able to maybe just sell the SAC, you know, without the blood oxygen levels and maybe just the heart rate or the sleep monitor and still attract parents to this product without those extra designate? Well, this is what I'll do a, a, let's take a look at what they advertise here on their site.

Right? Um, I'm on I'll let straight from their website, and this is what they have, right? Where I'm on the, the outlet smart sock goes for 300. Uh, it looks like you can buy three smart socks and, and, uh, get a cam for $25. So it looks like they're trying to sell that now. Here's where it starts talking about a little bit more of what's approved.

They look like they have an H S a N F S a approval, but you can clearly see they're not an FDA approval. Right. And I think that's important there. Um, I don't think they were ever stating that they were. FDA approved. Um, and now I think this is the question is, is, do they need that to sell this product?

Right. I think that's who Chris is bringing up the question. I think that's going to be also important here. Uh, looks like it does. I mean, it has won some awards before. Uh, so I'm pretty sure for those awards to be given, they had to do a little bit of research. Um, definitely, but I mean, I think this is just going to be a battle of.

Really the acceptable in these products. And I think this is the first one, really to come more into question, what are you thinking, Chris? Yeah, I mean, this one surprises me, you know, Mitch look at that site. They, they advertise it in all the things that does. They also have won all those awards that you showed.

Right? This is a top parent choice. Like I've seen this on, you know, parent blogs in parent magazines. Um, it's a top seller, I think on like Amazon babies are. Um, you know, all these different baby stores, right? So all those places are selling it, knowing exactly what the company does to me. I, I wonder why it took so long for the FDA to send this.

Right. What prompted this? Why did the FDA not send the letter before? Um, again, they don't advertise that this is FDA approved. I don't know if I'll let thought or knew that they needed clearance for some of these designations. So to me, I think the big question here is, does outlet, you know, take it off the market, get that clearance and then sell it again.

Or do they try to sell the product without the designations and, you know, just avoid the FDA clearance. I don't know what could be better, obviously, you know, short-term financials would get hit if they took it off the market. But I think in the long run, getting that clearance could definitely, uh, help, but, uh, I mean, we hit 3 75 this morning on the shares match.

They did bounce back a little bit, but I I'm following this right. Because of. Parents are willing to spend the money. And parents were willing to spend the money on this product without it saying FDA approved in big flashy letters before. Right. So I think parents will continue to buy these products. Um, so I just want to see this FDA, you know, item, get taken care of an outlet, continue to grow.

The other thing, you know, when we had them on the show was they were trying to diversify into other segments like tele-health and other areas. Those areas likely will also require FDA approval, right. In order to be a telehealth company. So I think they're going to have to work, you know, hand in hand with the FDA regardless.

So, uh, they, they might be better off here just, uh, you know, taking this off the market and, uh, getting FDA. Yeah, I, I'm not sure if that's the way they're going to go, Chris, but I mean, definitely FDA clearance makes sense now. I mean, one thing that I will stay, I mean, they do have the data to back it up now.

I think, uh, it says here they have 4.2, 4 trillion heartbeats monitored to date. And so with that being said, I think that the data is there to take it to the next. And now it's kind of a matter of a process in how long that's going to take. Um, one thing that could happen is like being mentioned also in the chat, I could see something like where they maybe change their wording a little bit, sell the product for the time being, and look for FDA approval.

Um, I could see that happening over the next, uh, kind of just say maybe two years. It's something like that. So you'd have to think of a long-term outlook, but what I'm going to do is I'm going to start looking at this one and start trying to average into this one. Because one thing I could also see is if this thing goes down to.

Three, $2. Why wouldn't someone maybe step up? That's like a bigger product owner, like maybe even a bigger company that makes baby products and then just takes this under their belt. Um, I, I could see, uh, acquisitions coming into here coming into play with such a valuation. That's coming down low. Uh, I'm going to look at this one cause I tell you truth.

I like the. So I'm just wondering when to really start dipping my toes in, but I might start dipping my toes in underneath four, then look to add at two so that if I do get an average down, I'm looking at somewhere between $3 of risk down towards zero bankruptcy. I don't, I don't see this as, as bad look to maybe get a discount plan.

Yeah. And I mean, I think bankruptcy, you know, obviously long-term potential, you know, negative, worst case scenario. I mean, you said it right when you read from their site, how many heartbeats they they've monitored. I think their data alone and their customer base alone would be worth, you know, a company acquiring right.

To have that customer base to have, you know, that data. So I, I think as you said, the risk reward could be a real nice here. So I'll be watching this thing. To see if we dip below $4 again. Um, but again, as a parent, I think there's definitely a need for a product like this. And we'll, we'll have to wait out the, the FDA clearance here and see what happens.

We'll see what happens with this one. Warrants will be at 3 cents. John says, well, Hey, let's just say, there's a reason why I've told you guys be careful with those warrants out there because. All right, let's go ahead. Let's move forward from Al let we'll move out of that. We'll take a look at our watch list.

See what's moving out in the market. And of course, we'll talk a little bit of some top specs. You guys hit the light and we'll be back with the watch list.

All right. So I will let you know that guys there isn't so many, I mean, there isn't too much to talk about here, but we'll, we'll talk on the bright side of things and try to give a positive outlook here. But one that I did want to bring up, Chris, that I even got mentioned on money, Mitch. I don't know if they're out there in the chat.

Let me know if you're there. I told you on Friday. Hey. Ax Chris on Monday, what's going on? Because I didn't know. Let's take a look here. S P I R was huge turnaround in this one. And man, I didn't even understand why I first started moving in the first place, but can you explain me? Do you know what happened, Chris?

You have, uh, I'm trying to remember what the news was now. Cause it was a partnership with, uh, Okay. So on Tuesday last week, they had a partnership with space. Um, to demonstrate blockchain technology in space. I mean, talk about two trendy topics, right? Space blockchain with space, block chain, and space. I mean, it seems like something you wouldn't have thought of years ago, but Hey.

I mean, it's something very possible in the future. So I think this was a move based on that news. Um, but again, I do like the space segment. I do like Spire global. They have some good partnerships again, they're trying to do like. Face as a service data play, right? So they're going to provide data to companies match you.

And I talk a lot of times about data and how important it is. And also these, you know, SAS plays these, you know, uh, recurring revenue. So they're going after that market where they're going to get and gain that data in space, and then they're going to sell it to companies. So I like it. And imagine if they could actually do blockchain in space.

Right. And if there is something there. It could be a growth driver. You know, long-term probably not necessarily in the short term, but definitely something to watch. All right. I'll be paying attention to this one because I mean, it turned around. I didn't know what the story was. So if you, if you came from money, Mitch, well, there you go.

You got your story. That's why you come to the specks attack, man. Let's keep going. Let's take a look here. What do we see out there? I see DC RC D. The carve up. Let's take a look here at that chart. See what we're seeing. It looks like we're seeing a pullback from 10 50. A lot of these have been kind of pulling back from the move that we were seeing, which was giving me ideas that we were into another spec wave, but big returns right now, Chris, is this kind of what you're seeing out there in the environment?

Yeah. The other thing with DCR, see here, metros, this is solid power, which is a battery. Remember a quantum scape, right? We've been talking about quantum scape and how QS is gaining interest and has been running. This is a competitor to quantum scapes. So with quantum scape shares up, I think maybe that's why D CRC is getting some more interest here because essentially they're going public with a much lower valuation than quantum scapes.

So if they can do better technology or get to market. The CRC is one I've had on my radar as AEB battery play explains why we've gotten some pop recently. And also I think it just followed QS. Now QS also kind of doing the lead here, um, and we'll pay attention to see what happens with QRS, but QS is also breaking down that big leap that it did up and went all the way up to almost 30.

Now coming back down through the. Probably my tests back down towards 21. We'll see what happens with QS and some of these movers let's keep going into another one here. It looks like I'm seeing Bridgetown Bridgetown two holdings up, not too bad. I mean, there's some volume in here. Uh, is there any news on this one, Chris?

I haven't seen any news. rumor before. With a property guru, which is a property company over in Southeast Asia, but that deal has not been formally announced. So maybe it's getting close to. Um, but yeah, I, I don't know why that one's moving today. You know, it's one thing I can commonly see here, Chris, is that a lot of the ones that we do have slightly up, what are they there at that nine 90 at that, that 9 96, 9 70 mark, just hanging out underneath Tet.

Then when we look here down towards the losers, what are we going to see? We're going to see some that are up above. 10 looking to keep moving. If not, what do you see? You see huge Lee below 10, like let's say $3, $4. And so this gives you the idea that there are some that are turning back down on the downside, and there's some that are hanging out near that $10 level where you can actually take some risks to return here.

Um, I'll point out here, one that did turn around significantly that I was looking to see if they were going to put out any NFT news. That's what's going to happen here, Chris. And it looks like there was even a buy rating. Somebody got caught here. Luke capital was like, yeah, I see the stock going up $29.

Let's go for it. Gotta be quicker than that. That's what they said today. Down 7.8% coming back down towards 20 twos, it looks like you head towards the $20. This is one that's actually held pretty well. I think Chris, cause I think we would've thought it would be back down by 10 because I haven't heard any news come out of Playboy in a long time.

Have you heard anything, Chris? No. I haven't heard anything since they announced that a acquisition, right? Didn't they, they acquired. E-commerce lingerie company, I think. Um, yeah, I think they'll have earnings. Uh, it looks like the Benzinga pro calendar is estimating earnings in November from Playboy. So we're getting closer, right.

To getting some news from them. And I mean, yeah, Mitch, I I'd love to see some NFT news out of Playboy, but I mean, really since they launched that first one, they haven't really updated their NFT play, uh, plans. And remember, this was a. That kind of got that cherry on the top, right? Where the shares increased as it became an NFT play and the NFT place kind of gone away from it now.

I mean, look at that chart. So, uh, without NFT news, I mean, I dunno here. I did see the Playboy calendars are out. Chris could be a revenue driver. That's the catalyst could be a revenue driver. I'm sure. I'm not sure this, uh, maybe someone in the chat has. No, let's keep going. Let's get it to the next one. TMC there, the metals, Chris, the metals looks like it's going down to the sea floor here, but, but what about those fin twit people that told me that TMC was going to $35 a share what happened to that Mitch?

Because I thought we were hit at 35. Does it guys jumping in right now? Just dig up the sea floor because they don't see the company there right now. So they thought themselves jumping in and might save the company. You can't blame them. They might as well jump in with the Titanic because this is, this is.

This is a negative look here from $13, Chris. That's where we really started this downturn all the way back down towards $4. Bouncing there then had in fact down a little bit closer towards the four 20 eights. We'll see what happens here, Chris. It doesn't look good for TMC. Yeah, and I mean, we, we talked about this, right?

We warned people, Mitch. I mean, this is one. You know, shares got hot, right? Because it got heavy redemption. It became a low flow play. But how long does the low float play? Last? It doesn't last forever. And you will see more shares, get, get into the float of this company. As the pipe gets unlocked, as warrants get called, as they do share offerings, I would not be surprised at all.

If TMC doesn't share offering soon, I mean, this is a company that needs. To complete their plan, right? They want to mind metals off the sea floor. That's not going to be cheap. Right? You can't just, you know, dive down with your scuba gear on to get these metals, right. You need a whole business, a whole platform.

So TMC. Uh, you know, I'm staying away right now. We'll, we'll see in a couple of years, uh, what's going on with this Mitch, I got one for you to pull up. Um, we talked about space. How about our K L B Raso rocket lab. This was a high flyer over the past month, but we're falling today, but it looks like we're holding pretty well.

Um, that $14 line. What can you tell me about support on our KLB? Cause this is one that's been on my radar for a while. And I'm liking it. And I'm wondering where could be a good stab at RKL B? Well, one thing is we've had a kind of one cut through the lows to cut through the lows. Look for another cut down here, somewhere between underneath 14, going towards 13, and then coming back around through 16 on the bull's side.

But one thing that I would point out on rocket is I'll call it the. Space indicator or S P C E indicator. I say, look for that one to turn back around, because I think when you heard about the news that, Hey, all right, well, they're not going to hit anymore by the, by the FAA. Um, now we'll see what happens with them from here, right?

Because this was, this was looking like it wanted to become a rocket it's. And then came back down to earth, right? So we'll, we'll see what happens with SPC. And I think this is the one you got to watch for, to turn back around to the positive side. Then you'll start seeing rocket start making that move back up and they could move hand in hand.

I say, you pay attention to both of them. Uh, it looks like we're getting a shout out in the chat for a little bit of a tip light. It looks like somebody wants us getting, at least our little tip. We'll take the little tip and I don't know, we should really jump into this, but let's take a look. What have we got here?

We've got S H C R. Yeah. So as C R is share care, this is one match that's gotten hammered, right? So. I I'm. Yeah. So we're at 7 30, 6, we're down 8% today. I mean, you look at the last month and this thing has traded even the last three months. This thing is traded under nine 50 consistently. Right? It's been a while since we've seen $10.

I do like the story, right? Because this is a company helping people with mental health disorders. Right. It's the tele-health play for mental health. They also have that brand aware. Uh, I don't know if you've seen the commercials match, but Michael Phelps, uh, I think Demi Lovato. Right? So some big names. I mean, if you read anything about sports and celebrities, right?

Yeah. You're seeing a lot of them speak out about mental health. So, you know, when does a company like this really gain that footing from being a peer play, mental health play. And also, are they an acquisition target from like a Teladoc or another tele-health company, or can those companies launch their own mental health platforms?

Right. That's the thing to share care, have anything proprietary or do they just have, you know, the first entry to the market and those celebrities involved? Uh, something to watch with Sharecare. But again, I like the story and the fact that they're helping people, but as far as fundamentals and financials go, I think they are a little ways out here from really turning right.

Yeah, this is one that I'd try to look at the weekly to show a little bit more of what you see here and you see what guys you see kind of more of a flag pattern on the downside. This is a fair flag. Uh, you could say that it tried to break out of the flag there. Um, if you drew it like that early on, and then it broke out, came back into the flag, play.

I would be looking for another move back down to six fifties. Uh, you want to see kind of sideways period with this one and then get it back above $9. It looks like it really rejected when they got up there. Big thing on the monthly, as you see it coming back down towards these wicks. Um, that's why I wouldn't want to play with it right now, unless it really holds really quickly back above seven 50 for right now.

I think it's still heading back down towards the low. Uh, we'll see when this one turns around now, not the best looking chart right now for me on a monthly chart. All right. Let's keep going. Let's go into the chart into the, uh, into the chat here. Let's see what we got out there. Sorry. We'll wait for positive earnings.

Yeah, I think that's something that you definitely got to play. Their wordplay game is on fire today. Hey, I tried there with the little space play. Uh we'll we'll see what happens there. Smashed the light. Like Sue says, let's keep it going. Everything is down. Don't worry, mark. I won't catch you with your pants down either.

Let's keep going. Let's get into it. I bought more hut. Look at car, looking into some blockchain. Hey, that's what you gotta do. Sometimes you gotta take some other plays out there. I know I got stopped out in some of my real opening plays today, Chris, with that being said, I'll bring up a reopening trade that I thought possibly could get hot, but I'm thinking right now it's probably a.

Let's take a look here. B F I, when that you and I have talked about in the past that we looked for an upside look, you know, sometimes Chris and I are going to be wrong and we admit when we're wrong. And we also admit. Probably right to, you know, Hey, you got to give yourself a pat on the back sometimes.

Right? So let's take a look here. What do we see? BFI coming back down. We did get a little pop when we talked about it last time. That was, that was the writeup that we got Chris, but guess what? We're actually below those price point. When we called that little move up, where are we going to with BFI? What are you thinking about restaurants?

Okay. Yeah. I mean, the, the reopening restaurants, I think is still, it's a tough to call market, right? I mean, Mitch, I know even going to like fast food restaurants, a lot of them are still closed inside. Right. You're counting heavily on drive-through traffic delivery traffic. And that was part of my thesis here with burger Phi, right?

Was they are catering to delivery. They're building their stores. They have drive through. Catering to delivery those third party, you know, uh, um, services that bring food to your house. I still like the story. They have earnings, hopefully in November, I'll be following to see what we get out of the company.

Right? How are the new stores performing? How are their old stores performing? And are they still going to continue their expansion? Oh, the opening new stores this year, or has the pandemic set them back? The other a restaurant reopening one, I saw someone mentioned in the chat, Mitch F S T um, I don't remember who it was.

So FST, um, Martin Martin asking for FST multiple times here. So FST is the Fertitta entertainment restaurants, right? So this is your Bubba Gump. You're more in steakhouse. Um, you know, a couple of different chains. I like it. They're a little bit higher end price point, which, and they're there, as I just said with burger fi right, this is the opposite.

These are restaurants that rely what heavily on dying in gas. So, I don't know if I love this one yet. They do own a sizable stake of golden nugget gaming online, right? Sizable stake. Yes. Sizable stake. No pun intended, but Mitch good. Call-out that was pretty good. If I would have play on that, I mean, they're a steakhouse brand, but the question for me is they're going to, they're going to own, they're either going to get cash or draft king shares, right.

When that draft king steak goes through, I said steak again. So what, what are they going to do? Are they going to hold those draft king shares or are they going to sell them? And if they sell them, what are they going to do with all that money? Right. Are they going to acquire another restaurant business?

Are they going to build out their own restaurants? Or is this a restaurant company that maybe could pay dividends in the future? So FST has been on my watch. It's a little bit pricey for me here at 1252. I would've liked to grab this one at $10, but the reopening of restaurants, I just don't know Mitch, if we're fully there yet until a fast food places, open indoors and B there's a worker shortage still, right.

Restaurants. Can't hire people. There it is. Yeah. A labor issue. And so if you're a restaurant and you can't hire people, it hurts your customer satisfaction. It hurts your timeliness, right. And that affects your top line and your bottom line. So keep an eye out on this trade, Mitch, you said reopening. What about, um, there is a merger vote this month for a vivid seats.

H the C a C. Um, are we fully to that level yet where people are going to college? Um, so H Z a C horizon horizon. So are we to the point where people are going to concerts or concerts selling out, that's a trend to watch, right? We saw live nation shares. Start to run earlier this year on the reopening vivid seats.

They rely more on sports tickets than concerts and Mitch. If you're following college football, I think you've seen. That peep and pro football, right. That people are going to games. Those sets are full. So this is one that I'm watching this month with that merger vote. I wonder if we dip below $10 after the merger.

Um, and that's where I'll be looking as to maybe get shares under $10. Post-merger on H, Z. Yeah, definitely one that we start going back towards the trend that we're looking for. I would look for myself, Chris and I mean, I, myself already have looked up some tickets on vivid seats. Uh, further coming up. I got the nuggets versus Miami heat come into November.

And I'm trying to get front row seats, man. So the best way to do that is usually to scalp it off of a season ticket holder, right? I mean, you're not going to probably go straight towards the. Uh, let's say ticket master to try to kit, unless you go in through there, their season ticket kind of resale. And so we'll see what happens with this one, Chris.

I'll see if I get that dip down, I'll be looking for the same thing. All right, Chris, let's go ahead and let's talk a little bit more about some top specs that are out there. What are we expecting towards? So I'm going to go first and I'm going to call out maybe one or two, and then I'll let you kind of call out one or two.

Uh, first one, I'm going to take a look at is one that I expect in the long run, just one that hasn't ever turned away. And so sometimes we got to find those that, I mean, I can clearly say, I just don't expect it back down below $10 anytime soon. And if it ever did, I think we'd all go crazy at the opportunity.

So let's take a look. Um, P materials. Let's go, let's go to MP here. Alright. MP materials here. We are pulling back. So I will let you know. So it is on a big pool back right now, but I do like the chart and that's why I'm starting to call it out here. So if we take a look here at the weeklies, I think we're heading back down closest towards this support here of 29, but anywhere between 30 and about 27 50, I do like this stock has made multiple approaches to breakthrough.

40 has gone to a hundred. Of 51 77 and I'm going to be looking for it to come back down to support here all eight for my Benzinga pro users. And we'll look to see if it finds support somewhere there at 27 50, 28 fifteens. And then we'll look for that move right back up through forties and continuing to move through 15.

For 2022 is when I will say that would happen, but I'll be looking for this to kind of transitions into a support and then make its way back up towards the resistance. This is my, one of my calls, MP materials. And, uh, I'll let you go with one one here, Chris, what are you thinking? And then I'll jump in with one of my.

Yeah. You know, it's so tough to, to pick one. I continue to like, um, TDAC so and Mitch. I don't know if you've paid attention. I mean, I used to buy lottery tickets, right? For Powerball and mega millions Howard ball. Is that a record? Right? What happens when these jackpots hit record?

People buy a crap ton of tickets, right? So a company like, I think that could really help their financials. Right? Because as more people are buying tickets online, a major jackpot, like that is a big catalyst for them, right? It's a positive people are going to buy lottery tickets. Maybe I even, you know, take a dab at these lottery tickets, uh, with Powerball at home.

But this is a company, you know, again, online lottery and they own We saw what FUBU, what just happened with FUBU, right? Fumo sheriffs had gotten slammed, but they launched that sports book. And finally started that sports book integration and share started going up again. That's what happens when companies that say they're going to do sports betting, start to do sports betting, right?

It's a major catalyst, a major. So once a actually announces their sports betting plans and starts them. I think that's a win and a catalyst here. So TDAC, I continue. Yeah, keep it on and watch, we'll see what happens if it gets out of this 13 to 11 range, it's just stuck in that range. I would like to see a break out of that range and see it, get that upside.

Look, we'll see what happens with that one. The next one to mention. And I mean, man, it's, it's a hard one to mention here, because one thing that you're starting to see is. You have a lot of these EVs and these LIDAR ones that look good and all of a sudden turn back around, like for awhile there, I was starting to think, oh, well, I lay ZR.

Right. And then. What happens. We're still getting that red, monthly candles, right? I've been waiting for these to turn around. These are definitely on my radar for the next year. I can tell you that right now. That's what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to look further out in time and I'll come back to them at that moment.

But for me right now, one of the things that you gotta look at is what can happen going into the end of the year. And so would that be. Uh, I'm just going to stay on what some sports plays. So I actually just went after S E H a. This is going to be one that I'm going to take a shot on why? Because I've been seeing the volume come in it.

And if I see the. You guys know, sometimes I try to follow the volume here. Uh, so this is what I'm seeing here. Sideways action, trendline coming back down and you guys know how I like to draw out here. So this is what we're seeing right now. We've seen multiple pops trying to get above and even a pop that went above never closed above.

So that's the next thing we could see pullbacks that even let's say 9 87. That's kind of the line in the sand. If it breaks that it could go down towards nine 70, but we want to see a nice lift above 10 thirties and a big push through 11th. I think that you need to see some news come out for this to happen.

But for some reason, uh, last week we started really getting a lift. If you can see right here, it just trades two hundred thousand three hundred thousand five hundred thousand. Then all of a sudden we start going to 900,001 million. 1.5 million, 3 million shares traded. That's when I started getting interested in this one and I took my shot and H we'll see what happens from here.

If it does break the nine 80 sevens, I'll probably be stopping out. I actually have a stop place right now at nine eighties. Why? Because if it does go down there and guess what, guys, I don't want to be caught with the bag. That's not what the idea is here. The idea is for the stock to make a rip, if it doesn't make.

You got to go ahead and know where you're going to sell it and get out of the trade. Mitch. I hope the chat's ready for this cause uh, I can say that I also went long. S E a H last, whoa. I was able to grab shares at $10. I love that price point, right? $10 floor. Uh, sports betting. I mean, this is super group.

This is bat way. They have not completed the merger yet. There is not a date. So this is in my IRA because I think we're going to take a little bit of time here. Right? We need to get through the merger. We need to get changed over to the new ticker, the new name. So I'm holding for the long. Because I think once they are a peer play sports betting company, there is huge upside, right.

Look at other sports betting peer plays. Look at rush street, look at genius. Look at draft Kings. None of these come down below that $10 price point, right? They all trade higher golden nugget right there. People want peer play sports betting companies. It is a high growth area. Once sea age completes that merger.

I think those shares are going to be very attractive to people. Um, they, they have strong relationship with the NFL that we know very well from having Eric on our show. So Mitch, I like SCA H um, I also like the other sports betting ones. Right. I don't know if you saw this Mitch. I mean, I know I was hoping the Buccaneers would cover the spread last.

But 90, some percent of people that on the bucks to win by seven or more points. Right. They didn't. So what happens? Sports betting companies cleaned up, right? They made so much money this weekend because some of the favorites that were heavily. Lost or didn't cover the spread. That's a win for sports betting companies that already have these razor thin margins, right?

Because of your customer acquisition costs. If they can put together some big weekends, like they had this past weekend, I think earnings could be. This is what you always got to look out for guys. So we're going to be watching draft Kings to see if it holds its support. Always draw some lines, draw for yourself, see what you expect stocks to hold and go back to seeing what happened at that point.

Last time we got towards this point was right around here around the 43. We recovered up towards a 51 50 twos. If you guys remember, this is where I traded it at was 50 ones. And eventually went towards the price point that I was looking at, which was a $60 price point. Uh, then turned around from that 64 high, what we're going to look to see.

This one can find that weekly support. So it's coming right into that. Gonna run right into that around 47 or 46, I'd be looking for this to turn back around on the upside. If not, it could head down towards a major support going down towards 40, but I don't see much lower than that. RSI is one that I do see can pull back right now.

Chris, now be careful with this one because we've had seen a massive run up. So what I'm looking for RSI is either they get the new. And the stock goes slightly above, maybe to 22. I could see them getting that news acquisition. Um, let's see what happens if news comes out that there isn't going to be a deal.

This one could also come back down, I think closer towards 17 and 15. If it does get to 15, I'd be interested again to get in this one. As you guys know, I sold this one at 14, still to this day, like. Should he got back in at 11. So I was looking for 11, it went two to 12 and went right back through those levels.

We'll see what happens now that we've gotten it to do kind of these three pushes. Um, I always look for like the drives. Look how, look, how this one is. Uh, it drove up here. It drove up here and then it drove up right here. I think maybe you get one more drive towards 22, but after that you should see a little bit of a pullback.

We'll see if it gets back towards somewhere in this $15 area. That's a great call-out RSI match. Cause when you look at that, A lot of that valuation in the recent run-up is baked in from an acquisition. Right? What happens if they don't get acquired or, I mean, again, I think they get acquired, but the question is how quickly we're in the middle of the NFL and college football season.

To me, I think an acquisition would have happened before that. Right? You want to close that deal before these major sports betting events, because you want that extra, you know, If a deal gets announced. Now, I just think that it kind of takes attention away from whatever company acquires rush street.

Right. So unless if it's a company not already in the sports betting space, so maybe if. Remember how like ESPN wants to get into sports betting. Um, what's, uh, the new, uh, fanatics, right? If it's a company like that, I could see the playwright now, but for like a draft Kings or a pen or someone like that to acquire rush street, I just don't think it's going to happen right now in the middle of the football season.

Again, that's just my opinion, but I think as much said we could see a pullback on RSI because a lot of that is baked in all. And I just don't know if we're going to get an acquisition this quarter. All right. When the call out that I might take a shot on Chris, just because I could get my $10 back is B H S E Y.

Why? Because, I mean, we're starting to reach that year point, right? Yeah, B H S E. I actually own a warrants in this one, I think match because they were super cheap a while back. Yeah. I mean, this is a company looking at the sports industry and it's, you know, sports franchises, sports, entertainment, media, sports, betting.

It could be any of those, but yeah, the deadline, I'm not sure. I'll have to do some digging to see. But it has been around for a while, so good call out there. And again, it's the 17th of December. I mean, we'll have to verify that, but I believe it would be the 17th of December. And so you're talking about what they got to, uh, two months, a quick two months to get this done.

We'll see what happens here. Uh, but I mean, I just always look at these as if there are other 10 and they haven't taught. I mean, why not take a shot? Right. All right. Let's go ahead. We'll be wrapping up here guys. Like always you guys look it up. We'll see what happens with the maps. Maps is interesting because it's been holding the 14th support.

We'll see what happens in the cannabis industry. I know there was talks last week. Um, and the week prior, I think, uh, about, of course the banking and kind of how they could be thrown in with another bill. Um, look for. News for that to come out and guess what? Maps will start moving. I'll tell you that much, uh, we'll pay attention towards this one.

Looks like it's created a really good bottom at 14. We could see it rip through 16 with good catalyst. Let's pay attention to this because of. I mean, Hey, next thing he knows that 18 I'll keep watching maps too. It's actually getting interesting for me. I like that chart like this bottoming action multiple times to break down big volume coming in.

We now got slightly above that, holding it sideways. It looks like someone is in here and looking for upside move in maps. All right, that's going to do it for us. Chris, did you know, nearly all stock price changes of 10% or more result from a single news headline? That's right. News headlines have a unique ability to drive stock prices up or down.

These news catalysts create trading opportunities every day. All you need is a little help to reach out and take them. And if you're looking to grow your portfolio, it doesn't matter if your investment budget is small or big, an easy to read stream of news headlines will increase your opportunities to profit from price changes in the stock.

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