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1h 2m | Oct 11, 2021

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On Today's SPACs Attack Chris & Money Mitch get into The top-performing SPACs. Also, which have tanked? Find out on SPACs Attack.


Mitch Hoch


Chris Katje


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Unedited Transcript

What are traders? How are we doing out there? Hope you guys are ready for another specks attack. We have a great one. We're going to get into our headlines, our watch lists. We're going to get into some winners and losers. Then we'll talk about the calendar. What dates are coming up that you guys need to be informed on?

And of course, we'll get to some ticker time. Welcome to it. Specks attack hit the like let's get it started.

What's going on, everybody out there. Yes. I'm catching up with the chat. What's going on. Jason's blog. We are here. We are. We will see everything you put in that as comments. So if you're new to the show, definitely say hello, born to be free. Knows how we get it. Started smash the, like what? Spring on my man, Chris pedia.

What's up, man. What's going on brother? Yeah. How we doing? It's Wednesday. But for those of you out there who have not followed along with Benzinga TV this week, we will not have a show tomorrow or Friday because we have the wonderful Benzinga cannabis conference. Two days hybrid in-person New York and also live here on Benzinga.

So that means today will be our Friday show. I think Mitch, where we kind of do a little bit more casual, no interviews today. We're going to look at, we're going to take it back. We're going to do some headlines. We're going to talk about that deal. Announced. We're going to look at movers on our watch list.

We're going to take a peak at next week's calendar. As Mitch said, we're going to offer some trading ideas, some sectors to watch, and then we'll be taking your tickers from the chat like we normally do on a Friday. So again, a casual show here for those of you who are new to the show, um, I think you'll enjoy this one.

And for those of you who are normally here, you know, how we like to do on. All right, so I'm going to do something. I normally don't go out of the limb do in here, but I'm going to go ahead and say that we have over 170 people watching right now. If we get to a hundred likes today, I'll go ahead and take a trade live right here on the specs tech.

Of course, it's going to be more of a swing trade. I don't day trade specs. I don't think I've ever day traded a spec, but I can tell you right now, I don't mind taking a swing if you guys hit that, like I just might as well go ahead and do it. Let's go ahead. Let's get into our headlines first. I know that a lot of stocks are moving out there.

Some people are watching a stock that even, I didn't think would be up, but we'll talk about that. When we get to our watch list, first thing we do is get to our headlines and Chris do what do you do best and inform us, take us back.

All right guys. Yeah. Uh, let's talk headlines first here. So analysts notes out there. We have Jeffrey's initiating coverage on Sarcos technology. That's S T R C with a buy rating and a price target of $16. Our other big analysts note, this one was out yesterday. Um, I believe after the show aired was when I saw it.

Jasper therapeutics initiated, uh, by Oppenheimer with an outperform rating and a $21 price target. We're going to dive into Jasper later on, on the show. Today's big winner up over a hundred percent and then turning to news. We have, um, Lilium, L I L M, which recently. Uh, announced a partnership with ABB. So this is through Abbs E mobility division.

They will provide the charging infrastructure for Lilian's arms high-speed regional air network, which is scheduled for a commercial launch in 2024. Uh, so Lilium has announced plans to launch in Florida, Germany and Brazil with its seven Cedar Lilium jet again, Lilium, uh, 2024, the target date. So we are a little ways away.

Shares at 9 42 down 4%. Um, but a nice charging partnership here with a B, B, and we have genie genius sports. So we talk about this one, a lot on the show. Um, have to know, you know, we highlighted this a couple of weeks ago when arc funds, Kathy woods started adding Jeannie to the ETFs, right? So, uh, yesterday 338,243 shares of genie added to arc, w which represented point 178% of the ETF.

Now that doesn't sound like a huge percent right. Point one, 1 7, 8. This is a actively managed ETF though that shows its trades every night. This was the second largest purchase yesterday. Bye percent of an ETF by Ark. The only thing that beat at what's Teladoc, um, which was, you know, a higher percent, but now genie is slowly moving up the leaderboard with arc w so it is the 28th biggest asset in the ETF, $52.2 million.

And 1.04% of that ETF. So we've heard arc funds be bullish on sports betting and despite their bullishness up until adding genie, they only held draft Kings as their play on sports betting. Now they are going heavy into genie, which mentioned I both have called out. We'd love this one as the thing behind the thing arc looking to add an increase, the size of genie.

So definitely a watch this story, um, going forward, Kathy, Kathy, if you going to watch our show and take the trade, at least give us credit. I hope she watched that interview with a Niccolo. You know, maybe she should just add all the Niccolo DiMasi SPACs right, because that seems to be something that has worked out well for everyone.

Um, and G. I, to me, Mitch, you know, I covered this, I heard her and some of the analysts throw out these, you know, huge numbers for sports betting, right? Talking about the total addressable market. And it surprised me for them to be that bullish, throw out these huge numbers and only own draft Kings. I mean, draft Kings is a leader, but we talk about, you know, baskets, right?

You love basket approach. And it surprised me that that was just the only bat. Well then all of a sudden, a couple of weeks ago that Jeannie addition got added, right. And to me, I'd love that right. Draft Kings and Jeannie, I think are two of the best. In the sports betting market. What do you think match?

Well, a, I hope it's not like how Carl says in the chat. Uh, the woods kiss a death. I hope that that's not what happens there. I am still along genie guys that have this one. It's the only spec I've been on record to say that I try to hold for the tax advantage over the year. Um, and I'm still in that time, that same mentality.

I'm looking at this as an investment. I'm looking out for, honestly, this is one of those stocks that I could see myself holding forever. And it's crazy to say that because that would mean that I wouldn't be taking the gains. Right. But that's just how I feel about this. And I'm that convicted. If it does come down below my level, I'll probably go ahead and add to it.

And I'm just going to keep kind of building up my investment in genie and I'm in it for the long run. I definitely see the competitive advantage and that's what it's about, but no poison Ivy. Carl, I think a woods made a big pick here. Uh, we'll see what happens and how it pays off in the next couple of weeks.

Yeah. I mean, not everything that Kathy buys is going down. Um, so yeah, we'll, we'll follow the genie story here though, but I understand some people's, you know, cautiousness chasing some of her plays recently, we did get, uh, some exclusive news to Benzinga this morning. So, uh, boxed SVO K is the SPAC. Um, we had the CEO on our show not too long ago.

So box announced that they are expanding their e-commerce in the middle east, north Africa and Southeast Asia. So they partnered with 786 holdings who will use the proprietary technology of box for e-commerce software and services technology. Um, so 7 86 is going to use it in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt.

Oh man. Qatar, Bahrain, Turkey and Kuwait. Um, so this partnership will launch in the first half of 2022, starting with the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And this is a country with a grocery market expected to grow to $173 billion by 2025 and only 1.3% online sales penetration. So the two companies betting here that, you know, that country is ripe for disruption.

And I think this is strong for box, right? We know them as a bulk retailer, but they also have that proprietary technologies. That other retailers are using, and this is the perfect example of how box can expand. They also said that their partnership with AEI on, um, is progressing well, right? And that it will expand into Vietnam and other Southeast Asian markets.

It began with a partnership in Malaysia. So box anticipates that their spec merger will be closed in the fourth quarter. Um, and then we'll trade with the ticker B O X D. Um, if that merger is approved again, SVO K the current ticker, um, nice expansion for its e-commerce technology. We got DraftKings. I've just talked about a little bit with arc funds.

So DK N G draft Kings announcing a deal with the NHL. Um, so this is hot off the start of the season. We had two games last night. DraftKings will now be the, uh, a new official sports betting daily fantasy sports and I gaming partner. Um, but more importantly, this partnership also includes draft being the exclusive integration partner of NHL content on Turner sports platforms.

So Turner sports owned by at and T Turner has a multimedia partnership with the NHL announced in April, including, uh, games on TNT and other assets. So draft Kings now gets access to. NHL assets, including official marks and logos. They'll also launch theme sweepstakes and promotional efforts during the NHL season and special events like the winter classic and the playoffs.

And then again, DraftKings, we'll be able to do a variety of content for digital and linear media with that partnership through draft or through Turner sports and the NHL Turner sports also owns Bleacher report. Um, so DraftKings a nice move here, I think in their media segment. And then we did get a couple vote date sets.

So we have MCA D on October 27th with better therapeutics. And we have our TP Y with Aurora on November 2nd. And then talking about current votes. We have V I H M, which is merging with back. This is a possible, uh, cryptocurrency play. 40% of shares were redeemed. Uh, the ticker is expected to be BK K T on Monday, October 18th, with that deal approved.

And then also L O K B, um, merging with Navitas semiconductor. They received shareholder approval, L O K B. So keep an eye on that one. And then our one deal announced today. This one was rumored a couple days ago. Um, we actually saw a sheriffs halt due to the rumor, um, seat geek is going public with RBAC red, red ball, um, acquisition.

This is one we've talked about since our very first episode, Billy Bean of the Oakland A's behind the SPAC. So week valued at an enterprise value of $1.35 billion. The SPAC includes executives, uh, with experience across all four major us sports, MLB NBA, NFL, and NHL, and also several European football. A hundred million dollar pipe includes investors, a cell Ryan Smith, the founder of Qualtrics and the owner of the Utah jazz, and also Kevin Duran and rich layman's 35 ventures.

Public RBAC shareholders will own 28.5% of the company after the merger. So SeatGeek was founded in 2009 as a ticket aggregator. They've shifted their business model over the years. So they added a consumer marketplace in 2014 and an enterprise solution in 2016. They now count themselves as a vertically integrated mobile centric ticketing clap.

Their market share was 7.2% in 2019 for the secondary ticket market that grew to 10.9% in 2020 and is 11.5% through the first half of 2021. So I growing market share, they also count 36 of their customers as gen Z members, which is a growing focus of companies. Um, they do compete with vivid seats, which is going public with H Z a C.

So seat list and addressable global live entertainment segment worth $126 billion, 58 billion of that in the U S market. I said the enterprise business segment was added in 2016 and it has landed some big names. So listen to this, right? These are exclusive ticketing deals. So no other ticket companies have the rights to these.

We have the Brooklyn nets and the Barclays center, the Cleveland Cavaliers with rocket mortgage field house, Dallas Cowboys, 80 and T stadium and half of the English premier league teams. They said that they're continuing to add enterprise customers, including stadiums, our Rina's theaters, casinos, horse tracks, and golf of events.

They also talked about the pent up demand. From the COVID pandemic and they are already seeing that in the first half of 2021. Um, they, they showed that off in their charts and revenue. Uh, from 2016 to 2019 was growing at an annual rate of 70%. They did see the dip due to the pandemic $33 million in fiscal 2020, but they see fiscal 20, 21 ramping back up to 132 million.

And then fiscal 20, 20 to $345 million fiscal 2024, the target date for positive EBITDA with a projected $53 million. Again that ticker RBAC seat meek. Our big deal announced today. Mitch RBAC is one that we talked about our very first show, right? This was one that was focused on sports from the get-go.

It was rumored with Fenway sports group for awhile, right? The Boston red Sox, Liverpool football club and other assets. It could not work out a deal with them. So instead we have seat geek announced today. Do you have any experience using seat geek? I don't think I've ever used their ticketing platform, but it sounds like this is a big one.

Well, I I'll clearly say I don't want to talk about the red Sox even though. Probably should have been the red Sox, but let's, let's talk a little bit more about SeatGeek. SeatGeek is like you said, it's a reseller just the same way as you would see vivid seats, or you would also see stub hub. Uh that's the other one, right?

Stub hub is owned by, I think Ticketmaster, right? I was owned by eBay. They sold it. Um, and now I was thinking it was private equity. Now that might be private equity, but I mean, just to compare, those are the three competitors. Let's just be, let's just be just as transparent as we can be. Those are the three, the one that I've used is vivid seats.

Vivid seats is the one that I've found the cheaper pricing and I've found more ticket options. Why? I think that. Get to more of the season, uh, sellers, like the season ticket sellers. And they have probably a way that they're re advertising to those sellers. Like, Hey, do you want to keep putting your tickets out there?

And I think that's probably what it is. I personally, haven't sold a ticket on any of these platforms. So I can't tell you exactly that. That's what it is. I'm going to be looking more into that. So if you guys have sold some tickets on these platforms or ever been a kind of a season ticket holder and sold to these platforms, let us know, because we'd love to find out a little bit more about this.

Um, and like you said, if they do have exclusivity for certain tickets, that's going to definitely help. I mean, like you said, it ex the, the, my favorite word right now. And the market is exclusivity. Yeah. I, I mean, Metro, we're talking some big names, right? Dallas Cowboys at and T stadium, one of the largest stadiums in the U S um, they're the exclusive partner with them?

Uh, the Cavaliers right in the NBA, uh, half of the English premier league teams. I mean, for us in the U S I think we always forget about how large those soccer stadiums are when you're talking about reselling tickets to these large soccer stadiums. I think that's huge. Um, I remember, uh, you know, years ago when I owned, um, I hate to say it here, uh, Season tickets.

Right. Um, if I wanted to resell my tickets, uh, there was an exclusive resell platform. I think it was through ticket master. So I couldn't just sell my tickets, you know, on certain exchanges. If I wanted to, you know, link it to my actual tickets and do the best ease of use, I had to use the exclusive partner.

So that's what, you know, SeatGeek seems to really be focused on here is landing these enterprise deals. So they essentially like pay the Cowboys to be the partner. Right. And they're paying that upfront fee, but in their presentation, they said that by year two, they're breaking even on these deals. And then in year three, year four year five, there's huge upside.

Right. So I think they probably had to pay out a decent amount with some of these big teams, right. Cowboys, Cavaliers. But now they're going after, you know, our Rina's concert venues, um, golf venues, right. Again, as you said, that E word exclusive. It's all about exclusivity to try to beat your competition here.

So I liked that approach by them also gen Z. I mean, you, you know, I think the fact that they're so highly regarded by gen Z, that's 36% of their customers. I like that. I mean, mobile first, right? I mean, gen Z is not exactly, you know, selling paper tickets. Right. It's all done online. It's all mobile. Um, so they, they cater to that market and I like that approach.

So again, I've never used seat geek. I've never used vivid seats. Guys let us know in the chat. If you have. I did see Carl saying he liked vivid better. Um, I've used Ticketmaster. I've used StubHub. I've used others, but I don't know these two, but based on what I've read, I like CEX approach here, you know, laid out today.

All right. So, uh, I'm doing a little research as you're speaking. You're not buying tickets to anything. Are you, you know me? I like to do a little research, bro. So. Uh, I'd like to bring something extra to this chat and see if we can find something. So you were talking about this, literally I'd looked it up for us here.

It says not. I'll try to zoom in a little bit more so we can see it a little bit better. So it says season ticket holders can also sell tickets on multiple sites due to the contract. The NFL has with the ticket master, all NFL tickets need to be listed onto the NFL ticket exchange before. Any other platform.

So that's how they're doing it. They first listed on that one and then you can log into your seat geek account manager, go through the process of listening your tickets as you normally would. And you'll see that they are sent over to the NFL ticket exchange first. So that's the way to get around that, Chris.

So Hey, some value. That's interesting. Yeah. You know, now that you say that, I think, yeah. I had to list my lions tickets on ticket master. Um, and again, it's not that I couldn't list them other places, but it just seemed like a pain in the butt right. To, to list them other places. So maybe seat geek with the Cowboys.

Maybe that's not as big of an exclusive deal, you know, as I thought, um, you know, if Ticketmaster's still getting first dibs here, so, uh, maybe skip vivids skip seat geek can just go to LYB live nation, you know, instead, and, and by the winter here with ticket master, but again, I like these reopening plays, right.

We need. With the spec deals being announced. I think this is a good time for some of these reopening place to go public. Right. We were seeing that with vivid. We're seeing that with seat geek. Um, yes. Solar saying posting season tickets for sale has destroyed any and all chances of waitlist members to ever get season tickets.

Mitch, I don't know if you saw the Packers thing the other day, Darren rebel tweeted that he's like, I don't know, number 5,000 on the Packers season ticket list. Now, like that list is just insane. Like you put your name on it, you have to wait like hundreds of years, it can get passed down through your family after you pass away.

And then maybe your grandkid can someday have Packers season tickets because of the way they do it. Um, you know, so I mean props to the Packers, they've built a loyal fan base. They have a great system in place, but to me, you know, I don't think I'd want to be a fan if I had to wait a hundred years for your first season tickets for that.

And we're not even talking about like a, you know, top of the line stadium, right. We're talking about the freezer bowl. Yeah. Limbo is a little outdated too. So yeah, it's a Bleacher seat. Yeah. So, uh, but yeah, shout out to them. They've been doing it for a long time and people enjoy it. So, but Mitch, that's the headlines.

That's our deal. Uh, should we get into the watch list and talk about what's moving out there. Of course we can. Let's go ahead. Let's get into our watch list. I hope you guys had fun. Got some value out of that live research done for you guys. Let's go ahead and get into our watch list.

all right, team. Let's take a look. See what stocks we have moving on the day right now looking like red. Why you're, why would red wire be moving today, Chris? Yeah, so red wires, one I highlighted a week ago. It had a room. Um, a video that circulated around of an executive with red wire, um, saying that a Amazon partnership could be announced.

So put that on the back burner for a minute. Right? Cause that has not been announced, but red wire landed a deal with NASA. I mean, we all know how important NASA deals are for sweats, right? So I mean, if you're not getting NASA deals and you're a space stock, you're, you're probably missing out on some potential revenue.

Right. Um, but they landed a deal with NASA. And this is for critical navigation components for NASA is Lucy mission to study Jupiter's Trojan asteroids. So again, as we try to land, you know, and go to all these different planets, Jupiter, you know, being a new target, um, this is going to be launched no earlier than Saturday, October 16th, from space launch complex at Cape Canaveral space force station in Florida.

So, so, you know, October 16th is what I just said. So today's the 13th. So we have the run-up and shares today. If this flight launches this weekend, we're probably going to get another run-up next week, right? This is what happens. Same thing with like a Virgin galactic, right? You announce the launch window.

Then you announce the launch date that you actually launch. That's the three times that shares can move just based off of one event. So that's why like, with these space stacks, I always like to look and play that trend, but also. I mean, Mitch, we, we, we watched, uh, off, off air here that, that slip of the tongue, possibly by red wire saying an Amazon partnership could be coming again.

I don't think that's baked into the price at all, but I also think, you know, that's just a rumor at that point, but this NASA deal, I mean, I remember following red wire when it was Genesis GNP, K and I called it, you know, a mini space ETF, a space infrastructure play. I like red wire. And I can say that I am long RDW shares.

Um, I liked this one going forward as a space. What, what you guys heard it there and we'll be watching for, it looks like Carl's trying to watch that thing live, baby. Yeah. We might have to get Carl a set up with a camera down there in Cape Canaveral with all the space of

our spacer reporter live in Florida. Carl. So yeah, let let's do that. Yeah. But yeah, so I I'm seeing a couple of people mentioned in the chat, right? Shatner. We got to talk about blue origin, right? Mitch. So blue origin. Yes. Did he go to space? He did. He's 90 years old. He became the old. Person in space officially today.

So again, that was on blue origin. This is a short flight, right? The same thing that Jeff Bezos recently did similar to Virgin galactic. So Mitch, how are space stacks doing today? You know, red wire, obviously up big 7% on that deal with NASA, but how is like Virgin galactic and Astra and rocket lab? Are we going to get that, you know, space run now with today's flight from blue origin?

What do you think I'm seeing space up to. I mean, it's not giving you a monster move, but definitely giving you the lift. Right. That's what I was looking for. I even mentioned it yesterday. I'd look for SPC to get a lift. What did you do today? Gets a left. Who knows where we might see this one end up the day could end up trading about like four or 5%.

I think right now we're up about 2%, 2.4%. Uh, we'll see if this one can continue trading on up S P C E not a bad luck. Yeah, I mean, and you called this one out. I talked about this one, right? You've got William Shatner, a big celebrity going to space. That's a big news item, right? Blue origin got a ton of publicity, a ton of positive comments on this.

Virgin galactic has booked some celebrities. I don't know where they fall in line. Right. But we have a Leonardo DiCaprio. Justin Bieber, I think is on that list match. Can you imagine when Bieber goes to space, I mean, maybe he'll release a new song before he goes up. Maybe he'll sing in space. I don't know.

And then also Elon Musk is on that Virgin galactic list. So you've got some big names. They haven't announced their next flight yet. You know, as I just said with red wire, follow the story, follow the trend. As soon as they announced their next flight, you're probably going to see another leg up in the shares.

But I think the blue origin thing today, tiny patch saying, leave him up there. Um, I I'm, I'm guessing that was in reference to beaver, but yeah, maybe he'll just become a new, a new space man, and just sing and release albums from space. So, uh, yeah. Hey, we'll, uh, we'll be looking forward towards that live concert in space.

Uh, we'll see if we get it, man. I really don't want Bieber to come back just to be for please believe. We're we're, we're the believers that man, come on, we've got to have a believer to the moon guys. Let's keep going. Uh, a S T R is another one that I was going to see what was going to happen to it today.

It's actually trending down on this news, which is interesting. Uh ASTs is another one that I was going to look at kind of turning sideways. Not really doing much there. Uh, we'll see what happens on ASTs yeah. Rocket lab RKL B I think was flat Mitch. So, um, it looks, oh, now we're down. Oh, just barely. Um, yeah, so it's a flat on the day rocket lab.

Um, so again, it looks like Virgin galactic was really the big way to play this blue origin flight. And that shouldn't be a huge surprise to anyone who's watched the show before. And Mitch called that out earlier this week. I think that was really the, the big way you could play the blue origin flight.

Cause again, blue origin is not publicly traded. It was founded by Jeff Bezos, but it's not owned by Amazon. Um, so really, if you want to exposure to the space tourism market, uh, Virgin, Galactic's the way. So that's, that's the pair trade there. All right. Let's keep going in the watch list. See what we're seeing moving.

We got skills on the move skills bouncing on up there today. I think it got some coverage. Was that was it was that, yeah, it looks like a, maybe an investor letter or a investor. I'm talking about this one positively. So we have, uh, Banyan Banyan hill Peck. Um, so you know, that we're up what, almost 6% we hit over $9 earlier today, 9 0 8.

And I mean, that was the highest sheriffs have been in, in about a week. Um, we got a nice dip last week and I did say that I was looking at this one right around that $8 mark. Um, cause again, I don't think I'd play this one. Long-term Mitch, but I think the story for me is that NFL game. I just still believe that they have to release that NFL game at some point.

And not to say that that game is going to be a huge winner. It's going to get, you know, millions of people that download it or play it. But I just think when that news is announced, we're going to see people come back to skills. Right? Because that was one of the big catalyst earlier this year was when they said they had an NFL game coming.

So to me, that's the story. Um, but I really wanted to get at eight. So I'm probably just sitting on the sidelines here for now. I'm getting to the point, I'm just gone from this stock. I mean, that chart looks like it's gone. So I, I tried to say that it would come back to 10 and that's where take the turn.

And I remember calling that out back when it was like a $30, but now it's gone to these levels. I'm just staying away completely like to me, you can't tell me to grab skills. I just can't see, because to me it was always about, um, kind of this tech stack and the idea of dumb, like producing, uh, for these games and then going towards maybe even like a gambling solution, uh, for these games.

And I just don't see it. I just, uh, literally, I, I don't see them pushing the gas pedal, if anything, I see them pressing the brake and looking left. Right. Trying to find a way out. That's just what I see. Um, I'm going to stay away from this one, but then again, if you look at a comparable game, uh, I would compare it to maybe Zynga.

And if you see Zynga has been struggling also, and this was a major pick of the year by a lot of people. And so to me right now, mobile gaming just isn't there, Chris. And so I'm staying away some hit games. Right? And that's one of the things I recently wrote about Zynga. They have a decent fourth quarter coming.

Um, they have Farmville three, which doesn't sound like a huge game. Right. Cause some of Farmville has died out, but Farmville was really a game. You could only play through Facebook. I mean, I remember that years ago, Mitch, cause I I'm old enough to remember when mobile games started through the Facebook platform.

Right. So you could play Farmville and then in the back here or your firemen in the back, I mean, I think we're going to see some people, you know, that played Farmville earlier in their. Reminisce and go back and play Farmville three, and also think that has a star wars game coming next year. Um, you know, we, we all know how star wars games can perform, right.

They can be big hits or, you know, fans can just hate, hate the storyline and how it doesn't follow the movies. Um, so we'll see how that one does too, but I think you're right. Mobile gaming there just there hasn't been, you know, as big a hit recently. Right. Um, you know, we used to see Farmville candy crush, some of these big names, you know, people were playing them nonstop.

You'd go somewhere in a public place. I mean, Pokemon. You'd see people, you know, all playing them. And I think, you know, we just don't see that as much because the console games and the PC games is really where everyone has shifted or the, the metaverse right. Your roadblocks, um, you know, your kids are playing roadblocks, Minecraft, you know, these other games that not playing, you know, mobile games as much.

So I think you're right there. Um, with that one Mitch, the other big, uh, winner today, uh, Jasper, right? J S P R w. We gotta talk about this one quick, but I always caution people, right? Because we're up 110% on this. This thing was halted a couple times to. So for those who don't remember, Jasper therapeutics was, uh, did go public via SPAC.

So this was a M H C, and this was a small biotechs back. Right. Which is something we've talked about on the show. It then saw heavy redemption. So we had around 90% of shares redeemed, which made a flow of under a million shares. So you guys all know what can happen on low float names. Right? So we already saw a run-up right.

This thing already took off. I used to own AMHC shares. I played this for the DCE back redemption. I made my money and I got out. Right. And then what happened? Sheriffs came all the way down to what like $7, $6 or something. Um, but then what happened, Oppenheimer comes out with a $21 price target and all of a sudden people are like, Hmm, I, I like that.

Right. It's $6 stock that someone's saying it's worth $21 share, started to move up and then ass shares started to move up and get volume because it's a low flow. This thing just took off. Right. And that's what happens. But what happens on the flip side, right? Is that we could see shares come crashing back down.

So please be careful if you're in JSP, R I'm not in this time. I already did my trade on this one. But this is a low float. So, you know, just be cautious chasing this one here. It's definitely so much. I'm not even going to give you levels cause I don't want anyone trying to make trades based off no levels on JSP are.

I'm not going to try that one. Let's keep going. Let's get into the next one. Uh, let's go to two. Uh, well we, we talked a little bit about, uh, S T RC a little bit already. Uh, we can take a look. Latch is trading up higher than, uh, $10. They're starting to get towards 10 0 9. Maybe keep your eyes on that. Uh, petty and near up towards 8 41, really kind of going sideways.

Not much there. At least I can see a Proterra, one of the stocks that I'm watching to see, when are we going to get back above $10? Or this is a stock that's tried to make. Lowe's multiple times tried to spike multiple times. What I always look for is, is after that third one, can we get through that trend for me?

You could easily call this trend line. You could see this spike right here. You just kind of draw it down to the, the connections and you want to get it back above those levels to see it really start getting struggle again, as you can see, there was some big volume here. So we are starting to take an approach here.

We've seen this kind of downward action and you guys know how I like to see kind of three attempts. So, all right, now I only have one and two to go off of. I would maybe look for another pullback towards that level and then a breakout through 10, because I don't have those three attempts to break down.

Two attempts to break down. That's what I'm seeing at least for right now. Definitely there there's a lot of movers out there today. Match-ups in alive cars. What do we got? What have we got another pig? Yeah. And Hey, I own Proterra shares too. Um, again, this is one of the ways I'm playing electric buses. I still think we're going to get some deals with the U S government with these cities.

Um, so to me, this is a longer term approach, right? For pro Terra, because I think, I mean, you heard it when we talked to EO yesterday talking about, you know, year up, how far ahead they are. They've got electric buses all through their big cities. Right. And then they, they have to charge them. We don't have as many electric buses here in the U S which I think is something that needs to be fixed.

So I like it. I like pro Terra, you know, for that reason. So, uh, I I'm with you, Carl. Um, and we'll see how we do in a couple of years, but that's how I'm approaching. All right, let's go ahead. Let's catch up in the chat here. It looks like someone, people are mentioning FSR. We can go ahead and get into FSR. I don't mind touching that one.

Um, it's still kind of a long output type of thing. Of course, we've talked about it. Uh, we're looking for Fisker to come out with some news going into November, as they're going to show up on that LA, uh, conference. I'm still looking to maybe go and head out there. We'll see if I'm able to sneak out out there and catch the ocean, uh, but we'll keep it on watch.

How has efforts are doing right now? Uh, finding a little bit support here multiple times is to try to find support at 14. So to me, that's the line in the sand to be cracks 14. We can go all the way down, I think towards 10, but if it holds 14 here, you could be starting to push back up towards that 20. Um, I at least could draw kind of that downward trend here, all T from my pro.

Uh, you can guys can see that we've tried to come up through this level multiple times before we've had a pullback. Now it just needs to kind of hold that 14 and get on up there through eighteens. The next level from there would be 20. It looks like November 19th is the date. I'm seeing Mitch for the start of the LA auto show.

So we are, we're getting close to being a month away. Um, so I think, uh, it's still a little early on the run for Fisker, um, for that November auto show catalyst, but I just, I think that's going to be a big deal. Cause I think they're not only going to unveil the ocean and show off all those features. I think they're going to update us on the payer, right?

Th this smaller, lower priced car, um, that was part of that, uh, Lordstown motors deal, right. That was signed with Foxconn for that plant in Ohio. Fisker is going to be able to have some of their vehicles produced there. And they actually said that that could, uh, that could, uh, speed up the timeline of the pair vehicle.

So something to keep in mind, we could get some news from Fisker to Chris. It could speed it up. Did you rewind that? Go back to when the news first came out and ride? What did I say about fiscal? Yeah. I mean, that's the thing, like we, we talked about that, that you got to pay attention to the, to these stories guys.

Cause we want these cars created where, so you don't get all these shipping and taxes that I think you're going to start seeing, coming into car industry. If a car comes from outside of the United States, it is going to get taxed heavily in the future. So I think that's another thing that they're looking at is how can we bring that into the states?

Get around that and then. There you go, you start seeing a higher lift and where the margins, where we need to focus on, especially when we're talking to the Evie industry, because high margins can help you get around, let's say, low sales. So we'll keep a watch and see what happens with Fisker. One of the things that I'd point out in Fisker is what did we get in September?

We actually got a kind of harmony candle, but let's call it a green candle. It was a green candle here. And so what that haven't been talking about is, is it okay to tax stocks in specs, especially if we're seeing a monthly green candle behind it. Now let's take a look here. Just that, just to kind of point, like let's say skills, what do you see on there?

You see nothing but red, nothing but red. And so until that kind of changes, that's why I say like, there's certain stocks you guys can find that are making a little bit of a turnaround. And there's certain ones that. Mitch one more real quick. And then I want to turn to our calendar and then we want to get to tickers.

I already see some questions in the chat. Keep those questions coming, drop your tickers in there. Mitch, how about AGC? So this is AGC merging with grab. This is a, uh, Asian play on micro mobility. Um, e-commerce, uh, you know, some different areas. They've got their hands in a couple areas. This was the largest spec deal announced, right?

This is a huge, huge deal with that. We do have a little bit higher of a float. Um, I'm seeing a flow of around 50 million shares, but the one thing that's creeping up with AGC is that it's getting a heavy, short interest, right? So according to Benzinga pro I'm seeing 35% of the float traded. Um, I, again, we've seen this happen, especially in D specs, right?

That when there's heavy, heavy, short interest, plus you're going to have heavy redemptions possibly, you know, we could see this be a high volatile stock. Um, so AGC is on the calendar for later this year, tentatively. So this is one that I'm watching much anything you're seeing with AJC there, uh, just a bottoming action kind of type, but nothing really that you can go off of.

You just got to go off a 10, right? Uh, but is this, uh, an attempt, one thing that I would look for is for this doc to kind of do that redemption, maybe make a breakdown towards like seven, eight heavy redemption, next thing you know, it comes back roaring. And so that's what we're going to be looking for. I wouldn't take a shot now because I have no bottom approach.

I have no nothing to go off of. If I go off to 10, I'm very much going get stopped out and then just do the same move that I'm looking for. So I'm gonna wait for that kind of heavy redemption signal to show me that, Hey, all right. The short is, we're not only looking to knock this down, but they're also the people on the long side are looking for the out.

And so you have the logs looking for the out the shorts pressing down, and that's how you really get a nice short squeeze, right? You have logs getting out shorts pressing down and all of a sudden the shorts start covering. And that actually helps the squeeze. And then boom. Someone goes long on it, and then they just break out those other shorts that were setting sitting on the top of that.

We'll see what happens on this. Mitch. You wanna check out, uh, Evie go I'll D I'll take a look at that for our watch lists. Let's get into some of our calendar dates. What's out there, Chris, what should we be paying attention to in the next coming weeks? Yeah. So tomorrow we've got a couple big ones. We've got a VIH merging with back, right?

So this is a crypto currency play. Um, so we all know how people try to find, you know, crypto stocks, right. And how they move in reaction to the price of Bitcoin VIH. Once it completes this merger, it's going to be a cryptocurrency exchange. I think we're going to see this one, um, you know, have some nice moves over the next month.

The big question is, you know, how. How, you know, low, is it going to go, how high is it going to go? We did have 40% of shares redeemed that wasn't an incredibly high number. So the floats still going to be over 10 million shares. This one has popped up on some short interest lists though, too. So, uh, something to follow with VIH, we also have vivid seats, right.

Which we just talked about, uh, tickets, right. Merging, uh, their vote tomorrow, H Z a C Hort horizon acquisition. Um, so that's another one to watch, right? Because people are looking for, you know, a reopening place we're already at 10 20. We're already starting to see that spike above 10. I don't know if we'll be able to sustain that looks like we're already coming back down.

Um, but keep this one on, watch the other big vote tomorrow, Mitch, uh, Lego like Gatto merging with Algoma steel. We're at 1123, uh, full disclosure. I own shares of Lego. I've been in this one since it was units before a deal was even announced. I like steel. I also own steel dynamics. Uh STLD steel stocks have been on fire this year.

Right. Um, Mitch, what do you think, uh, is this one that could see some analysts notes and the call-out on, you know, being a peer play in the steel industry. I know you look at sectors a lot. Um, how has industrials and steel, how have those traded this year and you know, how have the trends. Yeah. So what I would say about steel is that we're talking about inflationary environments, right?

We're in an inflationary environment. And whenever you're in an inflationary environment, what gets some higher value is actual hard assets like the actual item. And so that's why you've seen kind of these commodity trades really get hot this year is for that exact reason, whenever you're an inflation, you're expecting to see that rise in price in what, in the materials, behind the things that you're building.

So clear, examples, steel here. Yeah. Steel prices are going to go up in an inflation environment. So in my eyes, this is not a bad playdate. Definitely keep in mind. And a lot of people have been taking steel trades. Like let's say CLF, uh, cliff, uh, cliff is one that I could show you guys, Cleveland cliffs.

Let's take a look on the daily chart and I'll show you guys exactly what this one kind of did. Look at this. Look at all throughout. Like, look, look at, look at this sideways from 2017, all the way to 2021, it didn't do anything like just literally went sideways. But then look at this year, look at this that's different.

That's an inflationary environment and it playing into steel here. All right, one more, Chris. I think we got, uh, we got actually two more this week. We got, uh, I think, uh, GSA H one that I used to keep an eye on. Right. Yeah. GSA H is an interesting one, right? This is myriad on technologies. They do radiation hardware, software and alignment.

So they're big and nuclear power plants, which doesn't exactly sound like a growth industry. Right. But they're also a leader in radiation for hospitals, urgent care clinics, dental offices, that offices, um, we all know how big the healthcare industry is. Um, this is one I think could also get some analyst attention, right.

As a peer play in the health segment. Um, so this is one to keep on, watch a merger vote next week. We've got a couple more next week. We'll be back on Monday and we'll take a look at next week's calendar. Um, that, uh, Mitch, how about the chat? What do we got for, uh, comments here? I know what's EBV go. The one that someone might.

Yeah, I saw Eby go in the chat. And if you guys want to throw up some tickers, go ahead and do so we'll definitely take a look at them. Like always guys, let's go ahead and do some ticket time ticket time.

All right. Let's take a look at UV goes mentioned in the chat. I want to go ahead and take a look at it. E V go, you know, it's easy when they put the actual company name as a check, the ticker. I love the ticker. Yeah. I always love that. I'm like, you can't forget that one. All right. Let's take a look here.

What are we starting to see? I started to see a bottoming action start forming, but what do I need to see when you see reversal from here? Um, that you could go off of this low, right? I could try to attack the seven sixties. I could see why you would want to do that. But what I would look for is actually another break of that seven 60 and then eventually every covering of eight 50, these are the types of stocks that what I want to do is I want to wait for the trend to completely the change.

The monthly candle is going to be a lot of that is going to show you that you're starting to see slowing patterns, right? So if you see a bigger bar, little or bar, a little or a bar, lower bar, what does that show you? The momentum is slowing down on the downside, but it still hasn't flipped up. And so that's what I'm looking for.

Right? I'm seeing that momentum come down, trying to see the bottom, but I don't want to overreact. If the next thing you know, you get another extension down. And so we'll see when these really start coming back roaring, I think this all has to do, and I keep on saying it it's all about that infrastructure bill.

And once that's going through and what exactly that's going to do for these companies, that's what you need to be paying attention to. And it sucks because I mean, at the end of the day, it's out of our hands, right. It's in the government's hands. We'll see what happens and we'll see how these stocks. All right, catching up with the chat.

What do you see out there? What else we got in the chat? I saw so many tickers flying. Um, I saw so Phi, we just talked about so far earlier this week. Um, so far it looks like it could be headed to 20. Um, again, you know, this is one where it's gotten some analyst upgrades, it's gotten some nice call-outs and they still have that looming bank charter decision, which could be a, a big positive, or a potential, you know, negative catalyst, depending on what is said.

So, uh, I am long, so far, um, you know, full disclosure there, but again, I got in earlier than this, so I don't know if I would chase right at the moment, maybe look for a pullback. Um, but I think we do hit 20 here, um, fairly soon, but. When we were going down, when we started seeing that tick down, or what do we say?

Close green. You got to close green bottom to go off of. And that's all we're looking for guys, especially with these specs. I can't stress it enough if you're not seeing those, the change in trend on the weeklies. And monthly's, it might not be the stock to come after. All right. Catching up with the chat.

What other ones being mentioned looks like? What is the status of that? N D uh, any AA bill? Uh, honestly, I think it's still just being talked about still being pushed back and forth and nothing conclusive just yet. Uh, the next one up, do you want to maybe grab one? Let's say, uh, it looks like TMC being mentioned in.

Yeah, the TMC guys. Um, I, I don't want to be too negative on this one. Um, Antonio, it looks like you're new to the chat too. So shout out to you. I saw your comment that you finally are joining us live. Um, so thanks for joining us TMC. It has a lot of hype. I saw this one get picked up by some of the trader groups out there for me, you know, maybe a good concept, right.

You know, mining minerals off the sea floor. I just think they're, they're so far away from actually producing revenue and, you know, materials. So for me, I'm staying away from TMC. I'd rather be in like an MP and P materials cause they're actually mining stuff right now. Um, but that's me personally on TMC.

I just, I think it's too far out here. Definitely one that I would avoid, like the plague. I think there's one that could go to. I hadn't said that. Yeah. And I thought, uh, it mentioned in the chat Zack talking about Tesla. So yeah. Tesla has been buying some minerals stakes and some companies. Um, I think we're early on the sea mining though.

I don't know if Tesla is going to get involved in that. So, you know, that's just all speculation. Those same rumors have been out there since like February, so nothing new, um, you know, for Tesla and TMC that I'm aware of. So I just stay away from this one. Definitely a it's just one that I just, sometimes I ask myself, do I see it coming to fruition?

I could see this one being one of those, that two, three years down the line we find out, oh, we can't do it guys. We can't do what we expected to do. Not to say anything bad about them, but just that's what I feel. And so if I feel that way, I'm definitely going to stay away. It's a red flag for me. And until I see the trend coming.

Let's still be in the red flag for me. Let's go ahead. Let's keep going. Uh, maybe we got to smash that like to we're at 66 likes match. I thought we were going to hit a hundred today. Guys. You see me take a trade? I said, I'd take a trade. If you guys got to a hundred, what's going on out there, guys. You guys don't want to see me.

I take a swing. I got no problem. Let's go ahead. Let's catch up with the chat. One of the ones being mentioned here, um, looks like we have some people talking about let's. Let's see what we got. W E vintage wine estates. This is one I've talked about several times. Yeah, we're we're under 10. Again, if you look at the past couple of weeks, we saw some, you know, some trends, some moves higher.

Um, you know, I still like this one because compared to its competitors, it trades at a lower price. Multiple. We have Telsey coming out with a $14 price target. Um, they also acquired, uh, a, I think a e-commerce wine company, Mitch, if I'm not wrong here, but NASA back in September, a direct to consumer wine club, um, was 60,000 members.

So I remember having the guys on and, you know, they've got wine at different price points. I like that direct to consumer e-commerce approach too. So I liked the story here with VWE. I think we probably dip back down though. What do you think on the chart here? The chart says is a little bit of a dip there, but you've had a couple spikes to this trend line.

I would look for the next one to be the one to really get it going. Um, reason. Why is that? I always look for kind of bottoming action and I want to see on the weeklies. Let's go ahead and go back. You can see here, you, what do you see? You see up one down one up two down to. Up three down three, let's create a support down here towards nine fifties.

And then from that point, come back up through this trend line. That's when I would look for the breakout, if it breaks down from here, you can get avoided by looking for that move back to trend line, versus trying to catch the bottom of the dip or try to call the bottom. All right. So that's going to be it for VIN, uh, vintage wine estates.

I'll tell you one thing, Chris. I, we do need to go ahead and reach back out. Not for an update, but for some wine ourselves. Yeah. Yeah. I tried to get that wine taste testing for a Friday, unwind. Uh, I'm going to have to follow up and see if we can nail that down. Cause I think that'd be pretty exciting for, uh, for, for Benzinga employees, but also maybe we could do it, you know, live on Benzinga TV too.

What do you think? Uh, I think there would be great. You know, one thing we could do is we can get a whole bunch of people in the. Get a shipment sent there. Then we can do a little tasting, right? Why not? Exactly. Let's go ahead and do it. We'll go ahead and try to get it for you guys hit that, like everyone pinkies up likes or climb and they're getting their match.

We almost had it. I don't think today is going to be that live trade though. But maybe next week we can, uh, we can do well. It looks like the trade. Uh, the show is being so engrossing. Look at this, that I forgot to smash the like Robert using the vocab word for me. Let's keep going. 11 more likes guys. We got about one minute left.

Can we do it? I'm seeing a 93. I'm seeing 93 minutes. Last one. I'm going to take a look at is one that, uh, Carl's talking in the chat. He's saying maybe a potential bottom on the body, the beach. I don't know about you guys, but I've been working on the beach body, but haven't been working on the stock here.

I did make some profits on the last move up. Um, when we, when we actually kinda got a profit move, now we're starting to see this bottoming action. I actually had an alert to alert me today, Chris, if it broke five 15 and it did alert me, it let me know that the, the bid went towards five 14, and then it held there.

So now we're starting to get sideways action. Really close. Those is five. Yes. It could be the bottom there I've talked about. I want to dip below five so that I could start taking my shot and body. But if you guys get there, it just might be right now to a hundred. I think we hit it. I think we hit it right before noon, but uh, it's going to be your call here.

Did we hit it in time? A hundred. All right. All right. Let's what are we doing? Let's have some fun. So right now, Uh, as far as specs and what I own, I own S E a H I own D M and I own genie. Those are the three specs that I own right now. Let's go ahead and make it one more. All right, let's do this. Let's do this.

Let's see what we got. I was going to way I was going to be like, uh, be a little picky here, but you know what? Uh, I'll start it and I'll have some fun here. Let's let's do it. I said, I'd take a trade. Right? What's it going to be? A lot of people are wondering how not going to meet TMC, guys. I know that you could definitely sure.

You can bet on that one. I don't think it was going to be TMC at all. Uh, but we'll see what happens with this one. I'm going to take a starter here. Okay. So it's not the full position that I expect, but I'm definitely taking the starter order out. Let's see if I get a.

It's just sitting there. Come on, come on baby. Feel me.

All right. So should, she'd got a bill. Someone said you should be like Kathy and buy more genie. That's Jay in the chat. Do a Kathy buy more genie. I liked that move by, by Cathy. Still with Jeannie. I like it. I think. Yeah. I think it's going to keep going higher. All right. Let's see if I got my fill here.

Not getting a field. Come on guys. Come on. Market maker, take my offer. Come on.

All right. So I still haven't gotten a feel. I'll just tell you at least what I got an order out for. I got the order out for the body here. I'm taking my shot. Here we go, body, body. I'll get in that body ready mix fitness bike. We need to get one of those Mitch to tax to test that and see how good that I'm giving Carl the call.

Uh, I'm going to have to hit the other car all up and ask him to get that work out on. Who knows? Maybe we'll bring it to the specs attack. I'm trying to do it. It isn't filling because you're not buying DK. Yes. Someone really wants, they really want you to get DraftKings and genie in the chat. Uh, well, Hey guys, I'll tell you one thing.

I'm already long genie longing for life. Think about it that way, but all right, I'm going to go ahead and wrap up here. We'll get you guys over to the spa, to the power hour, not the spec tech. We are the specs tech. We'll get you over to the power hour where the hype meets the stocks. You guys can have some fun Carl saying nice choice.

I'm sure you are saying he's loving it. All right. We'll see what happens with this beach body position. I'll let you guys know how this one keeps going. Like always guys check out the cannabis conference is going to be tomorrow or later today. We even have a virtual event. That's opening that conference.

So check that out. That's going to be at five 30 tonight. Like always guys hit the thumbs up and we'll see you next time on the specs attack. And like always keep it going guys, because guess what? We're going to be. Looking at these specs and continuing, I know Chris and I are going to be looking at these for longterm and there will be some winners out here.

There'll be some losers also. So definitely do your research and what better place than to do it right here on the specks attack. See you next time guys. So then we out.

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