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Elon Musk Jack Ma Debate about AI and the future of humanity
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SpaceX Starlink Maritime (for boats)
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🔴 LIVE: SpaceX Moon Suit, Starship Booster 7 and more
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Elon Musk Fires Back at Jeff Bezos Law Suits + Falcon 9 and Starbase Updates
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SpaceX Starship - Is Dying in Space Worth it? [BE A HERO] #dearmoon
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SpaceX Starship SN10 Launch and Landing Analysis
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SpaceX Starship Mars Mission Updates
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SpaceX Updates 02-05-2021
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Latest SpaceX Starship SN9 Launch Updates [Starship SN10]
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Starship SN9 Launch Dates REVEALED!
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SpaceX Starship Super Heavy Updates 01-02-2021
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SpaceX Starship SN9 Launch Updates 12-28-2020
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Spacex starship crew area - let's chat
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SpaceX Starship Mars Base - Let's Chat
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SpaceX Starship SN9 Launch Dates and Updates
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Upcoming Launches October 2020
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SpaceX Starlink 13 Launch Tomorrow!
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SpaceX Starlink V1 L12 Launch Postponed
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Elon Musk Interview - Explaining Starlink
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Possible Marker of Life Spotted on Venus
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SpaceX News - Upcoming Starlink Launches, Starship and Crew Dragon News
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SpaceX Starlink Launch Updates + Starlink Confirmed Speeds
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Jeff Bezos Funds Blue Origin Rocket Company with $3.1B stock sale
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Elon Musk's SpaceX Wins HUGE Over Quarter Billion Dollar Contract
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Elon Musk is Richer Than Warren Buffet + $6.1 Billion
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SpaceX July Launch Updates
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SpaceX Starlink Launch tomorrow!
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SpaceX Starship Updates + Starlink
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SpaceX Demo 2 HYYYPE
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NASA + SpaceX Set Demo 2 Launch Date to International Space Station
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SpaceX Starlink Launch Postponed to next week + Earth - Like Planet found.
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Trump Signs an Executive Order Allowing Mining the Moon and Asteroids
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SpaceX Launching Falcon 9 + Starlink Thursday April 16 2020
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SpaceX Starship User Guide Revealed!
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Dragon XL revealed as NASA ties SpaceX to Lunar Gateway supply contract
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Isro postpones launch of geo imaging satellite Gisat-1 due to technical reasons
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JAXA and Mitsubishi Electric Begins Developing Martian Moons Exploration Probe
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Former ISS executive, accused of 'expensing' prostitutes, pleads guilty to tax fraud
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SpaceX Getting into Space Tourism Business
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SpaceX Starlink Weather Not So Good for Feb 15th Launch
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NASA Recruiting new Artemis Astronauts
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3 Billion Dollars to NASA Artemis Landers
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OneWeb Internet Satellites Confirms Launch Date
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Rocket Lab Birds of a Feather Launch Successful!
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SpaceX Starlink Launch Successful
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Starlink Launch January 29 2020 9AM
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Artemis Moon by 2024 Plan Rejected by new Bill
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SpaceX Starlink Launch Friday January 24th 10AM EST
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Donald Trump Weirdly Talks about Elon Musk
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SpaceX In Flight Abort Test SUCCESSFUL
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SpaceX In-Flight Abort Test Updates - Where to watch
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SpaceX Starlink Launch GO GO GO for tonight!
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SpaceX Starlink Weather for Launch
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SpaceX Starlink Launch Monday at 8PM EDT
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Boeing President CEO Fired and Starliner Updates
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Boeing Starliner Launching to ISS tomorrow morning
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NASA finds 'water ice' just below the surface of Mars
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Blue Origin to send thousands of postcards to space and back
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SpaceX CRS-19 Launch Successful!
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SpaceX's Next International Space Station Trip is tomorrow!
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Final SpaceX Launches of 2019
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Could giant dust storms be why Mars has no surface water?
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CyberTruck First Impressions
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RIP Starship - There's been an incident at SpaceX
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SpaceX Starship to the Moon in 2022
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NASA report finds Boeing seat prices are 60% higher than SpaceX
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New Tesla CYBRTRK Details
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China unveils experiment for landing on Mars
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SpaceX successfully launches Starlink Satellites
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Carl Sagan's Birthday Today: Christmas Lectures 1 - The Earth as a Planet
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Moon lander concept unveiled by Boeing
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Voyager 2 sends back interesting data about Heliosphere
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Boeing Starliner Pad Abort Test Was Successful!
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NASA and Boeing to stream Starliner tests
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Why we need SpaceX on the Moon before NASA
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Elon Musk donates $1 million to plant trees
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NASA Plans VIPER Lunar Mission to Map Moon’s Water Reserves
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SpaceX Landing on Moon by 2022
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Virgin Galactic is going Public on the NY Stock Exchange
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Blue Origin Announces National Team for NASA’s Human Landing System Artemis
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Why go back to the Moon with Artemis
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NASA Commits to Future Artemis Missions With Boeing For Additional SLS Rocket Stages
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Paul Wooster, SpaceX Principal Mars Development Engineer talks at Mars Society Convention 2019
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All we know about Elon Musks SpaceX Starship so far
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Hubble Observes Comet From Outside Our Solar System
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SpaceX Plans to Buy Texas Launch Site Homes for 3x price
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China grows a cotton plant on the far side of the moon
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NASA confirms Boeing’s Starliner Space Pod Tests Soon.
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Elon Musk and NASA head Jim Bridenstine Talk about SpaceX Crew Dragon
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Britain Sending Spider Rover to Moon in 2021
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China's Mars Base 1 training camp in Gobi desert
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20 new moons discovered around Saturn
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Elon Musk talks about huge new rocket and why it's made of Steel
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All-Female Spacewalk This Month NASA Sends Up 2nd Medium Suit
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SpaceX to Send NASA Cargo to Moon
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NASA Takes Delivery of First All-Electric Experimental Aircraft
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Blue Origin’s CEO First Space Trips will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars
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Why is SpaceX using stainless steel for Starship?
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Elon Musk Explains How Starship will get humans to Mars
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Elon Musk Starship presentation 2019
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True Crime: NASA
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NASA Building Earth Defending Asteroid-Hunting Space Telescope
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NASAs Jim Bridenstine says daughter is inspiration for Artemis Missions
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Elon Musk Pod Preview: Tesla Software Version 10 Rundown
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Jeff Bezos Blue Origin rocket test flights + launching people end of year
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NASA to test Moon Suits on ISS
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NASA to Spend $3 BILLION on Moon Capsules
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Job Openings at SpaceX
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Elon Musk Warns about Dangers of AI and the Destruction of Humanity
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Australian Government Commits to Join NASA in Lunar Exploration and Beyond
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Why Send Humans to the Moon?
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Jeff Bezos Talks about Amazon on Moon Plus Space Plans and Business
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Area 51 celebration outside secretive U.S. base is in full force
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NASA Artemis Lunar Gateway in Funding Jeapordy
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NASA Wins Two Emmy Awards for Interactive Mission Coverage
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SpaceX’s next West Coast Falcon 9 launch in Feb 2020
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Boeing Starliner almost across the finish line and Space Force Updates
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NASA Funds CubeSat Pathfinder Mission to Unique Lunar Orbit
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Could SpaceX and Bigelow Make a Private Space Station
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Inflatable Moon Modules
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SpaceX Starship Orbital Launch by End of 2019
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Hubble Finds Water Vapor on Habitable-Zone Exoplanet for the First Time
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Elon Musk on Starship Abort System
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Elon Musk on Area 51 Aliens and Humans on Mars
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Indian Chandrayaan-2 Lunar Lander still in tact after crash landing
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Chinese Rover Spots Gel Like Substance on Far Side of the Moon
Show Details5min 39s
Astronaut Criticizes NASA to Build New Spacesuit Program for 2024 Artemis Moon Mission
Show Details7min 54s
India's Prime Minister Addresses Moon Lander Crash
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SpaceX Starlink added 4 Launch Dates in 2019
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New SpaceX Mars Landing Site Data
Show Details6min 42s
What is the Dreamchaser Space Plane
Show Details8min
NASA, SpaceX, Blue Origin preparing Facilities for Hurricane Dorian
Show Details7min 6s
SpaceX and ESA Satellites Almost Collide
Show Details6min 25s
India's Chandrayaan-2 mission a few days away from historic landing on the Moon
Show Details8min 16s
Trump's NASA chief says Pluto is a planet
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What is the USSPACECOM?
Show Details7min 17s
Billionaires Jack Ma vs. Elon Musk debate in Shanghai China at World Artificial Intelligence
Show Details48min 9s
NASA's Mars Helicopter Attached to Mars 2020 Rover
Show Details5min 45s
Kennedy Space Center making preparations for Hurricane Dorian
Show Details6min 44s
Elon Musk: Starship Will Launch in 2 Months and Orbit by End of Year
Show Details7min 59s
NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Has Been Assembled for the First Time
Show Details4min 41s
SpaceX’s Starhopper hovered 500ft above the ground in final test flight
Show Details7min 11s
SpaceX scrubs Starhopper test flight on Monday evening Relaunch Tuesday
Show Details5min 56s
NASA Activates Deep Space Atomic Clock
Show Details5min 49s
Final Flight of Starhopper TONIGHT!
Show Details3min 52s
First Space Crime Has Been Committed - Allegedly
Show Details4min 40s
30 Years Ago: Voyager 2's Historic Neptune Flyby
Show Details6min 54s
NASA and Hewlett Packard Collab on Super Computer for Artemis
Show Details4min 51s
Mike Pence Talks about the Artemis Program
Show Details36min 22s
Kerbal Space Program 2 is coming with official multiplayer
Show Details4min 52s
Walmart sues Tesla over fires at stores fitted with its solar panels
Show Details3min 56s
Elon Musk + Newt Gingrich's plan to award $2 billion to first company to land humans on the moon
Show Details5min 55s
Indian Mission to Moon South Pole Enters Lunar Orbit
Show Details4min 40s
LIVE: Elon Musk + Starship + NUKE MARS + MORE!
Show Details53min 6s
NASA installs rock-sampling toolkit on Mars 2020 rover
Show Details5min 41s
NASA and SpaceX Rehearse Recovery of Crew
Show Details3min 44s
Elon Musk wants to NUKE MARS
Show Details7min
SpaceX’s first Super Heavy hardware is being built
Show Details7min
LIVE: NASA Admin Jim Bridenstine Talks about the MOON MISSION
Show Details36min 56s
NASA could reveal plan to put first woman on the moon this week
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Space News Roundup August 14 2019
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Final SpaceX Starhopper Test Flight on Friday
Show Details6min 49s
Supernova dust found hidden in antarctic snow
Show Details6min 15s
Are there telescopes that can see the flag and lunar rover on the Moon?
Show Details4min 32s
Mad Mike Hughes to launch self made rocket 5000 feet
Show Details5min 47s
Tesla CEO Elon Musk endorses Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang
Show Details7min 12s
China's new airbag space tech test a success
Show Details4min 43s
From Earth to the Moon: How Are We Getting There?
Show Details9min 28s
State of the Show: 8-9-2019
Show Details6min 45s
Rocket Lab Unveils Plans to go Reusable
Show Details6min 26s
LIVE: Neuralink Robot Suits, NDT messes up and SpaceX
Show Details40min 46s
Crashed Spacecraft Might Have Colonized Moon With Live ‘Water Bears’ From Earth
Show Details4min 48s
SpaceX announces Falcon 9 SmallSat Rideshare program with launches to start in 2020
Show Details6min 2s
Elon Will Present Details of SpaceX Starship in 3 weeks!
Show Details6min 10s
SpaceX details launch and landing plans for Starship and Super Heavy
Show Details6min 52s
Tests Show that Potatoes Can Grow on Mars
Show Details6min 15s
Hubble spots a football-shaped planet that's leaking heavy metals
Show Details7min 16s
SpaceX moves Starhopper back to launch pad -Launching again this month
Show Details5min 27s
Potentially habitable planet discovered just 31 light-years away
Show Details6min 5s
SpaceX and Blue Origin Partner in NASA's Moon Mission
Show Details7min 5s
Elon Musk and SpaceX want to land on the Moon in 2 years
Show Details7min 46s
Tesla Truck details start taking shape
Show Details5min 30s
What would happen if the Sun went out for an hour, week, month, year?
Show Details6min 52s
Tesla Updates with chess game, Youtube and Netflix
Show Details2min 9s
A large asteroid just zipped between Earth and the Moon
Show Details4min 32s
SpaceX Starhopper successfully hovers!
Show Details5min 53s
SpaceX Starhopper Test went up In Flames :(
Show Details2min 40s
SpaceX CRS-18 Launch Tonight at 6:24 EDT
Show Details5min 31s
Rocket Lab’s Next Mission Focused On Building Constellations And Enabling R&D
Show Details6min 54s
Crew Dragon Delay to 2020?
Show Details5min 58s
Indian Moon Mission and What should SpaceX send to the Moon
Show Details25min 12s
Don't Discount The Moon Landings
Show Details7min 58s
Vice President Pence Unveils NASA Spacecraft for future Moon Missions
Show Details7min 34s
The First Mammal in Space, Laika the Dog
Show Details6min 1s
NASA Searched for signs of Life on Apollo Missions
Show Details8min 22s
Storm Area 51: The Military Warns Visitors to Stay Away
Show Details6min 5s
Elon Musk and SpaceX trying to beat NASA back to the Moon
Show Details8min 2s
Elon Musk unveils Neuralink’s plans for AI in your brain and a robot to insert them
Show Details7min 54s
LIVE: Elon Musk, SpaceX, Tesla, NASA + MORE
Show Details56min 51s
Can your phone send you to the Moon?
Show Details8min 18s
LIVE: Elon Musk, SpaceX Starhopper Tests on Tuesday, Tesla and SpaceX collab
Show Details26min 20s
Elon Musk Interview: SpaceX and the Future
Show Details11min 38s
LIVE: Elon Musk, SpaceX, Mars 2020
Show Details1hr 30min
Mars 2020 Rover Gets a Super Instrument
Show Details5min 19s
260K alien hunters sign up for joke Facebook event to breach Area 51
Show Details4min 36s
JAXAs Hyabusa2 Touches down on Asteroid in World First
Show Details7min 49s
NASA Apollo Tech that helps Earth
Show Details7min 49s
SpaceX Starship Facility Fire!
Show Details5min 19s
SpaceX Starship Jobs
Show Details10min 42s
SpaceX Starship to Launch 2021
Show Details5min 37s
LIVE: NASA Reddit AMA Recap
Show Details1hr 21min
Elon Musk NASA interview with Jim Bridenstine @NASA
Show Details18min 24s
Samsung Fixed the Galaxy Fold
Show Details5min 29s
Climate Crisis: YES!
Show Details5min 29s
Buzz Aldrin - Back to Moon Before Mars
Show Details5min 29s
LIVE: Rocket Lab + Moon Hoax + Bob Lazar + Open Conversation
Show Details54min 6s
Rocket Lab Successfully Launches 7th Rocket Mission
Show Details4min 1s
LIVE: Alien Life + Scientists Comments on Titan + Mars Missions + MORE
Show Details1hr 5min
Carolyn Porco has More info about Titan Helicopter - Clip
Show Details6min 57s
LIVE: NASA sending helicopter to TITAN + life in space
Show Details53min 30s
SpaceX Launching Crew to ISS November 2019
Show Details4min 42s
LIVE - Elon Musk's SpaceX Crashes Rocket + Life on Mars
Show Details1hr 5min
NASA Finds High Methane on Mars - Possible Microbes?
Show Details6min 2s
LIVE: SpaceX Launch - Moon Hoax - Blue Origin - Life in the Cosmos
Show Details1hr 4min
Show Details8min 32s
LIVE: Elon Musk, SpaceX, NASA + Humans on Mars and the Moon
Show Details1hr 21min
NASA Invests $45M in US Small Businesses for Space Tech Development
Show Details10min 40s
The Future?
Show Details9min 31s
LIVE: ELON MUSK and Tesla disrupting air travel and Japan going to Moons of Mars
Show Details22min 47s
LIVE: Elon Musk, Life in Space, China, NASA + MORE
Show Details1hr 32min
NEW China Space Station + Experiments
Show Details8min 41s
NASA Shuts Down Spitzer Space Telescope After 16 Years
Show Details8min 50s
LIVE: SpaceX, Space Travel, Space Tourism, NASA and MORE!
Show Details1hr 15min
NASA Moon Landing needs $20-$30 Billion More
Show Details9min 30s
LIVE: NASA spots Star Trek logo on Mars, Moon Missions + MORE
Show Details44min 5s
What's on the next SpaceX flight?
Show Details9min 10s
India plans its own space station and Mars 2020 Updates
Show Details15min 54s
Elon Musk Highlights from Tesla Shareholder Meeting June 2019
Show Details15min 31s
India sets sights on Moon, unveils spacecraft for historic mission
Show Details9min 12s
SpaceX sues goverment for $2 billion and Lightsail 2 gets postponed
Show Details8min 7s
NASA astronauts excited about SpaceX Dragon flight to ISS
Show Details7min 53s
Trump Says Moon is part of Mars and A MARS HELICOPTER
Show Details6min 4s
NASA opens ISS to Private Astronauts
Show Details9min 24s
NASAs Mars InSight Lander Stuck but not out of Hope
Show Details7min 50s
Jeff Bezos ReMars Conference - What to expect
Show Details6min 45s
SpaceX Starship tests on hold and Starlink makes Astronomers Upset
Show Details8min 30s
European rover has better chance of discovering life than NASAs Mars 2020
Show Details7min 49s
SpaceX Starlink Powered ON
Show Details7min 25s
NASA cannibalizing other programs for Moon money
Show Details9min 24s
NASA Selects First Commercial Moon Landing Services for Artemis Program
Show Details8min 1s
State of the Podcast 6-1-2019 - Rerecorded
Show Details8min 5s
SpaceX worth $33.3 Billion. Paul Allens company goes out of business and First NASA Moon contracts awarded
Show Details7min 13s
Supernovas May Have Helped Humans Walk Upright
Show Details7min 41s
SpaceX to Mars in 4 Years and Life on Mars
Show Details8min 40s
US and Japan Going to the Moon Together
Show Details7min 53s
Should we colonize the moon?
Show Details9min 54s
How to see Starlink Satellite Constellation in the night sky
Show Details7min 58s
NASA executive quits and SpaceX clogging up the night sky
Show Details8min
The Moon and Mars with Dr. David Warmflash - Episode 6
Show Details7min 21s
LIVE: NASA Administrator Speaks at Florida Institute of Technology Event
Show Details1hr
Astronauts Get Sick and The Number 13 with dr david warmflash ep5
Show Details12min 12s
Farts on the Moon with Dr David Warmflash Ep4
Show Details10min 39s
Dr David Warmflash Episode 3
Show Details13min 9s
Moon Expert Dr. David Warmflash Ep2
Show Details10min 57s
Moon Expert Dr. David Warmflash Interview Ep1
Show Details11min
NASA Mars Mission Updates
Show Details8min 15s
SpaceX Starlink Launch Delayed and More Info
Show Details8min 53s
SpaceX Starlink and Net Neutrality
Show Details6min 49s
Elon Musk's SpaceX competing builds of Starship in Boca Chica TX and Cape Canaveral FL
Show Details6min 38s
NASA Awards 106 Million Dollars to US Small Businesses for Technology Development
Show Details12min 29s
What is Jupiter's Mysterious Great Red Spot
Show Details7min 1s
What would happen if you fell into a black hole?
Show Details10min 51s
NASA starts road map for 2024 Moon Landing
Show Details8min 23s
Jeff Bezos Unveils Moon Lander - Blue Moon
Show Details7min 20s
Jeff Bezos - Amazon Billionaire - Planning Moon Mission with Blue Origin?
Show Details6min 33s
SpaceX CRS-17 Resupply Mission to ISS for NASA
Show Details8min 44s
What would happen if an asteroid hit New York City? Ep. 1
Show Details8min 44s
Telsa's Solar Business in Trouble?
Show Details8min 2s
Threats Mars Colonizers Will Face In Outer Space
Show Details9min 29s
What is the biggest thing in the Universe?
Show Details6min 17s
SpaceX Starlink gets Launch Approval
Show Details8min 4s
The Most Expensive Thing in the Universe?
Show Details7min 8s
SpaceX and NASA investigating Crew Dragon Explosion
Show Details7min 57s
NASA, FEMA, International Partners Plan Asteroid Impact Exercise
Show Details7min 45s
First Mars Quake Measured and Recorded - Listen Here
Show Details8min 15s
Mars 2020 Rover Assembled and Tested for Launch Next Year
Show Details7min 52s
China unveils colossal Mars training camp in Gobi desert
Show Details5min 25s
Elusive Universe kick-starting Molecule Found
Show Details7min 34s
NASA Sending Astronauts to Moon South Pole
Show Details7min 3s
Secret of Stonehenge Builders Revealed and Moon water droplets
Show Details8min 34s
NASA and SpaceX partner for Asteroid Deflection Mission
Show Details8min 26s
SpaceX makes history and SpaceIL crashes into the Moon
Show Details8min 26s
Wine Makers Creating Wine for Mars Trip
Show Details7min 23s
First Picture of Black Hole : Full Press Conference
Show Details52min 33s
The Space Station is Filthy and Glowing Frog Bones
Show Details7min 15s
Sun Probe still alive & private company building Moon Rovers
Show Details7min 23s
Youtuber Sent McDonalds Big Mac to Space and ate it
Show Details7min 53s
Mars Organic Material Found and ESA Astronaut Barbie
Show Details8min 33s
First Ever Private Lunar Lander in Moon Orbit
Show Details8min 37s
Amazon building orbital satellite internet
Show Details7min 46s
ISS in danger: Millions of new space debris from Indian Test
Show Details9min 27s
What are Saturn's Rings Made of + NASA and MIT Make New Wing
Show Details11min 13s
HUGE Black Hole Announcement Coming
Show Details10min 16s
DARPA Making Nuclear Rocket in Orbit
Show Details7min 54s
Mars Water Streams Discovered
Show Details8min 39s
NASA offering $19000 to lay in bed for 2 months
Show Details7min 37s
Astronauts bring HERPES back to Earth
Show Details8min 35s
US astronauts to ISS July 25th and First woman on the Moon
Show Details9min 26s
Vice President Pence Americans will return to the moon within 5 years
Show Details35min 24s
Life on Mars Found: New Paper Suggests Fungi on Mars
Show Details8min 35s
Trump Officially Organizes Space Force
Show Details8min 2s
Vice President Pence Wants US Back to Moon by 2020
Show Details8min 17s
Toyota Making GIANT Moon Buggy and NASA makes Mars Helicopter
Show Details8min 27s
A Brief History of Wil's Space Time
Show Details17min 10s
STAR WARS Speeder Bike for sale $380,000 and Northern Lights viewable near NY and Chicago.
Show Details8min 9s
Trips around the moon and Boeings Manned Craft Gets set back 3 months
Show Details8min 8s
Water Discovered on the Moon! Denver getting space port.
Show Details8min 21s
Gravitational Wave Detector, LIGO Gets Massive Upgrade
Show Details7min 22s
Scientists Grow BACON in Lab for First Time
Show Details7min 42s
Asteroid hunting space craft makes amazing discovery
Show Details7min 54s
Orbit Based Lasers and Killer Satellites
Show Details9min 26s
Orbital Internet Company gets $1.25 billion in funding.
Show Details8min 48s
83 Super Massive Black Holes Discovered and Israel Lunar Lander is on track!
Show Details9min 32s
First Woman on the Moon and Mars Impact Disaster. The results will shock you!
Show Details8min 12s
NASA Opens Moon Rocks from the 70s!
Show Details9min 37s
Tesla and UPS Team up with EV Semis
Show Details10min 49s
Time Travel is Possible with Quantum Computers
Show Details9min 16s
NASA Reports the Earth is Greener!
Show Details10min 29s
30 Million Page Human Archive Headed to Moon
Show Details11min 30s
NASA Gets More Money for Humans on Moon and Mars
Show Details9min 21s
Cosmic Rewind: Cherry Springs Dark Sky Park on Location
Show Details10min 6s
How Much Mass Does the Milky Way Have?
Show Details10min 49s
Mars Space Tourism....on Earth?!
Show Details10min 29s
Outer Space Hotel Opening in 2022: Aurora Station
Show Details11min 4s
HUGE Space Rock Near Earth on Friday & MARS News!
Show Details9min 40s
HIV Cured in Second Patient
Show Details8min 27s
Moon Hotel Launching Soon?
Show Details11min 2s
SpaceX Successfully Launches and Docks with ISS
Show Details9min 30s
Mars Ground Water Lakes Found & Recent Mars Asteroid Hit
Show Details10min 4s
Tesla Model 3 Price Drops to $35,000
Show Details8min 30s
Justin Trudeu Lunar Gateway Announcement Canadian Space Agency
Show Details37min 2s
Huge Venus Probe Crashing to Earth this year and European Reusable Rockets
Show Details9min 40s
Telescope 100x More Powerful Than Hubble
Show Details10min 47s
SpaceX First Manned Test Flight & SpaceIL Lunar Lander Update
Show Details8min 15s
Virgin Galactic Makes History - First passenger in space
Show Details11min 45s
SpaceX Live Launch Tonight on Twitch!
Show Details8min 1s
Israel Going to the Moon Tomorrow!
Show Details7min 11s
What is the Flat Earth Society? Ep. 1
Show Details14min 13s
SNOW Moon Tonight!
Show Details8min 39s
Space Harpoons?!
Show Details9min 12s
NASA Buying Russian Rocket Launches & SLS updates
Show Details8min 7s
Chinese Rover Chang'e 4 Shuts Down and NASA Mars Insight starts drilling into Mars
Show Details7min 30s
NASA's Opportunity Rover Has Died
Show Details9min 33s
$500,000 for Mars Trip with SpaceX & Mars 3D Printed Homes
Show Details11min 24s
NASA Astronaut Running for US Senate & Mars One Bankrupt
Show Details13min 22s
SpaceX Makes 1Million Earth Stations and Ultima Thule isn't a Snow Man
Show Details14min 25s
NASA Seeking US Partners to Land Humans on Moon
Show Details13min 47s
Earths Magnetic Pole is shifting and Inflatable Air Planes on Mars
Show Details13min 9s
Trump Says Americans to Return to Space from American Soil in 2019
Show Details13min 20s
Top Harvard Astronomy Professor Says Aliens are Amongst Us and Mars Cube Sats could be dead
Show Details15min 19s
Russias Super Heavy Rocket, Titan has Organic Material & Curiosity Measures mountains gravity
Show Details14min 25s
Trump Wall through SpaceX Spaceport, Worldwide Satellite Internet and Space Advertising.
Show Details16min 2s
Elon Musk SpaceX layoffs, Hubble discovers new galaxy and cold nights on Earth, the Moon and Mars
Show Details16min 8s
Israel Going to the Moon & NASAs Sun Probe does first orbit!
Show Details15min 6s
1KM object found at edge of Solar System & Mars Habitats
Show Details14min 36s
Asteroid to hit Earth Feb 1st!? ESA astronauts train for the Moon.
Show Details15min 18s
Earth Rocks Found on Moon.
Show Details14min 38s
NASA’s Opportunity Rover Logs 15 Years on Mars
Show Details7min 25s
Under Armour Makes Space Suits, Trains Astronauts!
Show Details7min 20s
Trump Offers NASA Unlimited $$$ + SpaceX StarShip Falls Over!
Show Details6min 47s
Europe to mine moon for Oxygen and Water by 2025
Show Details6min 47s
Project Orion nuclear powered interstellar space craft
Show Details10min 49s
Saturn's Rings Formed After Dinosaurs Died
Show Details7min 20s
US Government Tested Worm Holes
Show Details7min 56s
Japanese Gravitational Wave Detector Almost Ready!
Show Details6min 14s
Potential for Primitive Life on Super-Earth Exo Planet
Show Details6min 37s
New study finds evidence of changing seasons, rain on Titan’s north pole
Show Details6min 37s
American Flags on The Moon Have Turned White
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First Food Grown on the Moon!
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CHINA Shares Data With NASA! First Since 2011.
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SpaceX Lays off 600 People
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Bacteria on Space Station Not Harmful, Just Surviving.
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Birth of Black Hole or Neutron Star Captured for the First Time
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Hubble Space Telescope Broken!
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Bill to Fund NASA Shot Down in Senate
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Hubble Telescope Takes 665 million pixel photo
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Mysterious Radio Bursts From Space!
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New Super Earth Found!
Show Details8min 30s
Is Planet X Real?
Show Details8min 30s
SpaceX is worth $30.5 Billion!
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SpaceX Starship Fitted with Raptor Engines!
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China Lands on Dark Side of Moon
Show Details11min 7s
Astronaut Dials 911 & Juno sees new Io volcanic plume
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New Horizons Successfully Explores Ultima Thule
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Hubble Discovers the First Galaxy
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Uranus Hit By GIANT 2xEarth!
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Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse in January
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Trump Shuts Down NASA
Show Details7min 42s
SpaceX Starship Gets a Stainless Steel Makeover
Show Details7min 35s
New Years Day Comet Flyby has Started!
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SpaceX Space Suit. All We Know
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Time Travel Possible in Black Holes - Study
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NASA InSight Places First Instruments on MARS
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Pentagon Declassifies Hundreds of Satellites
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Saturn is Losing its Rings at an alarming rate
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Space News Podcast Trailer - Welcome :)
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NASA Going Beyond The Moon
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China Makes Artificial Star 6x Hotter than Sun
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Japan rovers show rocky asteroid
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Australias New Space Agency - 12-14-2018
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Virgin Galactic Reaches Space!
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New Dark Matter Discovery! 12-12-2018
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Dark Side of the moon &Pluto New Horizons AMA! 12-12-2018
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Water found on asteroid!
Show Details8min 7s
NASA’s Voyager 2 Probe Enters Interstellar Space
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Sending ships to another star system. JPL, Honda and CalTech - 12-10-2018
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First sounds from MARS inSight 12-8-2018
Show Details8min 1s
NASA Going to MOON in 2 years!
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Billionaire probes for life on Saturns Moon
Show Details12min 9s
China Far Side Moon Mission
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What is Dark Fluid?! 12-5-2018
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Neil Degrasse Tyson & Cosmos Season 2 - all the info I know so far. 12-4-2018
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Asteroid Sample mission arrives!
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Mars Robot sets record, SpaceX launch - 12-2-2018 Space News Podcast
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Inflatable ISS Module ready! - 12-2-2018 Space News Podcast
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ROBOT AI on the ISS - 12-1-2018 Space News Podcast
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MARS LANDER TOMORROW! Ethiopia satellites - 11-25-2018
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Europa Lander, Exoplanets and SPACEX - 11-23-2018 Space News Podcast
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Flat Earthers be damned! Mars is GO GO GO! 11-21-2018
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NASA upset Musk smoked weed, SpaceX renames BFG and Mars colony update
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Mars Missions with SpaceX, Humans on Mars and More!
Show Details20min 53s
SpaceX and FCC make deal, Voyager 2 leaving Heliosphere!
Show Details11min 32s
GIANT frozen Super Earths, Indian Rockets and Meteor Craters in Greenalnd
Show Details17min 32s
NASA Mars Landing TV & SpaceX launching space instruments
Show Details14min 36s
Space Flight just changed forever!
Show Details14min 32s
Curiosity Rover Drilling again! Exomoons have moons called moonmoons and billionaires private space
Show Details13min 47s
Space X Internet, Space Suits and Moon Mission news! Nov 8 2018
Show Details9min 32s
NEW Space Station! Soyuz Rocket, Solar Probes and More!
Show Details20min 7s
Exoplanets with 50% Water Oceans, SpaceX and NASA Dawn Mission.
Show Details21min 12s
Antimatter gravity and SpaceX/TESLA - Nov 4, 2018
Show Details15min 40s
Mars InSight Lander, Mars CubeSats
Show Details11min 6s
Sun Probe, Skull Asteroid and Kepler Telescope is dead.
Show Details10min 49s
Eugene Shoemaker: Buried on the Moon
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Hubble Space Telescope Returns! - Ep.30
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Private China Space Launch Fails - Ep. 31
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Oxygen levels on Mars could support life: Study
Show Details7min 21s
China to launch man-made moons in space!
Show Details8min 52s
Fourth man on the Moon, Alan Bean, has passed away.
Show Details5min 24s
China’s lunar communication satellite blasts towards moon
Show Details3min 5s
James Webb Space Telescope Launch Delayed to 2020
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History and Future of Space Industry News
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Astronaut Scott Kelly's DNA changed 7% in space!
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Donald Trump and the Space Force
Show Details45min 54s
Skin Tight Space Suit and welcome back!
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Beautiful Cherry Springs State Park Dark Sky Sight
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Major NASA Mars announcement!
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Look at the moon, binoculars are awesome
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Bernie Sanders Policy on Space, Science and Technology
Show Details9min 37s
New "Baby" stars found at center of Milky Way!
Show Details3min 30s
A very brief history of Uranus
Show Details2min 36s
Black holes, NASA Mars mission rocket and Jupiters spot gets smaller
Show Details10min 17s
Nova or Super Nova?
Show Details4min 36s
How to spot the international space station
Show Details1min 49s
A brief introduction to science, punk rock and William
Show Details12min 33s
Flowing Water discovered on Mars! Space Punks - Space News Episode #5
Show Details5min 22s
Super Blood Moon Eclipse and WATER ON MARS!
Show Details5min 15s
NASA in danger of climate change floods
Show Details4min 6s
NASA is working on a hitch hiking spacecraft
Show Details3min 31s
Cassini finds a global ocean in saturns moon!
Show Details3min 18s