Sowing Change

Sowing Change is a podcast exploring change in all of its forms. Change can be small, subtle, and nuanced, and we’re here to show you that you can be a changemaker wherever you are.


6. Mid-Season Special: How Moving the Needles Created a Community During the Pandemic
Show Details25min 22s
5. Anibal Rocheta: An Adventurer Promoting the Outdoors in the Latinx Community
Show Details28min 18s
4. Shreeti Pradhan: A Musical Therapist Healing Through Songs
Show Details23min 57s
3. Sibia Ranjbar: An Engineer Empowering the Women of Tomorrow
Show Details16min 54s
2. Troy Regis: An Educator Who Can
Show Details24min 13s
1. Sandina Robbins: A Journalist of all Trades
Show Details20min 33s
Sowing Change Trailer
Show Details2min 38s