Sovereign Soul

Join Dr. Arezou Babri (ND), as she takes you on a journey towards reclaiming your Sovereignty. Empowering you to become aware of your self so that you can live a life that feels whole and true to you. By examining and embracing the essence of your life you will begin to live and breathe the full expression of your authenticity.


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Ep. 14 - Spiritual Awakening
Show Details22min 19s
Ep. 13 - Inner Child
Show Details23min 38s
Ep. 12 - Masculine & Feminine Energies
Show Details23min 1s
Ep. 11 - Burnout & Harmful "Self-Care"
Show Details21min 46s
Ep. 10 - Sacred Union
Show Details18min 41s
Ep. 9 - Relationship Capacity
Show Details19min 34s
Ep. 8 - Confidence & Self-Worth
Show Details17min 23s
Ep. 7 - Intuition
Show Details16min 21s
Ep. 6 - How to Make the Right Decision
Show Details19min 15s
Ep. 5 - Trauma Bonding
Show Details15min 41s
Ep. 4 - Attachment Theory
Show Details15min 1s
Ep. 3 - Limiting Beliefs
Show Details21min 16s
Ep. 2 - The Genetics of Trauma & Behaviour
Show Details23min 10s
Ep. 1 - The Human Blueprint
Show Details24min 29s