Where Our Courage For Missions Comes From | Acts 4:1-32 | 28 May 2023

27m | May 29, 2023

INTRODUCTION – This passage asks us the question of how are we meant to be bold for the gospel?

ACTS 4:1-3:

· What was the Apostolic message? (practice getting your testimony shared in 30 seconds)

· From the beginning of the Church in Acts till now, Godly men and women are to expect persecution.

ACTS 4:8-12

· Peter and John’s response to the religious courts leads us to see how boldness starts with being submitted to the Holy Spirit.

· We are to share the gospel in all seasons despite our fears which Christ offers to take from us.

ACTS 4:13-22

· God could do it all by himself but chooses to partner with us as very floored people. Peter and John were just ordinary men.

· Mission’s is never about what we do and what method we utilise. It’s about what God has done and will do.

ACTS 4: 23-31

· In being bold and courageous for the gospel it all start’s with prayerful dependence on God by His Spirit.

· The church was emboldened for the gospel in the face of opposition because they recognized that God’s is sovereignty and has filled us with His Spirit

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