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Sound the Foghorn Podcast on the SF Giants co-site expert Marc Delucchi hosts a weekly San Francisco Giants podcast with a treasure trove of guests to discuss the latest happenings around MLB and the SF Giants.


Camilo Doval's star turn continues as the SF Giants pull within one win of the NLCS
Show Details23min 22s
Logan Webb leads SF Giants to Game 1 victory over Dodgers in NLDS
Show Details19min 42s
SF Giants drop pair against Padres, gear up for Atlanta
Show Details24min 52s
SF Giants split games against Dodgers amidst strike vote
Show Details26min 58s
SF Giants sweep Mets and gear up for big series in Atlanta
Show Details22min 59s
SF Giants prospects draft ft. Roger Munter, Brian Recca, Kevin Cunningham, & Wrenzie Regodon
Show Details1hr 43min
SF Giants draft RHP Will Bednar with 14th overall pick ft. Brian Recca
Show Details33min 10s
What could SF Giants trade deadline packages look like?
Show Details20min 31s
SF Giants promote Sam Long & An early look at the NL playoff race ft. Sara Sanchez
Show Details32min 26s
SF Giants: Early MLB trade deadline options ft. Robert Murray
Show Details42min 26s
Are the SF Giants a pitching organization again? ft. Roger Munter
Show Details52min 46s
What to make of the SF Giants struggling bullpen?
Show Details30min 41s
Which SF Giants prospects are starting the MiLB season strong? ft. Melissa Lockard
Show Details54min 45s
How do the SF Giants have the best record in MLB?
Show Details33min 10s
How do the SF Giants stack up against the Padres? ft. Javier Reyes
Show Details43min 27s
SF Giants: Mike Tauchman in, Tommy La Stella down, more
Show Details30min 26s
SF Giants off to hot start: Logan Webb's progress, Yaz's slow start, more
Show Details30min 26s
SF Giants strengths, weaknesses, and expectations ft. Therese Viñal
Show Details38min 7s
SF Giants: How Gabe Kapler can better utilize his bullpen
Show Details23min 43s
SF Giants Opening Day roster, future starting rotation, more
Show Details40min 58s
SF Giants, Cleveland, Catchers, Ace of Diamond, More ft. Pat Ellington
Show Details1hr 4min
SF Giants Early Spring Takeaways: Prospects, Belt, Webb, More
Show Details27min 11s
SF Giants Farm System, Sleepers, More ft. GPT
Show Details1hr 17min
PECOTA's Thoughts On The SF Giants ft. Ginny Searle
Show Details41min 5s
SF Giants Spring Training Questions ft. Kerry Crowley
Show Details56min 59s
SF Giants, Rockies, and the NL West ft. Thomas Harding
Show Details33min 16s
Rebuilding a SF Giants Dynasty ft. Katie Woo
Show Details46min 19s
The Economics of the Restructured Minor Leagues ft. Dr. Nola Agha
Show Details47min 45s
SF Giants Sign Alex Wood, Charles Johnson, More ft. Brady Klopfer
Show Details1hr 7min
SF Giants Minor Moves, Dodgers Check-In, More ft. Ky'Tavia Stafford
Show Details40min 25s
SF Giants Offseason & Rule 5 Draft ft. Roger Munter
Show Details56min 56s
SF Giants, Oakland A's, and Golden State Warriors ft. Shayna Rubin
Show Details39min 19s
SF Giants Pitching Staff Decisions and Marcell Ozuna ft. Grant Brisbee
Show Details45min 11s
SF Giants 2020 Surprises and Offseason Plans ft. Maria Guardado
Show Details40min 39s
Minor Leagues, SF Giants Prospects, and Outlook ft. Kevin Cunningham
Show Details52min 6s
Election, Voting Stress, Politics, and Baseball ft. Sara Sanchez
Show Details46min 27s
SF Giants Offseason Position-by-Position Preview ft. Kerry Crowley
Show Details31min 59s
SF Giants Prospects, Player Development, and Future ft. Melissa Lockard
Show Details39min 54s
SF Giants, Minor Leagues, and Media ft. Jen Mac Ramos
Show Details38min 12s
SF Giants Season Review ft. Michael Delucchi 10.11.2020
Show Details57min 28s
Interview with Jalen Miller
Show Details15min 11s
Interview With Marty Lurie of KNBR
Show Details8min 27s
Giants vs. Dodgers Series Preview
Show Details44min 8s
Special Interview: Kerry Crowley discusses the first week
Show Details9min 1s
2018 Episode 1: NL West Roundtable with Preview and Predictions
Show Details56min 57s
Winter Meetings 2017 Live Show
Show Details49min 12s
Offseason Talks: Cody Pasby on Giants Prospects
Show Details22min 18s
Episode 6: 2017 Misery, Draft Talk, Minor League Update, and Trade Talk
Show Details1hr 34min
Episode No. 5: State of the West, Minors, and Giants notes
Show Details1hr 18min
Episode 4: Previewing the Giants vs. Royals with Kings of Kauffman
Show Details11min 41s
Episode 3:Buster Posey injury, NL West Strength, and Rockies Talk
Show Details51min 47s
Ep. 2: Opening Day Madness, NL West, MLB outlook for 2017
Show Details1hr 26min
Episode 1: A First Attempt at Podcasting
Show Details36min 6s