Soul to Earth podcast

A down to earth psychic guide and healer, who teaches you how to open up and access your spiritual senses. Down to earth, easy to relate to, Carey Kaas shares a wide variety of New Age topics with her listeners. Creating an effortless connection between all things “ natural” and the supernatural.


Ep. 4 - Astrological forecast for 2022 with San Diego based Astrologer, Haley Comet
Show Details55min 9s
Ep. 3 - A Psychic reading for Emily, a loyal listener
Show Details41min 23s
Ep. 2 - A look back on the spiritual energy of 2021. Energy forecast for the month of December.
Show Details19min 47s
Episode 1 - Psychic, Energetic healer and Spiritual teacher shares her own journey of discovering and building her Spiritual gifts. Plus her inspiration for creating a Spiritual podcast.
Show Details44min 54s