Soul Sweat

Behavior Specialist, CBC Coach and Wellness Expert Allie Manzi discusses the proper mindset, social-cultural awareness, and perception that drives lasting holistic health. Presented by Aion Wellness.


Defying Gender Roles, Balancing the Power of Masculine & Feminine Energies- Guest Morgan
Show Details1hr 9min
Aligning Purpose- Happiness Hour Live Class Recording
Show Details41min 42s
When Should We Be Selfish? Giving Back and Relieving Guilt - Guest Mona
Show Details53min 30s
The Power of Intuition and Meditation for True Happiness, and Why They Save Our Life Daily
Show Details1hr 11min
Self Image, Body Perception, and Food Relationships - Guest JoJo
Show Details1hr 6min
Setting Boundaries and Controlling Perspective to Manage Anxiety - Guest Kristen
Show Details1hr 5min
Creative Healing, Spiritual Ownership, and the Importance of Alone Time - Guest Sarah
Show Details41min 57s