Small Town Lafayette Girls to Scaling Online Businesses from Anywhere in The World with the Air BnB Queen, Avery O'Dell Hidalgo

43m | Jul 8, 2024

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From a challenging upbringing with a single alcoholic mother to facing the struggles of addiction and homelessness during adolescence, Avery Odell Hidalgo defied the odds.

Now the proud owner of a 6-figure Airbnb property management company and a hotel in Costa Rica, she attributes her success to faith and hard work.

I am excited to sit down with this inspiring woman - a fellow entrepreneur woman from my state of Louisiana - who triumphed over adversity.

If you’re a resilient entrepreneur you are going to love this episode.

Tune in as we explore her journey, delve into our passion for business, our passion for faith (Avery is a devout Christian - and if you know me, I love Jesus and all spiritual paths so I loveeee these kind of conversations!), and learn how she empowers others through courses on financial freedom, Airbnb, and remote income.

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