Rise And Shine, Queers and Allies! This is the Morning Routine of Future Queer Millionaires!

17m | May 14, 2024

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Morning routine of a future millionaire queer entrepreneur👇

No fluff, I’ll break it down.

2 steps in the AM before you make money.

3rd step is “make it rain” time!

  1. take time to get right with God (or however you want to refer to the source of all creativity and life and love)
  2. take care of yourself while investing in yourself (morning drink of choice, vitamins, smoothie with healthy fats and protein, skincare — all while listening to an audio book or masterclass that builds your spirit and business *shameless plug for my podcast Social Equity™ - listen to it while you do all the things and get lit about your life)
  3. take action. Listen you can have a 5 hour morning routine, or you can go make the moves that will move the needle…. Which is

A. Support the clients you have

B. Create / edit / post content that converts

C. Build your business on the backend (the bts moves that grow your empire and make things run smoothly)

You gotta handle A, Sis.

🌈But if you’re struggling with B or C, my free training will open your eyes.

My FREE Profitable Personal Brand™ Training & PPB Blueprint 👉

Queer Women Rising

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