Sonic Manifestations of Touch with Christopher Janney

When it comes to the idea of the musicalization of art and the spaces of temporality, of touch- of sounds that can be heard, seen, smelled or even tasted if you will-I think of American Architect and composer, Christopher Janney. Christopher and I met in MIT about 4 years ago whilst I was researching on his works (later published in my book-A Square and a Half-The Colors are Sounding). Besides his incredible knowledge and talents-I also found in him an amazing friend and warm and enlightened human being. I have learned so much from his works that given the time, I could possibly write another book on my experiences and interpretations.

Is synesthesia a kind of metaphor? Is it poetry or dance? Is it architecture that is capable of grasping known and unknown experiences into tangible installations? What is the relationship between music, architecture, synesthesia, meditation and the COVID-19?( Russian-American writer Vladimir Nabokov devoted a large part of the topic of synesthesia in his autobiography: Speak Memory and here is what he said: “As far as I remember myself…I have been subject to mild hallucinations. Some are aural, others are optical. And by none I have profited much…they come and go without the drowsy observer’s but are essentially different from dream pictures…the confessions of a synesthete must sound tedious and pretentious to those who are protected from such leakings.”)

Christopher has been passionately transforming plazas, airports, hospitals, walkways and many public spaces around the world and all his works appear in myriad guises that keep telling us-go smell the scintillating lights, touch the flashes, the sounds and attach meaning to things that are usually never expressed via language. His visual and aural experiences are usually unrepeatable-sensually rich and continually facilitates long lasting and fluid memories.

I hope you listen as I listened.

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