Songwriter Connection

Looking at the craft of songwriting through the eyes of the songwriters. Originating in Nashville Tennessee, we'll have guest songwriters talking about the stories behind the songs and playing their song too!


Eddie Heinzelman-Cousin Eddie Speaks S1-E10
Show Details1hr 1min
Marc-Allan Barnette/Breanna Faith- Have A Little Faith S1 - E9
Show Details45min 22s
Michael Saleta - All Blessed Up S1 - E8
Show Details46min 10s
Ridge Banks-The Wall of Sound S1-E7
Show Details45min 57s
Jane Bach - Neil told me to come! S1-E6
Show Details46min 46s
Marc-Alan Barnette - Music Chooses You - S1-E5
Show Details55min 8s
Greg Wilson - The Louisville Slugger-S1-Ep4
Show Details35min 54s
Bill Whyte - A Face For Radio - S1-Ep3
Show Details44min 41s
Bill O'Hanlon - The Oprah Guy! - S1-Ep2
Show Details37min 57s
Billy Lee - The One - S1-Ep1
Show Details44min 39s
About Songwriter Connection and your Host
Show Details7min 38s