Something About Everything

Something About Everything discusses important topics and helps the listener gain knowledge about essential aspects of life such as entrepreneurship, politics, science, and technology


Should we always accept new technology?
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Does religion affect our happiness?
Show Details2min 26s
The road to Happiness: A conversation with the Happiness experts
Show Details37min 46s
What is Happiness?
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Which countries are happier: rich or poor?
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Can Artificial Intelligence solve social issues?
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Refugee integration through technology & education
Show Details29min 22s
Myth Busting: Refugees
Show Details6min 11s
How to effectively integrate refugees?
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Radicalization - A psychological analysis
Show Details34min 28s
Why deradicalization programs don't work
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Myth Busting: Violent Radicalization
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Pineapple Pizza and the Confirmation Bias
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Lego + Furniture = Aalo
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The Middle East Democracy Paradox
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Is social media promoting freedom & democracy?
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Data and Google's 57 million dollar fine
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NERv - Medical entrepreneurship disruption!
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Life advice from a stoic
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Intro - Something About Everything
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