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In The Pit // Calling Out To The Lord
Show Details44min 50s
Living by the Spirit pt. 2 // The Healthy Church
Show Details1hr 30min
Walk Worthy Together // The Healthy Church Series
Show Details47min 24s
Intercessory prayer for the Privileged // The Healthy Church Series
Show Details1hr 7min
Living Unified In Him // The Healthy Church Series
Show Details42min 55s
Spiritual Blessings & Faithful Living "In Him" // The Healthy Church
Show Details1hr 13min
Characteristics of the early church // The Healthy Church
Show Details1hr 8min
Purpose and Priorities for the New Year // Solid Word Sunday Service
Show Details1hr 7min
Finishing Strong, Finishing Well // What did you see this year?
Show Details1hr 4min
A Great Joy // SWBC Sunday Service
Show Details36min 31s
Distinguished as a Disciple (Christ Follower) // Sunday Service
Show Details1hr 31min
Diversity: Community Enriched // Gospel Shaped Mercy
Show Details1hr 20min
Reconciliation: Relationships Healed // Gospel Shaped Mercy
Show Details1hr 11min
Generosity: Stewarding God's Money // Gospel Shaped Mercy
Show Details1hr 13min
Mercy: Hearts Made Soft // Gospel Shaped Mercy
Show Details1hr 23min
Love: The Heart of Compassion // Gospel Shaped Mercy
Show Details1hr 15min
Justice: Wrongs Made Right // Gospel Shaped Mercy
Show Details1hr 24min
Jesus Brings and Gives Shalom // Gospel Shaped Mercy
Show Details58min 29s
The World The Way God Had Intended // Gospel Shaped Mercy
Show Details1hr 19min
We Must Be Broken // SWBC Sunday Service
Show Details1hr 5min
The Church is Needed In Trying Times // Living Well In Exile
Show Details1hr 15min
Do Something // Living Well In Exile
Show Details56min 31s
Represent Him Well // Living Well In Exile
Show Details1hr 5min
Living in a World Marginalizes Believers // Living Well in Exile
Show Details1hr 5min
Establishing Yourself in Exile // Living Well While In Exile
Show Details1hr 8min
Living In Exile // Solid Word Bible Church Outside Service
Show Details1hr 14min
Connected but Not Converted // Abide in Me
Show Details1hr 7min
Living righteously in a wrong world // Blessed is the man who...
Show Details49min 26s
True Freedom Is… // Sunday Service
Show Details54min 21s
Trust God and not man // Put Not Your Trust in Princes
Show Details57min 10s
Solid Word Bible Church Worship | Sunday Service (Happy Father's Day)
Show Details45min 22s
Ruth - Redeeming Love from the Ruins (Part 5) // The Sovereign Redemption of Naomi
Show Details1hr 4min
What a truly righteous life looks like // Job's true religion
Show Details54min 22s
Shift Your Thinking // What does it really mean to be a Christian? [Youth Sunday]
Show Details43min 2s
Ruth - Redeeming Love from the Ruins (Part 4) // Sovereign arranging of a Redeemer
Show Details1hr 17min
Ruth - Redeeming Love from the Ruins (Part 3) // Sovereign Connection of Ruth and Boaz
Show Details44min 12s
Ruth - Redeeming Love from the Ruins (Part 2) // Sovereign Return Home [Happy Mother's Day]
Show Details1hr 7min
Ruth - Redemption from the ruins // A Journey of Hope turned Tragic
Show Details49min 57s
Leaning into Christ // Alive in Him in times of uncertainty
Show Details26min 40s
Jesus In The Midst of Our Loss // The road to Emmaus
Show Details43min 7s
He is risen // When Jesus conquered death [Happy Easter]
Show Details1hr 1min
What King are you Worshipping // Palm Sunday
Show Details56min 41s
Jesus has authority over the storms // The Wind and the Sea Obey Him
Show Details57min 47s
Preparing to live God’s way while you suffer // Gird yourself
Show Details52min 39s
Bear One Another's Burdens // How to be the Church in the World
Show Details41min 58s
Gospel Shaped Living // A Joyful Church In A Suffering World
Show Details49min 13s
A Truthful Church in a Confused World // Jesus the Truth and the Revealer of Truth
Show Details51min 36s
A Generous Response to a Gracious Call // A Generous Church in a Stingy World
Show Details47min 41s
Gospel Shaped Living // A Serving Church In A Selfish World
Show Details53min 58s
A United Church in a Divided World // Many Parts, One Body [Unity in Diversity]
Show Details58min
A Light in the Darkness // The Clarity of Jesus [What are people saying about what they are seeing?]
Show Details51min 12s
Who are we? // Affirmed, Adopted, Assured [Don't let sin TAKE]
Show Details51min 49s
A Chosen Race, A Royal Priesthood [God's People] // Who I Am in Christ
Show Details43min 40s
Clear Vision for the New Year // Set your eyes on God
Show Details39min 50s
Jesus Is Better // Jesus the Great High Priest
Show Details36min 41s
Be Thankful [Here Today, Gone Tomorrow] // Do Not Boast About Tomorrow
Show Details33min 44s
The Birth of Christ // Jesus, Son of God...Gift of God
Show Details34min 17s
The Parents of the Savior // Holiness Growing Inside of the Unholy [Immediate Obedience]
Show Details43min 28s
The Prophecy Fulfilled // God Keeps His Word
Show Details44min 58s
Love and Live Christ-Like // He saved us for a purpose
Show Details46min 3s
Rejecting Work of the Holy Spirit // Warning of The Impartible Sin
Show Details48min 13s
Jesus is the King who is and does good // Our gathering should be for good
Show Details45min 55s
Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath // Our Focus is on Christ
Show Details40min 54s
Come to Me // Jesus is the Gate to the Father [There is Rest]
Show Details49min 3s
The significance of John // The opening act for Jesus
Show Details46min 23s
Have no fear // You are more valuable than sparrows
Show Details51min 7s
The Lord is our Shepherd // Preparation for Persecution
Show Details44min 10s
The Call to Christ // Jesus Empowers His Disciples
Show Details42min 18s
Who is the Greatest? // Settling the Great Debate
Show Details39min 33s
The Supremacy of Christ // Firstborn of all Creation
Show Details1hr 9min
The King's Commitment to the Mission // The Harvest is Plentiful
Show Details41min 57s
The Object of Faith // Jesus Gives True Sight [Have Mercy on Us]
Show Details44min 32s
Restoration and Healing // "Take Heart...your faith has healed you."
Show Details38min 32s
Sin Paralyzes [Two] // Jesus calls the worst to follow him
Show Details43min 22s
Sin paralyzes // Jesus forgives sin and heals
Show Details40min 37s
Spiritual forces are real, Christ is GREATER // Jesus' priorities [He came to rescue]
Show Details42min 4s
What's in my my heart? pt. 2 // Guarding Your Heart
Show Details1hr
What's in my heart? // Search me, O God
Show Details53min 42s
The Cost // Following Jesus [More than you can ever imagine]
Show Details45min 18s
Faith // Jesus Heals A Man With Leprosy
Show Details45min 20s
Clean living // Jesus Cleanses a Leper
Show Details33min 42s
True and False Disciples // Build Your House On The Rock
Show Details45min 14s
Fathers Don't Faint // Happy Father's Day
Show Details44min 33s
Entering the Kingdom // You will recognize them by their fruit
Show Details32min 14s
A Kingdom Citizen's righteous response // Righteous judgement
Show Details1hr
Lay Up Treasures in Heaven // Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness
Show Details47min 33s
Happy Mother's Day // Examples of Faith; Jochebad, Leah, Elizabeth
Show Details45min 47s
Kingdom Citizen // Jesus is the Standard
Show Details44min 58s
[FULLY] Loved, Known and Accepted // Realize and Accept Jesus' Authority
Show Details40min 29s
Characteristics of the Kingdom // Are you Practicing or Parading your righteousness
Show Details43min 45s
What were they expecting when Jesus arrived? // He came in on a donkey
Show Details49min 40s
Salt + Light // Youth Sunday
Show Details30min 9s
[BLESSED] Meekness, Hunger, Thirst, Merciful, Pure in Heart // Seek and Desire Righteousness
Show Details51min 27s
[BLESSED] Peacemakers, Persecuted, Reviled // Peacemakers and the persecuted
Show Details44min 49s
[BLESSED] Poor In Spirit and Those who Mourn // The Beatitudes
Show Details47min 46s
Put off your old self // Life In The Dash
Show Details39min 9s
Living Renewed in the Body // Put away falsehood
Show Details52min 34s
Called To Repentance // Turn and Take Your Journey
Show Details52min 2s
He equip // Building up the body of Christ
Show Details38min 33s
Practicing our position // Gentleness of God: Power under control
Show Details42min
He increases // The signs point to Him
Show Details40min 37s
God seeks true worshippers // Give Reverence
Show Details50min 18s
Have you been faithful? // A resolution that remains
Show Details35min 22s