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Have no fear // You are more valuable than sparrows
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The Lord is our Shepherd // Preparation for Persecution
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The Call to Christ // Jesus Empowers His Disciples
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Who is the Greatest? // Settling the Great Debate
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The Supremacy of Christ // Firstborn of all Creation
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The King's Commitment to the Mission // The Harvest is Plentiful
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The Object of Faith // Jesus Gives True Sight [Have Mercy on Us]
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Restoration and Healing // "Take Heart...your faith has healed you."
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Sin Paralyzes [Two] // Jesus calls the worst to follow him
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Sin paralyzes // Jesus forgives sin and heals
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Spiritual forces are real, Christ is GREATER // Jesus' priorities [He came to rescue]
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What's in my my heart? pt. 2 // Guarding Your Heart
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What's in my heart? // Search me, O God
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The Cost // Following Jesus [More than you can ever imagine]
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Faith // Jesus Heals A Man With Leprosy
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Clean living // Jesus Cleanses a Leper
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True and False Disciples // Build Your House On The Rock
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Fathers Don't Faint // Happy Father's Day
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Entering the Kingdom // You will recognize them by their fruit
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A Kingdom Citizen's righteous response // Righteous judgement
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Lay Up Treasures in Heaven // Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness
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Happy Mother's Day // Examples of Faith; Jochebad, Leah, Elizabeth
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Kingdom Citizen // Jesus is the Standard
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[FULLY] Loved, Known and Accepted // Realize and Accept Jesus' Authority
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Characteristics of the Kingdom // Are you Practicing or Parading your righteousness
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What were they expecting when Jesus arrived? // He came in on a donkey
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Salt + Light // Youth Sunday
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[BLESSED] Meekness, Hunger, Thirst, Merciful, Pure in Heart // Seek and Desire Righteousness
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[BLESSED] Peacemakers, Persecuted, Reviled // Peacemakers and the persecuted
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[BLESSED] Poor In Spirit and Those who Mourn // The Beatitudes
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Put off your old self // Life In The Dash
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Living Renewed in the Body // Put away falsehood
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Called To Repentance // Turn and Take Your Journey
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He equip // Building up the body of Christ
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Practicing our position // Gentleness of God: Power under control
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He increases // The signs point to Him
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God seeks true worshippers // Give Reverence
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Have you been faithful? // A resolution that remains
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