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Bible teaching claiming the true Gospel of Jesus Christ without the bounds of denomination nor ritualistic tradition.


Divine Stability: The Immutable God
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God of Goodness, Grace, and Wrath
Show Details43min 25s
Incomparable: He Is, and Is Holy
Show Details36min 32s
Who Do You Fear? - The Fear of The Lord Is…
Show Details34min 10s
What's Your Mind Set On?
Show Details54min 56s
The Summary & End of A Life Well Lived
Show Details34min 47s
God's Expectation Of Us
Show Details31min 52s
The Blessing of A Life Well Lived
Show Details35min 19s
Reunion and Settling, in Egypt
Show Details35min 23s
Reunion & Reconciliation Pt. 4 - From Partial to Full Reunion
Show Details44min 8s
Am I Withholding Honor?
Show Details42min 6s
Reunion & Reconciliation Pt. 3
Show Details45min 22s
Reunion & Reconciliation Pt. 2
Show Details38min 33s
Reunion & Reconciliation Pt. 1
Show Details38min 29s
Elkanah – Faithful Man & Father in an Unfaithful Society
Show Details37min 56s
Forgetful & Fruitful Because of God
Show Details36min 18s
Serving When God is Silent
Show Details34min 46s
The Scepter will not Depart.
Show Details47min 51s
The Influence Of A Godly Mother ~ Three Women Who Left A Legacy of Faithfulness.
Show Details47min 43s
The Life of Joseph ~ A Dream in the Dysfunction
Show Details40min 16s
Living in light of the Resurrection.
Show Details37min 47s
The Triumph of the Triumphal entry.
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Who's the Greatest?
Show Details42min 48s
Am I Fit for the Kingdom?
Show Details43min 9s
God's Faithfulness.
Show Details30min 48s
Does Jesus Know You?
Show Details1hr 11min
Where is your Love?
Show Details52min 52s
The Demands Of Discipleship.
Show Details47min 46s
The Cost of Discipleship; No Turning Back.
Show Details52min
The Foundation Of Discipleship.
Show Details32min 29s
What's Keeping You From Following Jesus?
Show Details1hr 15min
Belief and Doubt
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Show Details38min 21s
HEALTHY CHURCH: Divine Trilogy, 1Thessalonians 1: 2-3
Show Details37min 34s
How are you using what God has given you?
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The peace that Christ brought at His birth // Jesus, the reason for the season | A Biblical Peace
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Thoughts to the Lord
Show Details25min
Joy To The World
Show Details49min 16s
The Model Of True Love
Show Details46min
The Hope Of The Coming Of Jesus
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Finally for those who are living under the Supremacy of Christ.
Show Details46min 56s
Christ Supremacy Lived Out.
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Your Best Life Starts Now
Show Details52min 21s
Supreme: Be a Relationship Builder
Show Details35min 50s
Supreme: In and With Christ Only
Show Details1hr 9min
Supreme: The Leader & Ministry When Christ is Supreme
Show Details44min 42s
Supreme: When Christ is Supreme in Ministry.
Show Details47min 33s
Supreme: A study of Colossians: Do You Realize Who He Is?
Show Details49min 48s
Supreme: A study of Colossians The Gospel: Received & Effective
Show Details1hr 2min
Redemptive Business
Show Details49min 8s
Supreme ~ What would your life look like if Christ were Supreme in it?
Show Details38min 15s
Can You Trust God?
Show Details1hr 21min
What is Church?
Show Details44min 7s
Don't Be Afraid, Just Believe.
Show Details48min 35s
Are you making the most of your Mina?
Show Details53min 23s
The Voice of God.
Show Details47min 46s
Hallelujah // Praise Jehovah
Show Details53min 54s
Steps That Lead to Sin
Show Details44min 19s
The Steadfast Love Of The Lord
Show Details31min 34s
Have You Got True Religion?
Show Details40min 43s
Are you truly Free?
Show Details42min 50s
Do You Really Love Him?
Show Details31min 53s
A father's function
Show Details45min 20s
Why Should You Seek and Listen to Wisdom
Show Details46min 35s
Agur has it right!
Show Details42min 33s
What's Leading you?
Show Details29min 52s
Wisdom and Perspectives on Money and Possessions
Show Details42min 53s
The Way Of Wisdom With Words
Show Details1hr 9min
Wisdom, Warnings and Intentions pt.2
Show Details55min 48s
Wisdom, Warnings and Intentions pt.1
Show Details37min 20s
Are you wiser than God?
Show Details1hr 3min
Christ that it?
Show Details1hr 1min
Where Jesus Reigns, there is Resurrection
Show Details1hr 28min
Is Jesus Weeping Over You?
Show Details48min 52s
Are You Pursuing Wisdom or Something Else // The Way of Wisdom
Show Details1hr
The Life to Embrace & Avoid // The Way of Wisdom
Show Details1hr 9min
The Way of Wisdom // The purpose of the Proverbs - A Preamble
Show Details59min 33s
In The Pit // Calling Out To The Lord
Show Details44min 50s
Living by the Spirit pt. 2 // The Healthy Church
Show Details1hr 30min
Walk Worthy Together // The Healthy Church Series
Show Details47min 24s
Intercessory prayer for the Privileged // The Healthy Church Series
Show Details1hr 7min
Living Unified In Him // The Healthy Church Series
Show Details42min 55s
Spiritual Blessings & Faithful Living "In Him" // The Healthy Church
Show Details1hr 13min
Characteristics of the early church // The Healthy Church
Show Details1hr 8min
Purpose and Priorities for the New Year // Solid Word Sunday Service
Show Details1hr 7min
Finishing Strong, Finishing Well // What did you see this year?
Show Details1hr 4min
A Great Joy // SWBC Sunday Service
Show Details36min 31s
Distinguished as a Disciple (Christ Follower) // Sunday Service
Show Details1hr 31min
Diversity: Community Enriched // Gospel Shaped Mercy
Show Details1hr 20min
Reconciliation: Relationships Healed // Gospel Shaped Mercy
Show Details1hr 11min
Generosity: Stewarding God's Money // Gospel Shaped Mercy
Show Details1hr 13min
Mercy: Hearts Made Soft // Gospel Shaped Mercy
Show Details1hr 23min
Love: The Heart of Compassion // Gospel Shaped Mercy
Show Details1hr 15min
Justice: Wrongs Made Right // Gospel Shaped Mercy
Show Details1hr 24min
Jesus Brings and Gives Shalom // Gospel Shaped Mercy
Show Details58min 29s
The World The Way God Had Intended // Gospel Shaped Mercy
Show Details1hr 19min
We Must Be Broken // SWBC Sunday Service
Show Details1hr 5min
The Church is Needed In Trying Times // Living Well In Exile
Show Details1hr 15min
Do Something // Living Well In Exile
Show Details56min 31s
Represent Him Well // Living Well In Exile
Show Details1hr 5min
Living in a World Marginalizes Believers // Living Well in Exile
Show Details1hr 5min
Establishing Yourself in Exile // Living Well While In Exile
Show Details1hr 8min
Living In Exile // Solid Word Bible Church Outside Service
Show Details1hr 14min
Connected but Not Converted // Abide in Me
Show Details1hr 7min
Living righteously in a wrong world // Blessed is the man who...
Show Details49min 26s
True Freedom Is… // Sunday Service
Show Details54min 21s
Trust God and not man // Put Not Your Trust in Princes
Show Details57min 10s
Solid Word Bible Church Worship | Sunday Service (Happy Father's Day)
Show Details45min 22s
Ruth - Redeeming Love from the Ruins (Part 5) // The Sovereign Redemption of Naomi
Show Details1hr 4min
What a truly righteous life looks like // Job's true religion
Show Details54min 22s
Shift Your Thinking // What does it really mean to be a Christian? [Youth Sunday]
Show Details43min 2s
Ruth - Redeeming Love from the Ruins (Part 4) // Sovereign arranging of a Redeemer
Show Details1hr 17min
Ruth - Redeeming Love from the Ruins (Part 3) // Sovereign Connection of Ruth and Boaz
Show Details44min 12s
Ruth - Redeeming Love from the Ruins (Part 2) // Sovereign Return Home [Happy Mother's Day]
Show Details1hr 7min
Ruth - Redemption from the ruins // A Journey of Hope turned Tragic
Show Details49min 57s
Leaning into Christ // Alive in Him in times of uncertainty
Show Details26min 40s
Jesus In The Midst of Our Loss // The road to Emmaus
Show Details43min 7s
He is risen // When Jesus conquered death [Happy Easter]
Show Details1hr 1min
What King are you Worshipping // Palm Sunday
Show Details56min 41s
Jesus has authority over the storms // The Wind and the Sea Obey Him
Show Details57min 47s
Preparing to live God’s way while you suffer // Gird yourself
Show Details52min 39s
Bear One Another's Burdens // How to be the Church in the World
Show Details41min 58s
Gospel Shaped Living // A Joyful Church In A Suffering World
Show Details49min 13s
A Truthful Church in a Confused World // Jesus the Truth and the Revealer of Truth
Show Details51min 36s
A Generous Response to a Gracious Call // A Generous Church in a Stingy World
Show Details47min 41s
Gospel Shaped Living // A Serving Church In A Selfish World
Show Details53min 58s
A United Church in a Divided World // Many Parts, One Body [Unity in Diversity]
Show Details58min
A Light in the Darkness // The Clarity of Jesus [What are people saying about what they are seeing?]
Show Details51min 12s
Who are we? // Affirmed, Adopted, Assured [Don't let sin TAKE]
Show Details51min 49s
A Chosen Race, A Royal Priesthood [God's People] // Who I Am in Christ
Show Details43min 40s
Clear Vision for the New Year // Set your eyes on God
Show Details39min 50s
Jesus Is Better // Jesus the Great High Priest
Show Details36min 41s
Be Thankful [Here Today, Gone Tomorrow] // Do Not Boast About Tomorrow
Show Details33min 44s
The Birth of Christ // Jesus, Son of God...Gift of God
Show Details34min 17s
The Parents of the Savior // Holiness Growing Inside of the Unholy [Immediate Obedience]
Show Details43min 28s
The Prophecy Fulfilled // God Keeps His Word
Show Details44min 58s
Love and Live Christ-Like // He saved us for a purpose
Show Details46min 3s
Rejecting Work of the Holy Spirit // Warning of The Impartible Sin
Show Details48min 13s
Jesus is the King who is and does good // Our gathering should be for good
Show Details45min 55s
Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath // Our Focus is on Christ
Show Details40min 54s
Come to Me // Jesus is the Gate to the Father [There is Rest]
Show Details49min 3s
The significance of John // The opening act for Jesus
Show Details46min 23s
Have no fear // You are more valuable than sparrows
Show Details51min 7s
The Lord is our Shepherd // Preparation for Persecution
Show Details44min 10s
The Call to Christ // Jesus Empowers His Disciples
Show Details42min 18s
Who is the Greatest? // Settling the Great Debate
Show Details39min 33s
The Supremacy of Christ // Firstborn of all Creation
Show Details1hr 9min
The King's Commitment to the Mission // The Harvest is Plentiful
Show Details41min 57s
The Object of Faith // Jesus Gives True Sight [Have Mercy on Us]
Show Details44min 32s
Restoration and Healing // "Take Heart...your faith has healed you."
Show Details38min 32s
Sin Paralyzes [Two] // Jesus calls the worst to follow him
Show Details43min 22s
Sin paralyzes // Jesus forgives sin and heals
Show Details40min 37s
Spiritual forces are real, Christ is GREATER // Jesus' priorities [He came to rescue]
Show Details42min 4s
What's in my my heart? pt. 2 // Guarding Your Heart
Show Details1hr
What's in my heart? // Search me, O God
Show Details53min 42s
The Cost // Following Jesus [More than you can ever imagine]
Show Details45min 18s
Faith // Jesus Heals A Man With Leprosy
Show Details45min 20s
Clean living // Jesus Cleanses a Leper
Show Details33min 42s
True and False Disciples // Build Your House On The Rock
Show Details45min 14s
Fathers Don't Faint // Happy Father's Day
Show Details44min 33s
Entering the Kingdom // You will recognize them by their fruit
Show Details32min 14s
A Kingdom Citizen's righteous response // Righteous judgement
Show Details1hr
Lay Up Treasures in Heaven // Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness
Show Details47min 33s
Happy Mother's Day // Examples of Faith; Jochebad, Leah, Elizabeth
Show Details45min 47s
Kingdom Citizen // Jesus is the Standard
Show Details44min 58s
[FULLY] Loved, Known and Accepted // Realize and Accept Jesus' Authority
Show Details40min 29s
Characteristics of the Kingdom // Are you Practicing or Parading your righteousness
Show Details43min 45s
What were they expecting when Jesus arrived? // He came in on a donkey
Show Details49min 40s
Salt + Light // Youth Sunday
Show Details30min 9s
[BLESSED] Meekness, Hunger, Thirst, Merciful, Pure in Heart // Seek and Desire Righteousness
Show Details51min 27s
[BLESSED] Peacemakers, Persecuted, Reviled // Peacemakers and the persecuted
Show Details44min 49s
[BLESSED] Poor In Spirit and Those who Mourn // The Beatitudes
Show Details47min 46s
Put off your old self // Life In The Dash
Show Details39min 9s
Living Renewed in the Body // Put away falsehood
Show Details52min 34s
Called To Repentance // Turn and Take Your Journey
Show Details52min 2s
He equip // Building up the body of Christ
Show Details38min 33s
Practicing our position // Gentleness of God: Power under control
Show Details42min
He increases // The signs point to Him
Show Details40min 37s
God seeks true worshippers // Give Reverence
Show Details50min 18s
Have you been faithful? // A resolution that remains
Show Details35min 22s