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Sole Strategies Podcast

If you're tired of running a campaign on a shoestring budget and want to make a change today then you’re in the right place.


Do you need to hire a consultant?
Show Details31min 52s
Does your mindset have anything to do with raising money?
Show Details39min 30s
What is DEI really?
Show Details20min 39s
Let's talk about the January 6th hearings
Show Details35min 21s
What does the future look like for LGBTQ+ candidates?
Show Details39min 24s
Covid Capitalism
Show Details44min 32s
The Manchin Administration
Show Details38min 39s
Strategy Do's and Don'ts!
Show Details48min 8s
It's Time to Get Serious About Fundraising
Show Details26min 9s
Post-Primaries Roundtable
Show Details31min 39s
Green Capitalism vs. Eco-Socialism and the GND
Show Details26min 46s
Polling with Purpose
Show Details18min 40s
Progressive disappointment with a lackluster Biden Administration
Show Details31min 47s
On the inside with an LA activist
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Critiquing Liberal Feminism from a Proletarian Feminist Perspective
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Politics and Gen Z
Show Details51min 36s
Black Women in Politcs w/ Malynda Roscoe
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How to run for office in a country that has a mass shooting every single day
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It's Time to Challenge the 8 Democrats Who Voted Against Minimum Wage
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Fox News is being sued!
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What's next for the far right?
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Running for the cause VS. Running for power
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A New Day In America - What’s next?
Show Details15min 10s
Why Trump and his Goons must be held accountable
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What's next after the siege on the capitol?
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Meet a Bernie Organizer running to change the Bronx
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With Special Guest Jay! Tomlinson from Best of The Left
Show Details27min 39s
The Current State of our Political Parties
Show Details14min 4s
How to Build Your Campaign When Neither Party Has the Momentum
Show Details20min 56s
Movement VS Centrist Campaigns
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Is America Ready for Medicare for All?
Show Details24min 2s
Did The Dems Win This Election?
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The Spooky Side of Money in Politics
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AOC, Twitch and the New Ways Politicians are Engaging Audiences
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Is Your Campaign Actually Grassroots or is That Just an Excuse?
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Can Your Campaign Survive a Trump 2020 Presidency?
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Live From the Steps of the Injustice Center with Rose City Justice!
Show Details32min 28s
Volunteers and Some of the BIGGEST FAILS We've Seen
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The Importance of Urgency!
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What Makes a Campaign Financially Successful?
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Why Your Campaign Isn't Raising Money
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You’ve Decided To Run. What’s Next?
Show Details17min 32s
Making A Decision On Running
Show Details16min 27s
What Qualifies You To Run For Office
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Who We Are, What We Do & Why You Should Turn On That Notification Button!
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