Soft and Strong Hearts

Ever felt like the world is a loud and chaotic place, and it’s hard to know where your quiet, sensitive self fits into the mix? Feel like you’ve got a lot brewing beneath the surface it would be a comforting to know that you’re not alone in those thoughts and feelings you’re keeping tucked away? This podcast is for you my friend! Let’s skip the small talk and go straight into what’s on our hearts, what weighs us down, and how we can find the courage to be truly US! Just because we’re not the loudest doesn’t mean we’re not worth being heard, so let’s make some noise (in our own way!) ;)


10. Becoming a "People" Person ;)
Show Details23min 22s
9. Four Weeks Later - "Transition Tips" Feedback
Show Details22min 28s
8. "HOT-HEART MINUTE" - Why is it so HARD to ask for help?
Show Details14min 11s
7. What Can we LEARN during the hard seasons?
Show Details19min 18s
6. Ever Feel Like You're Not Doing Enough? Me too!
Show Details25min 38s
5. Tips for Transitions
Show Details34min 58s
4. Do We REALLY Let Things Go?
Show Details24min 38s
3. Feeling Good, Like We Should!
Show Details12min 57s
2. What Soft and Strong means to me
Show Details19min 38s
1. Self Care (in a pandemic)
Show Details30min 55s
Introducing: Soft & Strong Hearts
Show Details7min