Social Media Law with Ian Corzine

Your Social Media Lawyer, Ian Corzine, brings you dynamic guest discussions of social media platform tips and tricks and debates legal issues, like copyright, trademark, and business issues pertaining to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.


The Neuroscience Behind Growing your Content & Following with Dr. Chris Lee
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How to Start & GROW your Podcast with Kelli Tennant
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Raising Capital for your BIG Idea with Marketing Specialist Arjun Rai
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3 Tips for Making BIG Money as a YouTube Influencer
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Instagram CENSORSHIP Stories 2020 | Lawyer Talk with Sayer Ji
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Oracle Bought TikTok | Could TikTok Still Get BANNED? | Lawyer Talk w/ Roberto Blake
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How to Hire an Influencer to BLOW-UP your Business in 2020!! - Ep 25
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How to be a STANDOUT Female Entrepreneur with Visibility Coach Calandra Martin
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How to Build your Online Presence from Top Digital Marketer Darwin Liu - EP 23
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3 Powerful SEO TIPS for Creators to Rank #1 on Google in 2020! - EP 22 with George Papadeas of HOTH
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How to Grow a YouTube Channel to 300k + Marketing Tips with Brandon Nankivell
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3 Tips for Getting a HUGE Audience From “The Bachelor” Celebrity Stylist Lisa Landers
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3 HACKS to Get Customers to Your Small Business NOW!
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How to Create a YouTube Business with Jeff Thorman of Home Reno Vision - EP 18
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How To Sell Online: Successful Small Business Owners’ SECRETS Revealed with Phil Metzger - Ep 17
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Top 5 Organic SEO Techniques to SKYROCKET Your Website in 2020 - EP 16
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Uncovering the SECRET to QUICK Online Research with Steve Kiger
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Creators’ Guide to HACKING Cybersecurity with Ex-CIA Agent Eric Cole
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Be Real! The SECRETS to Online Brand Authenticity with Ian & Margaret Wishingrad
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"Crazy" Ways To Keep Your Business Going During An Economic Depression with Suzanne Evans - Ep 12
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Protecting Your Business During Global Crisis - Mistakes All Online Entrepreneurs Need To Avoid! with Chris Passmore - EP 11
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Step-by-Step Blueprint for Making MONEY during COVID19 with Tracey Bissett - ep 10
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Growing a YouTube channel to 800k+ - Asa Schneidermann - Ep. 9
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NET NEUTRALITY Ruling That is SCARING Creators
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Want to Avoid BLOCKED Posts? 5 Tips for FAIR USE on Social Media - Ep. 7
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3 Branding SECRETS Every Business Needs To Know - Mel Judson - Ep. 6
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Dangers of Not Having an ADA-Compliant Website - 5 Tips on How Not to Get Sued! - Ep. 5
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13 Life-Changing Social Media Apps for Your Business That Immediately Help You Make More Money and Save Time!
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3 Social Media Networking Secrets Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know!!! - Tom Means - Ep. 3
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Privacy DISASTERS on Social Media and How to Avoid Them with Catherine Bosley - Ep. 2
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Craig Poulsen - Ep. 1
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