So Happy Series Podcast with Jerome Redd And Talisha Thomas

The So Happy Series Podcast is a podcast based on the Three Book Series written by Antonio T Smith Jr, best selling author, and multimillionaire. It is hosted by Jerome Redd and Talisha Thomas. Each episode follows a section of each book and both Jerome and Talisha have fun, thought-provoking, and heart-felt conversations about them. This is a powerful podcast with two powerful hosts. Ladies and Gentleman, we introduce to you Jerome Redd and Talisha Thomas and the So Happy Series Podcast


S1E9 Staying Happy On Friday With Derrick Day
Show Details7min 15s
S1E8 Staying Happy On Thursday
Show Details6min 26s
S1E7 Staying Happy On Wednesday With Derrick Day
Show Details9min 30s
S1E6 Staying Happy On Tuesday With Derrick Day
Show Details9min 11s
S1E5 Staying Happy On Monday with Derrick Day
Show Details4min 42s
s1e4 Introducing Jerome And Talisha
Show Details42min 3s
S1E3 The Declaration on Page 23
Show Details1hr 6min
S1E2 Geniuses Are Fools
Show Details51min 11s
S1E1 No One Other Than
Show Details32min 38s