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So Disrespectful Podcast

The 'So Disrespectful' podcast is a podcast created for all millennials and struggling young adults. Hosted by our fellow introverted sisters, Keely & Sakentra, together they discuss relatable topics while also sharing their own personal experiences as they struggle to live in today's society. Dive into each episode where they dissect all things 'disrespectful' in life whether good or bad. 


SDP 2, Episode 10 - Our Love for Astrology, Zodiac Signs, and Are We Compatible?
Show Details1hr 6min
SDP 2, Episode 9 - Video Games & Webtoons!
Show Details40min 53s
SDP 2, Episode 8 - Is Kpop Overrated Now? + Rant.
Show Details1hr 4min
SDP S2, Episode 7 - Our Favorite Anime Shows!
Show Details50min 21s
SDP S2, Episode 6 - Burn Out: Enough is Enough!
Show Details40min 3s
SDP S2, Episode 5 - Playing It Too Safe
Show Details42min 47s
SDP S2, Episode 4 - Religion vs Spirituality...Our Experience!
Show Details56min 25s
SDP S2, Episode 3 - No More Mister Nice Guy!
Show Details47min 47s
SDP S2, Episode 2 - What's Our Love Languages?
Show Details38min 45s
SDP S2, Episode 1 - We're Back! Celebrating our 1st Year Anniversary, Lifestyle Changes, and more!
Show Details37min 1s
SDP Ep 10. Our 2020 recap!
Show Details40min 3s
SDP Ep 9. Nostalgic Holiday Memories!
Show Details32min 50s
SDP Ep 8. Music Favorites of 2020!
Show Details42min 29s
SDP Ep 7. Part 3 Growing into Social Media: Rambles, Favorite Influencers, Social Media in 2020
Show Details35min 18s
SDP Ep 6. Part 2 Growing into Social Media: Kpop Edition!
Show Details1hr 10min
SDP Ep 5. Part 1 Growing up into Social Media!
Show Details41min 46s
SDP Ep 4. Halloween Special 2020!
Show Details40min 1s
SDP Ep 3. Growing up w/ Music: R&B, Kpop, Alternative, and more!
Show Details45min 23s
SDP Ep 2. Adulting in 2020
Show Details1hr 1min
SDP Ep 1. Two Introverts Started A Podcast?! + About Us!
Show Details28min 11s