Ep. 118: Why the 'Just Get Started' Advice Is Bad Advice

Season 3 | Episode 115
12m | May 22, 2023

In the episode titled "Why the 'Just Get Started' Advice Is Bad Advice" on the Small Business Startup Essentials Show, host Tom Clairmont engages in a thought-provoking discussion that challenges the conventional wisdom of blindly jumping into business endeavors without a well-defined plan. Here's a summary of the key points covered in this captivating episode:

  1. The "Just Get Started" Advice: Tom begins by acknowledging the common advice to "just get started" when embarking on entrepreneurial journeys. He questions whether this advice is truly golden or whether it could lead to missed opportunities and wasted time.
  2. The "Launch and Learn" Approach: Tom distinguishes between the "launch and learn" strategy and the potentially problematic "just get started" mentality. The former involves progressing with a basic plan in hand, even without all the answers, and adapting as you go, while the latter suggests blindly leaping into action without thoughtful planning.
  3. Personal Reflection: Drawing from his personal experience, Tom reflects on his early entrepreneurial journey. He highlights the importance of having a basic plan in place, even if it's not fully detailed, using his own example of starting in the IT industry and gradually building upon that foundation.
  4. Pitfalls of the "Just Get Started" Mindset: Tom discusses the pitfalls of the "just get started" mindset, likening it to sailing without a map or compass. He explains how it can lead to unnecessary setbacks and roadblocks, emphasizing the concept of a "reverse launch," where entrepreneurs backtrack to address foundational issues that should have been resolved from the start.
  5. Value of a Well-Thought-Out Plan: Tom underscores the value of a well-thought-out plan as a personal roadmap. He recommends using concise business plans, such as the Business Model Canvas, to guide entrepreneurs through essential categories like customer segments, value propositions, channels, and more.
  6. Balancing Planning and Action: Tom emphasizes the balance between planning and action, reminding listeners that experience and data will inform adjustments after the initial launch. He mentions his online course, the 'Solopreneur 90 Day Launch Plan,' as a resource to help entrepreneurs lay a solid foundation and address critical issues.
  7. Conclusion: The episode concludes with a call to invest time and effort in creating a robust plan, viewing it as a compass that guides decision-making and ensures clarity in the entrepreneurial journey. Tom encourages listeners to embrace a strategic approach, striking a balance between preparedness and action, and leveraging resources like mind mapping to visualize their path forward.

"Why the 'Just Get Started' Advice Is Bad Advice" challenges a common narrative in entrepreneurship and offers practical insights and guidance to empower aspiring business owners to make informed choices and navigate the complexities of the entrepreneurial landscape. Whether you're considering launching your own venture or refining your existing approach, this episode provides valuable perspectives on the role of planning in entrepreneurial success.


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