Ep. 112: Interview with John Nemo, LinkedIn Expert

Season 3 | Episode 112
33m | Feb 5, 2023

In this episode, I was able to interview a long time LinkedIn favorite of mine, John Nemo.

I first came across John three years ago and was a regular for his 'Noon with Nemo' webinar sessions.

After buying a couple of his books on taking LinkedIn to another level and how to improve my marketing tactics, I started to see real results with my LinkedIn experience and productivity.

When people reach out to me and hire me because of LinkedIn, I know that I'm doing something right, and I owe that to John Nemo.

So listen in to this episode and get to know John yourself.

You can check out his website at:

LinkedIn profile:

3:00 The start of his entrepreneurial journey

6:00 The mindset issues John started to conquer that were keys to unlocking his success

9:45 How he tripled his revenue in one year

13:00 How he made his first dollar online

14:45 How he started using LinkedIn to build his business

16:15 2 tips on how the average user can take LinkedIn to a deeper level

22:00 The dead end of LinkedIn groups

24:00 The benefits of having LinkedIn Pro

26:30 What's next for his writing and possible e-Books

28:00 Why he's so big on creating webinars for his marketing

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